R Truth defends US title with sights on John Cena at WM35

Before you forget that R Truth is the United States champion, he appeared on SmackDown this week to remind you and then issued and defended an open challenge for his title against Andrade and Rey Mysterio to make his ‘childhood idol John Cena’ proud. But all this might be set up another match for Wrestle Mania.

R Truth did not appear on SmackDown for last three weeks since he won the United States title from Shinsuke Nakamura and then defended it against Rusev on the same night. He said that he wants to do things just like his childhood idol John Cena use to do back in the day when he was the United States champion and issued an open challenge. Both Andrade and Rey Mysterio answered the call and Truth decided to take both of them on in an open challenge.

The match had some good spot but forgettable at the best and was more for taking forward the Andrade and Rey Mysterio storyline. Truth was able to retain the title after Rey Mysterio took out Andrade with 619 and Truth rolled Rey to get the pin.

And yes, Ron even hit the five knuckle shuffle!! Just like John Cena!! But did he make him proud? This gimmick from Truth might be a setup for him ultimately face John Cena at Wrestle Mania this year. R Truth is in the last days of his career and a match against Cena at Wrestle Mania might just be the perfect way to cap off the career. Also, his challengers for this episode, Andrade and Rey Mysterio might also be heading towards the Wrestle Mania match for themselves.
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