Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio Set for Next Week on RAW

Seth Rollins & AOP Attack Rey Mysterio
Seth Rollins & AOP Attack Rey Mysterio

Seth Rollins will challenge Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship at RAW episode next week on 23 December 2019.

Freshly turned heel, Seth Rollins opened RAW this week with his new partners, Authors of Pains- Akam and Rezar. During his promo, Rollins told the crowd how he was always considered the future of the wrestling business ever since he got into NXT. He also reminded us how he defeated Brock Lesnar twice this year but somewhere the fans turned on him.

Rollins also announced that he is looking to take the wrestling business into the next decade with his vision. And if someone would resist it, AOP will impose his will. He also told us that he has a score needed to be settled and apologized in advance for what would happen later in the night.

Later in the show, Andrade viciously attacked Humberto Carrillo to end the number #1 contender match for WWE United States Championship. Rey Mysterio came out to make the save and forced Andrade to leave the scene. Just as Carrillo was stretchered out, Seth Rollins and AOP came out to attack Rey Mysterio.

Rollins teased using the metal pipe Mysterio had loaned to Owens the week before, but said he was doing him a favor by showing he was a “Merciful Leader.” But just before he left the ring Rollins bashed Mysterio’s head in with a Curb Stomp.

In a backstage interview, Rollins said he wanted to display dominance and challenged Mysterio to a United States Championship match. Mysterio accepted the challenge later in a promo of his own and their match is set for the 23 December 2019 episode of RAW.

Next week’s episode is already taped and you can catch the spoilers here, including the result of Rollins vs Mysterio match.

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