Rhea Ripley Creates History by Winning the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Rhea Ripley Royal Rumble 2023

Ripley made history by winning the 2023 women’s Royal Rumble match by entering as the #1 entrant. Now, she will fight for the World title of her choice at WrestleMania 39

The Judgment Day’s Rhea Ripley entered at #1 in the women’s Royal Rumble match. She started off the match with Liv Morgan who entered at #2. 

They fought for a while before Dana Brooke entered the ring at #3 followed by Emma at #4. Liv, Emma, and Dana Brook teamed up on Mami Rhea Ripley and tried to eliminate her. 

The submission machine Shayna Baszler entered the match at #5. She was followed by the former champion Bayler at #6. B-Fab made her Royal Rumble debut by entering the match at #7. No eliminations have taken place in this match so far. 

Rhea Ripley changed this fact and eliminated B-Fab from the match. NXT Women’s champion Roxxane Perez entered the match at #8. Bayley received some backup as Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai entered the match at #9. 

Most of the people ganged up on Damage CTRL. Iyo Sky entered the match at #10 and provided some much-needed aid to her faction.

Dana Brook saved Emma from elimination, but then she was eliminated by the Damage CTRL. Soon, Dakota Kai eliminated Emma too. Roxanne tried to take advantage but she was caught up in the numbers game. Dama CTRL eliminated Roxanne too. 

Natalya returned and entered the match at #11. She went right after Shayna who injured her a few months back. Candice LeRae entered at #12. 

Natalya and Shayna were trying to eliminate each other when they both were eliminated by the Damage CTRL. Zoey Stark made her Royal Rumble debut by entering at #13. She was followed by Xia Li who entered the match at #14.

Candice LeRae tried to fight the entire Damga CTRL, but she was eventually eliminated by Iyo Sky. The Man is here, Becky Lynch entered at #15. Dakota & Iyo came out of the ring to attack Becky. But, the latter attacked them and went right after Bayley. 

They took the fight outside the ring, and the numbers game caught Becky too. They assaulted Becky and left her beside the announce table. Tegan Nox entered the match at #16.

The twisted tale of Asuka is here. She entered the match at #17 with new face paint. Soon Asuka eliminated Tegan Nox with a kick to the face. Piper Niven entered the match at #18 and started dominating. 

Tamina entered the ring at #19 and squared off against Niven. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch returned to the ring and attacked Damage CTRL. Chelsea Green made her surprise return by entering at #20 in the women’s Royal Rumble match.

Rhea Ripley eliminated Green as soon as she entered the match. Soon Bayley eliminated Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky before she was eliminated by Bayley. Liv Morgan took advantage and eliminated Bayley as well. Damage CTRL and Becky Lynch started fighting outside the ring. 

Zelina Vega entered at #21. She faced off with Xia li on the apron and eliminated her with a kick. Raquel Rodriguez entered the match at #22. She was followed by Michin at #23.

Lacey Evans who promised to eliminate all the other women entered the match at #24. The former divas champion Mitchell McCool entered the match at #25 right from the first row. McCool shows dominance as she eliminates Tamina. 

India Hartwell entered the match at #26. The former GM Sonya Deville entered the match at #27 and eliminated Zoey Stark. Lacey Evans locked Zelina Vega in the cobra clutch before eliminating her. 

Shotzi entered the ring at #28. Sonya Deville isn’t a fan of NXT women as she eliminated Indi Hartwell as well. Nikki Cross brought chaos along with her as she entered the match at #29. Nia Jax made a surprise return to WWE by entering the women’s Royal Rumble match at #30. 

Everyone in the ring was shocked to see Nia Jax and ganged up on her. She faced off with Raquel and then fought with everyone. Soon, Rhea hit her with the Riptide, and then everyone dumped Nia out of the ring. 

Raquel Rodriguez eliminated Lacey Evans. Raquel then sent Sonya Deville to the apron where she was eliminated by Asuka with a kick to the face. 

Rhea Ripley eliminated Mitchell McCool before Mitchin eliminated Shotzi. Piper Niven eliminated Mitchin before she was eliminated by Raquel. Rhea fought off Raquel before eliminating her. Meanwhile, Liv Morgan eliminated Nikki Cross. Rhea, Liv, and Asuka fought on the apron and Asuka spit Green Mist on Liv before Rhea eliminated her. 

The #1 and #2 entrants were the final two participants. Liv Morgan almost eliminated Rhea Ripley but she hit a hurricanrana and eliminated Liv Morgan to win the women’s Royal Rumble match. 

Now, Rhea Ripley will get to choose a champion of her choice for a match at WWE WrestleMania 39. 

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