Randy Orton Helps Rey Mysterio To Become New US Champ

Rey Mysterio becomes United States Champion
Rey Mysterio becomes United States Champion

Rey Mysterio has become the new WWE Unites States Champion after defeating AJ Styles in an incredible turn of events at the RAW episode of 25 November 2019.

Humberto Carrillo Incapacitated

AJ Styles was announced to face Humberto Carrillo this week at Monday Night RAW. However, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacked Humberto Carrillo before the match. After tossing him around the ringside, they hit Carrillo with the magic killer on the steel steps. Carrillo was deemed unfit to continue in the match.

#1 Contenders Match

Ricochet came out to check on him and ended up challenging AJ Styles for the title match instead. AJ Styles was in no mood to give him the title shot. Then, Randy Orton came out and challenged Styles but Styles again refused. Drew McIntyre was also in line and reminded us that he pinned the WWE UK Champion WALTER at the Survivor Series match.

When Styles gave the excuse that he is still sore from the match at Survivor Series, Rey Mysterio came out to remind him of the beating he got from Lesnar. But still, he wanted a title match against Styles. Ricochet came up with the idea for the #1 contender fatal 4-way match and Styles agreed to it after some convincing from Anderson and Gallows.

McIntyre, Orton, Ricochet, and Mysterio worked a fun 4-way match. Near the end, Orton had hit McIntyre with an RKO and covered him for the pin. However, Anderson and Gallows pulled him out to break the pin. Rey Mysterio jumped on Ricochet for the springboard hurricanrana but Ricochet tried to counter him. Rey countered again with the inside cradle and got the pin over Ricochet.

Rey Mysterio Defeats AJ Styles

Mysterio and Styles faced-off in the title match right after this. Styles rushed Mysterio to start the match and continued to dominate throughout. Mysterio made several brief comebacks during the match but Styles kept using his prowess to keep himself in the match. After Mysterio hit the 619, Styles accidentally knocked out the referee. Anderson and Gallows took advantage and started beating up Mysterio.

At this point, Randy Orton came out to make the save on Mysterio. He took care of Gallows and Anderson on the outside before hitting the ring. Styles jumped for the phenomenal forearm but Mysterio dropped him to the ropes with a hurricanrana. Rey hit the second 619 on Styles and Orton followed with the RKO. The referee came back to life and counted to three to give the United States Championship to Rey Mysterio.

Rey celebrated the victory after the bell and his son Dominik also joined him. Later in the show, Styles was shown angry over Randy Orton’s interference and indicated the start of a feud between them.


  1. Randy Orton is one of my favorite WWE wrestlers. I like watching him fight because of his fast techniques. I hope one day I get to watch him live on stage. The article has really gotten my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details every week.

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