NXT TakeOver 36 Results, Live Updates, Match Card, Start Time, How To Watch

NXT Takeover 36, Aug 22 2021

NXT will present the 36th TakeOver event on 22 August 2021 from Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL. A stacked card is announced for the show with Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole – 3 Stages of Hell match in the main event.

WWE NXT Championship match between Karrion Kross & Samoa Joe and NXT UK Championship rematch between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov are also main event worthy matches. NXT Women’s Championship match between old friends turned enemies – Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai – will also clash.

Million Dollar title will also be on the line between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes with the added stipulation that Ted Dibiase will become Knight’s butler if Grimes loses. Trey Baxter will take on Ridge Holland on the pre-show.

Read on to catch the results, live updates, highlights and other details like date, start time, location, match card, how to watch for NXT TakeOver 36.


Date: 22 August 2021
Time: 8 PM EST
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida


1Kick-OffRidge Holland vs Trey Baxter Singles MatchRidge Holland
2LA Knight(c) vs Cameron GrimesMillion Dollar Title Match
(If Grimes Loses,
Ted Dibiase Will Become
Knight’s Buttler)
Cameron Grimes(Title Change)
3Raquel Gonzalez(c) vs Dakota KaiNXT Women’s Championship MatchRaquel Gonzalez
4WALTER(c) vs Ilja DragunovNXT UK Championship MatchIlja Dragunov(Title Change)
5Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly
2 out of 3 Falls
1st Fall – Pinfall or Submission
2nd Fall – Street Fight
3rd Fall – Steel Cage Match
KOR wins 2-1
1st Fall- KOR
2nd Fall- Adam Cole
3rd Fall- KOR
6Karrion Kross(c) vs Samoa JoeNXT Championship MatchSamoa Joe(Title Change)


The pre-show has started with Sam Roberts and McKenzie Mitchell. The first match discussed is Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole. We get the prime target video for this match. NXT Women’s Championship match is discussed briefly.

NXT UK Championship match is discussed next before another short discussion for Million Dollar title. Baxter and Holland come out for the pre-show match.

Trey Baxter vs Ridge Holland

Baxter starts with a dropkick but Holland thrawrts the second one. Holland hits a suplex and a body slam. Baxter rakes his eyes and takes some good shots. Baxter hits a springboard kick before Holland catches him and drops him again. Holland hits the Jackhammer to get the win.

Winner – Ridge Holland

After the match, Holland warns Timothy Thatcher who he will be facing on NXT on the 24 August episode.

NXT Championship match is discussed next before they wrap up the pre-show.

The main show starts with an opening package talking about laws of motion, inertia, and what happens when objects collide, and the Theory of Chaos. We are about to find out what happens when laws of motion and chaos collide with the laws of business. The commentary team takes over.

LA Knight(c) vs Cameron Grimes(w/ Ted Dibiase) – Million Dollar Title

Ted Dibiase is the first person to come out. He waits for Cameron Grimes to come out. Grimes rips and throws the butler outfit and throws it in a trash can. They get to the ring together. LA Knight also makes his entrance.

The crowd is right behind Grimes as the bell ring. Knight takes Grimes to the corner and Grimes chops him hard. A big knee to midsection is followed by a sidekick. Grimes hits a back body drop. Knight rolls out to the floor to avoid Million Dollar slam. Grimes hits a Penalty kick from the apron. Knight is sent into the plexiglass. Ted Dibiase whips Grimes to hit a dropkick to Knight. Knight gets the first strike by slamming Grimes into the post. Grimes hits a big boot on the apron.

Knight takes control as he trips Grimes on the top turnbuckle. Knight stomps on Grimes. In the ring, he sends him into the bottom turnbuckle. Ground and pound from Knight. Grimes fights back with big shots and hits a crossbody. Knight counters enziguiri into a powerbomb. Knight puts on a chin lock. The crowd cheers Grimes and he rolls through, but Knight slams him to the mat again.

Knight misses springboard moonsault. Grimes rallies with quick moves- dropkick, German suplex and hurricanrana to get a two-count. Knight takes out his leg. Knights jabs at him and then hits a few moves to get a two-count. Grimes hits step-up enziguiri. Knight hits a superkick.

Grimes hits Spanish fly to get a two-count. Grimes hits sidekicks in the corner. Knight puts him on the top and pounds on his chest. Grimes hits a big punch but Knight hits an avalanche German suplex to get a near fall.

Knight goes for a backslide but Grimes puts on the Million Dollar lock. Grimes is holding onto the lock despite Knight’s efforts to come out of it. Knight finally tosses him over to break the lock. Knight goes and picks the Million Dollar title. Grimes hits a superkick.

The referee takes the title away, but the distraction gives Dibiase a chance to hit Knight with a big punch. Dibiase then puts on the Million Dollar lock before throwing him back in. Grimes hits the Moon(stomp) to get the win.

Winner – Cameron Grimes(wins Million Dollar title)

After the match, Ted Dibiase gives the Million Dollar title to Grimes as he celebrates.

Raquel Gonzalez(c) vs Dakota Kai – NXT Women’s Championship Match

After the video package for the match, both women make their entrance. The announcements are done and we are ready to go.

Kai slaps Raquel and ducks her charge. Raquel picks her up to send her into the corner for shoulder blocks. Kai slips out of the corner and ducks a clothesline. Kai with an arm drag and puts on arm breaker. Raquel gets on her feet and goes for the powerbomb. Kai hits a Scorpion kick and goes to the floor for a breather.

Raquel tosses her around with a German suplex, body slam and an overhead suplex. Kai hits a crossbody but Raquel catches her and drops her on the turnbuckle. Kai steps out of the corner and hits a big boot to send Raquel out to the floor.

Kai drops her on the ropes and hits a few kicks and Frankiesteiner. Raquel counters head scissors by throwing Kai onto the ropes and to the ramp. Kai hits a superkick to the jaw but Raquel hulks up. Kai hits the chiropractor to get a two-count. Kai sends Raquel to the floor with headscissors. She brings her back and hits double stomp from the top to get another near fall.

More back and forth. Kai goes for the running big boot, but Raquel catcher her on the top turnbuckle and hits an avalanche single hand chokeslam to the mat. Raquel covers and gets the pin.

Winner – Raquel Gonzalez(retains NXT Women’s title)

After the match, former NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Rae comes out to the stage to announce her return to NXT.

WALTER(c) vs Ilja Dragunov- NXT UK Championship Match

Ilja Dragunov comes out first. WALTER makes his imposing entrance next. The announcements are done and we are ready to go.

They circle before Walter trips Dragunov. Dragunov hits chops. Dragunov ducks out of the corner a few times and Walter gets frustrated with him. Walter grounds Ilja and hits a few elbows. Dragunov with a tackle and drops Walter next. Walter with a takedown and Dragunov returns the favor and puts on a head lock. Walter gets to his feet but Dragunov takes him down again.

Walter tries a few things to come out of the headlock but Dragunov refuses to let it go. Walter finally takes him to the corner. Dragunov takes him down with an armbar. Walter picks him up while in armbar and puts him on the top. Walter hits a big uppercut. A powerbomb on the apron from Walter.

Walter goes for a sleeper but Dragunov catches the ropes. Walter hits a German Suplex. He goes for the Boston crab but Dragunov grabs his leg. Walter kicks at him and puts on the Boston Crab. He transitions into crossface now. Walter takes a big shot at Dragunov’s chest.

They trade a few strikes. Dragunov with a back body drop. Walter with big chop. Dragunov hits a jumping kick and a superkick to the back. Walter hits him with an overhead suplex for a two-count.

Walter with more chops. Dragunov uses ropes to get back on his feet, only to be dropped again with a big boot. Dragunov fights back. Walter also hits him with punches. Dragunov hits knees and back fists to the face to get some breathing space. Walter cuts off a dropkick and hits a big lariat for a near fall.

Dragunov hulks up after eating more chops. He hits his own chops and a German suplex. Dragunov hits a running knee and drops him for a two-count. “This is awesome” chants go on at the arena.

Dragunov hits a missile dropkick and a senton from the top. He goes for the uppercut but Walter catches him with a suplex. Dragunov hits a dropkick. He gets back up and charges with an uppercut. He covers but Walter kicks out.

Dragunov hits chops now. Walter goes to the top and Dragunov hits superplex. Dragunov hits missile dropkick again. Walter hits a dropkick and a powerbomb for a near fall. Walter hits a splash from the top for another near fall. Walter hits a big boot. Dragunov hits a big lariat before he grounds and pounds Walter. Dragunov puts on the sleeper and Walter takes him to the top to drop him on his back.

Dragunov puts on the sleeper again and Walter drops him on his back again. But this time Dragunov keeps on. Dragunov with big shots on Walter’s neck. He puts on the sleeper again and follows with more shots at the back of Walter’s neck. Dragunov puts on the sleeper again and Walter taps out.

Winner – Ilja Dragunov(new NXT UK Champion)

Cameron Grimes is interviewed backstage. He gets emotional talking about how his father might be watching him. Ted Dibiase rolls up and tells him that he is proud of him. Grimes says they will do Million Dollar Celebration on Tuesday.

Samoa Joe is pacing backstage. William Regal comes to him and wishes him luck. Regal says he has to be unbiased as the General Manager but tells Joe to kick Kross’ a**.

Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly – 3 Stages of Hell Match

We get the video package for the match.

They start with strikes. Kyle hits a kick to send Cole out to the floor. KOR beats him up on the floor and sends him into plexiglass and steel steps. Cole catches him with a big boot in the ring. KOR counters brainbuster into suplex on the floor. More back and forth in the ring. KOR goes for the cross-arm breaker, but had to transition into ankle lock. Cole fights back and hits a knee to the jaw for a two-count.

KOR hits a discuss clotheslines. Cole catches him with a superkick. KOR counters the Panama sunrise with a sitout pin to get the three count. The first fall goes to KOR. The second fall – Street Fight starts now.

Cole brings out the trash cans after beating up KOR for a bit. KOR takes over and puts the trash can over Cole’s head and hits him with a missile dropkick. Cole trips him on the top turnbuckle. Cole is now working on KOR’s injured ribs using the chair.

Cole is hurting KOR’s ribs for a while with kicks and other means. Cole whips him across the ring and into the ring post. Cole throws him into the barricade. Cole hits on the rib with a kendo stick. He teases Last Shot but takes more kendo stick shots on KOR. An assisted backstabber from Cole before he puts on the crossface using the kendo stick. Cole lets it go after a while.

KOR gets to his feet and hits multiple kicks. Cole hits the pump kick and KOR returns the favor. KOR sends Cole into steel chair with dragon screw legs. He charges into the corner but runs into a steel chair. Double pump kicks take both men down.

Both men grab chains and unload on each other. Cole hits a flush knee for a near fall. Cole rolls to the ramp now. He kicks a superkick to the midsection as KOR follows him. KOR sends him into the plexiglass and down from the ramp. Cole blocks suplex and hits a neck breaker on the floor.

KOR hits a backbreaker. Cole drops KOR onto the chairs and hits the Last Shot to get the pin. Second fall goes to Adam Cole. A steel cage is closing in for the third fall. But KOR is down. The referee and medics are checking on him. Cole attacks KOR again and throws him out of the ring. KOR is almost lifeless. Cole brings him back to the ring. The steel cage closes on.

KOR wants to continue the match. Cole throws him into the cage walls a few times, but Kyle hulks up and traps him against the cage before hitting repeated running knees. KOR misses a diving knee off the top. Cole hits him with a low blow. He hits the Panama Sunrise, but KOR kicks out.

Cole handcuffs him to the ropes and hits a few knees. But KOR catches one kick and grabs a heel hook. KOR puts more pressure on the heel using handcuffs. Cole taps out. KOR wins 2-1.

Winner – Kyle O’Reilly

Ilja Dragunov is resting backstage when he is asked for his comments. Dragunov says the ring general’s reign is over.

Legado Del Fantasma warns Hit Row ahead of their match on Tuesday.

Karrion Kross(c) vs Samoa Joe – NXT Championship Match

They are out in the ring and the match starts. They circle the ring. Joe takes the first shot and hits a headbutt. They go back and forth with blows and punches. Joe takes Kross down and hits a knee drop. Kross decks him as he gets to his feet.

Joe puts on the sleeper and Kross had to frantically get to the ropes to break it. Kross hits the Saito Suplex and his blow to the neck finisher. Joe rolls out to the floor, so there is no pin. Kross sends Joe into the barricade before bringing him back to the ring. Joe hits a few shots before Kross hits another Saito suplex.

Kross puts on an ankle lock. Joe sends him out to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Kross unloads in the corner and hits the Saito suplex again for a two-count. Kross hits the kross-head and Joe replies with a powerslam for a two-count.

Joe hits a powerbomb and puts on the crossface. Kross gets to the ropes to break the lock. Kross takes over the control with a big strike to the head. Kross hits a DDT. Joe cuts his charge with an elbow and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Back and forth and Joe hits an inverted atomic drop before hitting a big boot. Joe hits a backbreaker before putting on the Coquina clutch.

Kross is fading but tries to go for the ropes. Joe takes him down to the mat. Kross rolls over and puts on the cross-arm breaker. Kross transitions into Kross-jacket. Joe fades away for a while but gets back on his feet. Joe slams him to the corner. Joe hits Urinagi. Kross catches him with a knee. Joe hits the Pele kick and then the muscle buster to get the pin.

Winner – Samoa Joe(new NXT Champion)

Joe gets the title and celebrates. He goes to the ramp and raises the title as pyro goes off. The show goes off the air with Joe celebrating on the ramp.

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