Roman Reigns Won the Battle of Champions at Survivor Series 2021

Roman Reigns Survivor Series 2021
Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns made WWE Champion Big E acknowledge him in the main event of Survivor Series 2021

The Universal Champion won the very intense hard-hitting battle to end his feud with Big E on a winning note. During the match, Big E kicked off of the spear whereas Reigns also broke the pin after Big E hit him with the big ending. 

The Tribal Chief showed his incredible raw power as well when Big E put him in the stretch muffler submission hold. In the ending moments of the match, Big E assaulted Reigns outside by sending into the ring post, announce table, and the barricades.

Roman Reigns sends Big E’s knee into the steel step and then sends him inside the ring. Big E tried to hit the big ending again but Reigns avoided it by kicking him in the knee and then hitting him with the spears to get the pinfall. 

WWE was teasing a potential match between Roman Reigns and Big E ever since the latter won the Money in the Bank contract. The feud between them got even more personal when the Bloodline injured Kofi Kingston and began to assault King Woods.

As a result, Big E appeared on the go-home edition of SmackDown to save King Woods from another assault by the Bloodline. However, today at Survivor Series 2021 he fell a bit short as Roman Reigns supreme in the battle of champions. 

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