WWE Night of Champions: Rhea Ripley Squashes Natalya to Retain Title

Rhea Ripley WWE NoC

Rhea Ripley squashed Natalya to retain her SmackDown Wome’s Championship match at WWE Night of Champions 2023.


Rhea Ripley proved her dominance in women’s division by defeating Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39 and then Zelina Vega at WWE Backlash. On the May 8 episode of Raw, Ripley faced Dana Brooke in a non-title match where she got an easy win. However, she continued to attack Brooke even after the match. 

The attack provoked Natalya and she came to the rescue of her former tag team partner. Ripley later stated that she would end Natalya’s career if she ever interrupted her again. She also claimed that she would like to do the same at WWE Night of Champions, thus confirming a title match between them.

Live Update

Natalya is the first one to enter the ring followed by the SmackDown women’s champion Rhea Ripley accompanied by Dominik Mysterio.

Dominik distracts Natalyua as soon as the bell rings, and Rhea quickly attacks Natalya. Rhea dominates Natalya outside the ring before driving her into the steel steps. She then takes Natalya inside the ring and hits her with the Riptide to get the pinfall.

Dominik and Rhea celebrate as the officials help Natalya walk down to the back.  

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