RETRIBUTION Comes Out of Shadow on RAW This Week


After attacking various WWE wrestlers in the past few weeks, The RETRIBUTION has finally broken their silence on WWE RAW this week.

The mysterious group appeared in a recorded promo and spoke for the first time since they started creating chaos on WWE TV. In the middle of the third hour, RETRIBUTION interrupted during a match between Nia Jax and Riott Squad with a blackout, and only their logo visible in the corners.

Then, the group appeared in black hoods and masks and cut a promo in modulated voices. Although not confirmed, there seem to 8 members in total in the group. Various members of the group cut the promo saying WWE has left them stranded and behind Thunderdome lies the same foundations.

One of the members of RETRIBUTION said they were driven to destroy every Superstar and they would seep into the pores of the Superstars and the so-called WWE Universe.

There were always speculations about the identity of the members from RETRIBUTION. A few names that keep popping up in the discussion is Dominik Dijakovic and Mia Yim. Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio said Mojo Rawley was part of the promo this week as well as Dijakovic and Mia Yim.

A twitter user named @vancitycorner took the liberty of brightening up the image from RAW and claimed Mia Yim, Dominik Dijakovic, and Dio Maddin to be in the picture. More Twitter users claimed that Shane Thorne and Kayden Carter are also with the group.

According to Sports Journalist Dave Pollock, He said that the mysterious group would not appear in SmackDown from now and will only appear in WWE Raw. Earlier, the group had a few appearances on SmackDown also.

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