Matt Riddle-Killian Dain Rematch Set for Next Week

Matt Riddle Killian Dain Brawl
Matt Riddle-Killian Dain Rematch Set for Next Week on NXT

After this week’s main event match between Killian Dain and Matt Riddle got washed away with a brawl, they will now face off in a rematch for No #1 Contender match for NXT Championship next week.

Matt Riddle and Killian Dain are in a feud for well over 2 months now which started when Killian Dain made his return to NXT and attacked Riddle. After several brawls at NXT weekly episodes and then later at TakeOver: Toronto, they finally faced off on 28 August episode of NXT. But even after Dain defeated Riddle, they continued to brawl around the arena afterward.

They once again met last night at NXT’s debut episode on the USA Network in a Street Fight. Their match once again spilled out of the ring and into the arena. During their brawl, they reached to a table where the members of Imperium were sitting and disturbed their table. This led to WALTER and Imperium entering the fray. Soon, the Street Profits and other members of NXT roster also joined in the brawl which continued even after the show went off-air.

Later, in a exclusive video, NXT General Manager William Regal came out to address the NXT stars for their disgusting behavior. He also ridiculed Dain and Riddle and went on to set another rematch between them for next week. To force them to behave themselves, Regal also announced that the match will be for the no #1 contender to face Adam Cole for NXT Championship.

Another match that is set to take place next week is another rematch between Keith Lee and Dominic Djakovic.

NXT’s USA premiere episode also saw two other no #1 contender’s matches for NXT Women’s Championship and WWE Cruiserweight Championship apart from the NXT North American Title match between Velveteen Dream and Rodrick Strong and appearance from Imperium.

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