WWE Royal Rumble 2021: Live Results, Updates, & Winners

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WWE Royal Rumble 2021

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Quick Results

  • Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax defeated Asuka & Charlotte Flair(c) to win WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
  • Drew McIntyre(c) defeated Goldberg in a singles match to retain WWE Championship
  • Sasha Banks(c) defeated Carmella(w/ Reginald) in a singles match to retain WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
  • Bianca Beliar wins 30 Women Royal Rumble Match to earn World Title Match at WrestleMania 37
  • Roman Reigns(c) defeated Kevin Owens in the Last Man Standing Match to retain WWE Universal Championship
  • Edge wins the 30 Men Royal Rumble Match to earn the World Title Match at WrestleMania 37

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WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Pre-Show

The pre-show has started with Host Charly Caruso, WWE Hall of Famers Jerry Lawler, Booker T, and JBL, and Peter Rosenburg. The Women’s Tag Team title match is moved to Kick-off show now. Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg is announced as the first match of the night.

Asuka & Charlotte Flair(c) vs Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Nia and Baszler enter for the match. We get interview with Flair and Asuka at Gorrilla. Flair says the obstacles never distracts her from her goals, and Baszler and Jax are obstacles. Asuka says they are not ready for her and Flair. Asuka enters and we see Flair’s expressions change to a villianous smirk. Flair enters for the match next.

Flair starts against Baszler. Flair goes to a headlock. Some tussle to take control. Flair hits a shoulder tackle coming from the ropes. She takes Baszler to the corner where she hits chops and Asuka hits side kicks. Baszler counters Asuka and tags in Nia. Asuka with a sidekick and more shots. Asuka goes for the Octopus stretch but has to tag in Flair. Flair ends up taking Nia in a backslide pin for a two-count. Asuka is tagged in and Nia takes over control.

Baszler works on Asuka’s arm with joint manipulations. Baszler kicks on the elbow and tags in Nia back. Asuka tries to tag out but Nia drops Flair from the apron. Asuka with a missile dropkick on Nia and a big sidekick to the face. Asuka goes to the top and Nia meets her. They tussle at the top and Asuka ends up dropping Nia with a sunset flip powerbomb. Baszler run a interference which gives Nia chance to hit powerbomb. Flair break the pin.

Flair and Baszler tag in. Flair comes in hot with a few chops. She hits a suplex, a backbreaker and sends Baszler into the turnbuckle. Nia runs in and Charlotte hits double natural selection on both opponents. Baszler and Nia take over control as Baszler hits a running knee to Flair’s jaw. Asuka is beaten up at the ringside and tossed over the announce table. Flair takes out both opponent on the floor with a moonsault.

Ric Flair’s music hits. Charlotte is distracted and Baszler rolls her up for a two count. Flair puts Baszler in the figure four. But Lacey Evans pulls her out to break the lock. Flair puts on the lock once more. Nia distracts the referee and Evans hits the woman’s right on Flair. Nia tags in to hit her finisher to get the pin on Flair.

Winners- Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler(new Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Ric Flair and Lacey Evans celebrate and run away to the ramp. Jax and Baszler gets the title and celebrate for a while.

Royal Rumble 2021 Main Show

The show starts with a promo video. The commentators welcome us as Goldberg’s music starts playing. Goldberg takes off from his room and makes his entrance. Goldberg enters the ring. We wait for McIntyre. We get the promo for McIntyre vs Goldberg storyline next. McIntyre enters.

Drew McIntyre(c) vs Goldberg – WWE Championship Match

The announcements are done are as they face-off in the ring. McIntyre hits the Glasgow kiss and a spear before the bell. Goldberg goes to the floor. He turns it around and sends McIntyre into the steel steps. He waits for McIntyre to get up and sends him through the barricade with a spear. The referee checks on McIntyre as Goldberg goes back to the ring. McIntyre says he will continue into the match. McIntyre gets in the ring.

The bells rings and Goldberg charges. McIntyre hits him with a knee and delivers a Claymore. Goldberg kicks out at two. Goldberg ducks the Claymore and hits a spear. Goldberg witha second spear and then a third one. But McIntyre kicks out after two-count. Goldberg hits the jackhammer(botches it). McIntyre kicks out after two again.

Goldberg gets back to position for the spear. McIntyre sidesteps in the corner and Goldberg chrashes into the turnbuckle. McIntyre waits for him to turn around and nails another Claymore. McIntyre covers and gets the pin.

Winner- Drew McIntyre(retains WWE Championship)

We go the replays. McIntyre is now staring at Goldberg. Goldberg gets up and shows some respect to McIntyre. They hug it in the middle of the ring before raising hands at the same time. Goldberg goes to the ramp and looks blown out. McIntyre celebrates in the ring and poses on the top turnbuckle. Goldberg is down on his knees on the ramp.

Sasha Banks(c) vs Carmella(w/ Reginald) – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Carmella enters for the match with Reginald. We get the highlights from Sasha’s win over Reginald from SmackDown last week. Sasha gets interviewed at Gorrilla. She is asked if odds are against her with Reginald in Carmella’s corner. Sasha says odds are to beat and she has defeated both Reginald and Carmella. She will go to WrestleMania.

Sasha takes down Carmella early for the Bank Statement. Carmella avoids it and goes to the floor to regroup. She comes back and is taken down face first. Carmella grabs Sasha’s hair but Sasha counters with an armdrag. Sasha ends up on the apron. Reginald runs an interference. Sasha trips him on the apron. Carmella gets the chance to hit a superkick on Sasha at the apron. Sasha is sent into the announce table before Carmella takes her back ino the ring.

Back in the ring, Carmella is under control as she gets strikes going in the corner. Carmella poses on the floor for a while. Sasha with some shots to her gut as she returns. Carmella hits the inverted bulldog. Carmella with a headlock. Sasha hits some elbows to get out of it. Carmella hits a few elbows and tries to take Sasha down from the top with a Meteora. Sasha counters and rocks Carmella. Carmella tangles Sasha’s hair in the bottom rope.

Carmella shouts at Sasha that she is smarter, better,…. The boos from the crowd are getting louder. Sasha counters with some punches. She hits the double knees at the turnbuckle. Carmella counters and sends her out. Sasha ends up in Reginald’s lap. Reginald tries to throw her but Sasha rocks her. The referee ends up booting Reginald from the ringside. Carmella hits a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Carmella gets a nearfall.

Sasha with schoolboy roll-up, backslide and another pin attempt but could not get the three counts. Sasha goes for the splash but Carmella gets her knees up. Carmella ends up putting on her submission finisher. Sasha counters after a few seconds. Sasha goes for the backstabber but Carmella avoids it. Sasha goes for another splash but eats a superkick. Carmella covers and Sasha kicks out at two. Sasha puts on the Banks Statement and gets the submission after a few seconds.

Winner – Sasha Banks(retain SmackDown Women’s Championship)

New Day – WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E and Xavier Woods are at backstage. Big E references RETRIBUTION before talking about the Royal Rumble match. He gets hyped up and says something about Wrestling Gods when Sami Zayn enters the scene with his Documentary crew. Sami asks haven’t Wrestling Gods blessed him enough and gave him the IC title. Sami says he has eyes everywhere on every controversy, even on his back. Kofi Kingston scares him after jumping on his back. Sami gets agitated and leaves. Kofi says while he is not medically cleared, he can’t miss wearing the new ring gear. The gear have Jon Huber/Luke Harper/Brodie Lee. All three members of New Day are wearing those gears.

Badd Bunny is here and he is performing his new single – Booker T. Booker T is standing at the ramp as he performs.

30 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Bayley is #1 entry in the match. Naomi enters at #2, making her return after a surgery.

Bayley runs her mouth and Noami decks her. They run the ropes. Naomi ducks a clothesline. Bayley avoids her charge in the corner. Naomi decks Bayley and tries to eliminate her but no luck. Bayley takes over and boots Naomi to the corner.

Bianca Beliar at #3, enters the match. She dropkicks Bayley to start. Bayley is sent over the top to the apron. Beliar drops Bayley as she enters back to the ring. Naomi and Bianca go at it, back and forth. They show some athletic moves. Bayley pushes them both to the apron.

Billie Kay is entering at #4. The other three women are paying no heed to her as Kay goes and sit with the commentary team. Biance drops Naomi and Bayley drops Naomi. Bayley almost eliminates Biance but she hangs on the ropes. Naomi and Bianca double team on Bayley now.

Shotzi Blackheart is here at #5. She is entering in a mini tank. Billie Kay goes to her and shows her resume. Shotzi fires a tank missile at her. Shotzi enter the ring and dropkicks Bayley. She takes on Bianca next.

Shayna Baszler enters at #6. Kay goes to show her resume but gets punched. Baszler enters the ring and drops Bayley and Naomi with big knee strikes. Toni Storm enters at #7. Storm with German suplexes on Bayley and Blackheart. Basler and Shotzi go at it. Shotzi with a knee and a step-up enziguiri on Baszler. Baszler eliminates Shotzi Blackheart.

Jillian Hall enters at #8. Billie proposes a Billie and Jillie team. Hall likes it and they team to enter the ring. They hit the double suplex on Naomi. #9 is Ruby Riott. She goes at it with Toni Storm and hits few punches and kicks. Toni hits her with a German Suplex. Ruby replies with another kick. Billie and Jillie start chasing Ruby.

Victoria enters at #10 and drops many women in the ring one by one. Naomi hits a dropkick to her and pushes her out from the bottom rope. Victoria hits her with a leg drop. Peyton Royce enters at #11. Peyton goes after Ruby and dumps her over the top rope to the apron. We get the reunion of IIconics as they take on Victoria. Peyton goes for the IIconic pose but Billie hesistates due to Ruby. Victoria drops Peyton.

Santana Garrett enters at #12 and goes after other NXT women. Liv Morgan runs in at #13 and saves Ruby Riott from elimination. Jillian Hall have had enough of Billie and drops her. Liv and Ruby engage Jillian and Kay eliminates her. Liv and Ruby eliminate Billie Kay.

Rhea Ripley is at #14. Ripley drops some women in the ring before eliminating Roni Storm. Shayna Baszler chokes out Victoria with the Kirafuda clutch to eliminate her. Charlotte Flair enters at #15. Charlotte with a slam on Liv Morgan, chops on Ripley. Peyton eliminates Ruby as Bayley helps her.

Dana Brooke enters at #16. Double dropkick on Ripley and Morgan. Brooke’s dive from the top takes everyone out. Brooke continues to run from corner to corner. Morgan has Bayley choked out over the top rope. Peyton Royce kicks at Morgan to eliminate her. Torrie Wilson enters at #17. She hits a neck breaker on Ripley and suplex on Peyton. Dana Brooke and Ripley tussle at the apron. Brooke tries to eliminate Ripley with head scissors. But Ripley hangs on and hits the powerbomb on the apron to eliminate Brooke.

Ric Flair’s music hits and he comes out. She is introducing Lacey Evans at #18. Evans enter the ring and Charlotte goes after her. Bazler eliminates Torrie Wilson. Bianca Beliar eliminates Bayley. Mickie James enters at #19. Nikki Cross enters at #20 and runs riot, taking on each and everyone, running from corner to corner.

Alicia Fox enters at #21. She enters the ring but before she could do anything, WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth runs in. The rest of the horde come after R-Truth. Fox and Truth fight them off. Fox rolls up R-Truth to become the 24/7 champion. Mandy Rose enters at #22 and eliminates Fox. R-Truth wins 24/7 title back from Fox.

Dakota Kai enters at #23 and goes after Rhea Ripley. Carmella is at #24. Ripley eliminates Dakota Kai and then Mandy Rose. Cross was waiting for Carmella and drop her over the top rope. Reginald catches her though. Carmella goes back to the ring and eliminates Nikki.

Tamina enters at #25. Carmella is sent over the top rope and is caught by Reginald. Tamina superkicks Reginald while Carmella was in his laps. Carmella gets eliminated. Tamina and Rhea Ripley go at it for a while. Ripley ends up taking down Tamina. Beliar drops Naomi over the top but Noami’s feet do not touch the floor. She uses Bianca a support to come back to the ring.

Lana enters at #26 as she return from an injury. She takes her time before choosing her target. Alexa Bliss enter at #27 in her original avatar. All the other women go after Bliss. Bliss starts to transform into Fiend’s version as the lights start to go out. Rhea Ripley cuts that sequence short as she eliminates Bliss.

Ember Moon enters at #28. Moon with eclipse on Bianca. She hits suplex on Rhea and takes on other women. Nia Jax enters at #29. Jax looks at Baszler who was on the floor. They team up and enter the ring to start eliminating other women. Ember Moon and Lacey Evans gets eliminated by them. Tamina, Jax and Baszler face-off. Tamina goes after Baszler but Nia eliminates her.

Nia eliminates Shayna Baszler next. Nia goes after Lana. Lana goes to the floor and runs around the ring. Nia follows her and they go back. Nia charges, Lana ducks and sends Nia over the top rope to eliminate her.

Natalya enters at #30. Shayna and Nia attack Natalya before she could enter. Nia and Shayna hit the ring and attack other women for a while. They head back finally. Natalya enters the ring and hugs Lana. She asks Lana to attack Bianca, but dumps Lana out of the match.

Natalya hits move after move to Bianca, Flair and Ripley. She goes to eliminate Ripley with a lariat. However, Bianca comes from behind to eliminate her. Ripley and Flair go at it on the apron. Ripley almost eliminates Flair but she hangs on. Bianca and Ripley combine to eliminate her.

Ripley and Bianca are the last two. They nearly both get eliminated and barely hang in there! Seated on the apron, Rhea proposes they get back in the ring all peaceful! Bianca ducks a lariat, shoves her into the corner, wild punches, hoist her up, a big forearm but Ripley hangs onto the top rope.

They go at it for a while and counter multiple moves from each other. Bianca ducks a clothesline and hits one of her own to eliminate Ripley.

Winner- Bianca Beliar

Post-match, Bianca is in tears. She gets interviewed in the ring. She says she told everybody she’s the strongest and the fastest, and tonight she showed everybody. The tears are still there as Bianca hits the corner to pose amid the pyro. She points at the WrestleMania.

Backstage, Miz and John Morrison knock on Bad Bunny’s dressing room door. It opens and they greet him excitedly and propose that he merge his brand with theirs. Morrison has a song prepared and sings a verse of it, but Bunny isn’t interested. They’re confused at his lack of interest, running Booker T down in the process. Book comes up behind them and does the “Tell me you didn’t just say that” bit before joining Bunny in his locker room and slamming the door on Miz.

Roman Reigns(c) vs Kevin Owens – Last Man Standing Match for WWE Universal Championship

They unload on each other. Roman hits the Superman punch after initial back and forth. Owens gets back to his feet as the referee starts counting. KO hits a pop-up Powerbomb. They go out of the ring. KO avoids a Samoan drop and sends Roman into the ringpost. Roman sends him into the barricade and hits a spear. Roman picks up the steel steps and lays it on KO on the ramp. Referee starts counting and Owens gets back to feet at 5.

Roman goes to strike with steel steps again but KO hits a superkick. Owens starts slamming his face into steel steps and then into the thunderdome screen. Owens sets Roman on the equipment table and goes to a higher platform. Roman rakes his eyes and picks a steel chair to attack Owens.

Reigns turns it back around and delivers several chair shots to keep Owens down. Reigns looks to toss Owens from up high but Owens fights back and drops him with a Stunner. Reigns comes back with a Superman Punch. Reigns tosses Owens off the platform up high, through tables and other debris down below. Fans boo and the referee counts as Reigns looks on. Owens crawls and finally gets up at the 9 count. Fans cheer him on and Reigns can’t believe it.

Owens stumbles around through the backstage area now. Reigns is nowhere to be seen as Owens falls and crawls. Owens is now over near another ring that’s set up for working out in. The referee warns him to protect himself or the match will be over. Reigns suddenly appears out of nowhere and runs Owens over with a golf cart.

The referee counts as Reigns gets off the golf cart and stalks him. Owens gets up and fights back but Reigns unloads with right hands to take him back down. Reigns talks some trash and taunts Owens, mentioning his grandfathers looking down on him.

Owens is enraged and starts unloading on him with punches. He hits a pop-up powerbomb on an announce table. He then splashes on Roman from a higher base to send Roman through it. Roman gets up at 9 count. KO sends him into a ladder now. KO now has his eyes on a forklift. He starts the engine and takes the lift up. Roman is setup on another table. KO climbs the lift and hits a senton through the table. Roman gets up at 9 once again.

KO takes him back to the ramp now. Owens picks Roman up. Roman counters with a Superman punch and spears him through the LED board on the ramp. Referee was at 8 and KO was still down. But he just slips down to the floor and gets on his feet to beat the count. Roman now has handcuffs in his hands as he starts unloading on Owens. Owens replies with a few punches but Roman sustains with the attack. KO with another stunner as he avoids getting handcuffed.

Owens handcuffs Roman to the base of a tower. The referee starts counting and reaches 9 count. Roman shows presence of mind and sends the referee into steel post. Owens starts to unload on Roman but Roman counters with a kick to his face. Paul Heyman comes up to help Roman unhook the handcuffs. It takes an awful lot of time though. Roman finally gets free and puts KO in the guillotine clutch. Owens fades out. The referee starts to count. Roman gets up at 6, but Owens is down still after 10.

Winner- Roman Reigns(retains Universal Championship)

30 Men Royal Rumble Match

Edge enters at #1. Orton enters at #2. Edge attacks him on the ramp itself. They go to the ring and Orton rakes his eyes. They continue to battle on the floor until #3 Sami Zayn enters. Sami enters the ring and takes out Edge’s knees. Orton and Sami start working together on Edge now.

RETRiBUTION’s Mustafa Ali enters at #4. Sami and Orton look at him but Ali also goes after Edge. The commentators tell us that Ali was pissed at Edge for taking a place of young superstar in the match. Ali unloads on Edge as Sami and Orton hold him up.

Jeff Hardy enters at #5 to break the attack on Edge. Hardy turns the table on the heels. Sami sends him into an RKO. Sami gets hyped on Ali and gets RKO from Orton. RKO on Ali now. Edge spears Orton now and they both go out to the floor from the bottom rope. Edge takes Orton to the announce table. Orton tries to hit RKO but Edge hits him with a DDT.

Dolph Ziggler enters at #6. Edge hits Orton a few times with a steel chair. The officials intervene to keep Edge in control. Ziggler eliminates Jeff Hardy. Edge takes down Ziggler, back body drops Ali and a fallaway slam on Sami. Ziggler hits him with the fameasser.

Shinsuke Nakamura enters at #7 and goes after Ziggler. Sami sends him into the corner where Nakamura avoids the Helluva kick. Orton is helped to his feet by the officials as Nakamura continue to attack Ali and Sami.

We have the first surprise of the match as Carlito returns at #8. Nakamura snatches his apple. Carlito drops Nakamura before going after others. Xavier Woods enters at #9. He goes after Ali right from the word go. Sami attacks him from behind though. Big E enters at #10. He goes after Sami Zayn. E plants Ali with a Urinagi when he tries to interfere. Woods picks up Big E on his shoulder and drops him on Zayn. New Day eliminates Sami Zayn.

John Morrison enters at #11. Woods with a DDT on Ali. Ali ends up eliminating Woods after a counter. Big E goes after Ali, picks him up and throws him out. Ricochet enters the match at #12. He dives on a hoarde of stars in the ring. He takes out Ziggler next. Edge goes after him and eats a dropkick. Morrison hits him with a forearm. Morrison is trying to eliminate Ricochet. Big E hits a suplex on Nakamura.

Elias enters at #13. He plants Ricochet with a chokeslam, hits Drift away on Ziggler. Carlito hits him with dropkick but Elias ends up eliminating Carlito. Nakamura hits some stiff kicks on Ziggler.

First NXT entry for the night, as Damian Priest enters at #14. Priest takes out everyone in the ring before facing-off with Edge. Miz enters at #15. Miz destroys Bad Bunny’s DJ that was on the ramp. Miz with the skull-crushing finale on many stars. Morrison and Miz take out others. Bad Bunny comes out in anger. He wants to hit the ring. Miz & Morrison mock him from the ring. Damian Priest eliminates both of them. Bad Bunny hits them with a crossbody from the top.

Riddle enters at #16. Daniel Bryan enters at #17. Bryan with missile dropkicks on every corner. Ricochet takes on him. Preist tries to eliminate Edge. Big E clubs Ziggler. Second Surprise as Kane enters at #18. He chokeslams Edge. Then double chokeslams Riddle and Priest. He eliminates Dolph Ziggler. Bryan reminds him of Team Hell No. Kane and Bryan hug each other. Kane turns on Bryan and hits a chokeslam. Priest and Kane face-off. Kane decks him with an uppercut as Priest does his trademark arrow celebration. Preist ends up eliminating Kane.

Corbin enters at #19. He hits a slam on Bryan. Nakamura hits him with a big boot. Corbin decks him and sends him over to eliminate him. Otis enters at #20. Otis hits overhead suplexes and body slams to many in the ring. Otis with a caterpillar on Priest. King Corbin eliminates Otis.

Dominik Mysterio enters at #21. Corbin is waiting for him and hits him with end of days. Corbin goes to eliminate him but Dominik headscissors him out of the ring to eliminate him.

Dominik Mysterio enters at #21. Corbin is waiting for him and hits him with end of days. Corbin goes to eliminate him but Dominik headscissors him out of the ring to eliminate him. Lashley enters at #22. He eliminates Dominik Mysterio. Damian Priest hits a few sidekicks on Lashley. However, Lashley turns it around and eliminates Priest. Big E and Lashley go at it back and forth.

Hurricane enters at #23. Big E is waiting for him. Hurricane with Greco Roman Eye Rake on Big E and then Lashley. He tries to double chokeslam both of them. Big E & Lashley eliminate Hurricane. Christian is out at #24. Edge looks up from the mat as his former partner heads in. Lashley swings but Christian drops him. Bryan, Big E and Riddle triple team Lashley now and eliminate him. Christian hits the Unprettier on Big E. Christian drops Bryan with an elbow. Edge and Christian hug in the middle of the ring for a big pop. Riddle wants in on the hug but they attack him and double team him.

AJ Styles enters at #25. Styles goes after Edge in the ring. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm. Edge avoids it and hits a spear. Rey Mysterio enters at #26. He almost eliminates AJ but Omus saves him. Big E hits a big boot on AJ. Omus snatches Big E from the ropes and eliminates him. Big E gets angry and tries to hit him. Omus sends him over the announce table.

Sheamus enters at #27. Beats of the Bodhran on Riddle and then on Edge, double lariat on both of them, Irish Curse on Styles! Christian take on him but Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick. Bryan’s dropkick is countered into a Brogue Kick. Omus eliminates Rey Mysterio as he was going for a springboard kick.

Number #28 entrant is Cesaro. Cesaro unloads with a big running uppercut to Edge, Riddle and AJ. Sheamus comes from behind but he and Cesaro face off. Cesaro takes him down for the Cesaro Swing in the middle of the ring. Cesaro with the Swing to Bryan, and keep on going and going.

The #29 entrant is Seth Rollins making his big return with pyro and everything. Rollins takes his time but Cesaro immediately hits a big uppercut. Cesaro almost eliminates Rollins but he hangs on, comes back in and can’t believe what Cesaro did. Cesaro welcomes him back and they start brawling in the middle of the ring. Sheamus works on dumping AJ. Christian is down n a corner. Riddle works on Bryan.

The #30 entrant is Braun Strowman. Strowman rushes the ring and chokeslams Riddle, then drops Cesaro, then drops Sheamus. Strowman tosses AJ into the arms of Omos. Cesaro attacks Braun from behind and scoops him but can’t get him over the top. Strowman eliminates Cesaro. Braun eliminates Sheamus. AJ and Braun go at it now. Braun throws awat eliminates AJ and Omos isn’t there this time. Edge and Christian with a big double Spear to bring Strowman down. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now as it’s down to Rollins, Bryan, Edge, Christian, Strowman and Riddle.

Riddle and Bryan are the first two to get back up. We saw Rollins watching from ringside, but still in the match. They unload on each other in the middle of the ring. Bryan goes for Edge now after dropping Riddle. Edge takes a running knee from Bryan after missing a suplex. Bryan tosses Edge but he hangs on. Bryan fights off an Unprettier from Christian. Bryan dropkicks Christian. Bryan with a running dropkick to Strowman in the corner.

Bryan and Riddle meet in the middle of the ring once again and they go at it. Bryan takes Riddle down and they tangle on the mat, rolling around with submission attempts. Riddle powers up but Bryan hangs on and makes it to his feet on the apron. Bryan goes to the top and nails the missile dropkick to Riddle. Rollins runs in and hits a big Stomp.

Riddle comes from behind but Rollins fights him off and unloads. More back and forth between the two. Riddle with the Ripcord knee to stun Rollins. Riddle dumps Rollins but he hangs on. Strowman drops Riddle on the apron. Rollins eliminates Riddle from the apron with a big Stomp.

Rollins looks to team up with Strowman against Edge and Christian now. Rollins tells Braun it’s their time and they are the future, not Edge and Christian. Strowman scoops Rollins and slams him. Edge and Christian double team Braun now but he fights back and runs through both of them for a big pop. Strowman tosses Christian in the corner and splashes Edge, then a splash for Christian. Braun scoops Edge but Edge hangs on. They struggle but Edge isn’t giving up. Christian comes from behind and tries to help Edge dump Strowman. Strowman and Christian both get eliminated as Edge hangs on.

Rollins comes from behind but Edge fights him. They go at it and Edge tosses Rollins to the floor, eliminating him. Edge looks to win but Orton hits the ring from behind and drops him with the RKO as the crowd explodes. Orton was never eliminated. Orton and Edge tangle as Orton goes to toss Edge but Edge counters and eliminates Orton for a huge pop.

Winner- Edge

– After the match, the music hits as Edge stands tall and celebrates the win. We go to replays. Edge hits the corner to pose as huge pyro goes off. Edge looks up at the WrestleMania 37 sign and yells out as the fireworks continue. Edge takes it all in and continues his celebration as the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view goes off the air.

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