Seth Rollins Becomes World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Night of Champions

Seth Rollins WWE NoC 2023

Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles in the final of WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament and becomes the new champion in the opening match of WWE Night of Champions 2023.


After making way their way in the final of the tournament, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles will compete for the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H introduced a new world title last month and announced a tournament for both RAW and SmackDown roster to compete for the title.

Seth Rollins defeated Finn Balor in the semi-finals to qualify from the Raw’s side whereas AJ Styles beat Bobby Lashley to cement his place in the finals from the SmackDown’s side. Both these guys had held world titles before and will try to create history as the first champion at WWE Night of Champions in the new title lineage. Who comes out on the top?

Live Updates

AJ Styles is the first one to make his entrance followed by Seth Rollins as the inaugural WWE World Heavyweight Championship match kicks off the night. 

The crowd continues to sing Rollins’ theme song before Styles hit him with the dropkick and send him outside the ring with a shoulder tackle. After some back and forth Rollins dodges Styles and then hit him with a sling blade. 

Styles went outside the ring where Rollins hit him with the knee. Rollins tries to hit the suplex but Styles blocks him and drives him to the corner. Styles begins his offence with shoulder tackles to the midsection.

AJ hits Rollins with some chops before the latter sends him face-first into the corner. Then he does the same again on the other side of the ring. Rollins puts AJ on the top turnbuckle but Styles slips down and Rollins goes face-first to the turnbuckle.

The two exchange some punches before AJ Styles hits Rollins with the suplex into the turnbuckle. Rollins tries to fight back after some chops from Styles but the latter comes up with his classic combo moves. 

AJ Styles hits Rollins face-first into the mat and covers for two-count. Styles puts Rollins in the position for the Styles Clash but Rollins drives him into the corner. However, Styles improvise again and hit him with the DDT. 

Seth Rollins finally fights back as he picks up AJ Styles and hits him with the buckle bomb followed by a frog splash for a near fall. Rollins goes for the neck breaker but Styles dodges it and hits the knee to the neck of Rollins for a near fall. 

Rollins tries to hit the pedigree but Styles catches him with the kick. Styles put Rollins on the top and tries to hit the Styles Clash from the second rope but Rollins counters with a hurricanrana. 

Now, Rollins puts Styles to the top and hit him with the inverted superplex followed by another inverted falcon arrow for a near fall. 

AJ Styles tries to hit the tornado DDT but ends up on the apron. He brings Rollins there as well and hits Brainbuster on the apron. Styles measures Rollins for the phenomenal forearm but Rollins pushes him outside the ring. Rollins follows with a suicide dive, but he lands awkwardly and tweaked his knee.

Both gets back inside the ring, Styles takes advantage of Rollins injury as he instantly puts him into the calf crusher. After some time, Rollins finally breaks the submission and buys himself some time with a clothesline.  

The two of them exchange blows in the middle of the ring before Seth catches him with the enzuigiri and then dodges the Pele kick by Styles. Rollins hits him with the superkick before Styles counters pedigree and Rollins counters Styles Clash. Styles finally connects the Pele kick followed by a pedigree for a near fall. 

AJ Styles on the apron hits Rollins with a punch and then goes for the phenomenal forearm but Rollins connects a superkick. He then goes for the stomp but his knee gives up. 

Styles tries for the calf crusher again but Rollins counters it and hits the pedigree followed by the stomp to finally get the pinfall. 

Triple H comes inside the ring and hands Seth Rollins the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

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