Update: Road Dogg working full-time at NXT

As per recent reports, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has started working at NXT on a full-time basis.

Road Dogg, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg

Road Dogg, real name Brian James, was working co-lead writer of SmackDown with lead writer Stephen Guerrieri. It was reported last month that Road Dogg was getting frustrated with all of the creative changes that Vince McMahon was making to SmackDown Live every week after he used to complete the script. He stepped down on 9th April after SmackDown episode in New York and went on a break as WWE tried to find a suitable position for him.

PWInsider is now reporting that James has taken a position working full-time with the WWE NXT brand down in Orlando. He started working at the WWE Performance Center recently and his official job appointment has been reportedly confirmed. But his official role or title is not known at this point.

This news is in line with other reports previously where it was reported that Road Dogg would be working alongside Triple H at NXT.

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