Report: Velveteen Dream And Others NXT Stars Injured

Velveteen Dream NXT TakeOver 25, Velveteen Dream NXT TakeOver Bridgeport
File Photo: Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver 25

WWE announced that NXT superstars The Velveteen Dream, Arturo Ruas, and Kona Reeves have suffered injuries during this week’s NXT episode. The announcement was made in the new WWE Now video which was presented by new on-air talent Matt Camp.

Kona Reeves faced Damian Priest in a dark match before this week’s NXT TV debut on the USA Network. It was reported that Reeves was busted open on his head and needed stitches. He may also have suffered some orbital damage and is set to be re-evaluated once the swelling would go down.

Arturo Ruas faced former WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne and submitted to Dunne when he applied the finger snap. He is also have reportedly needed x-rays to his fingers following the match and is also on the “not cleared” list.

The Velveteen Dream lost the NXT North American Championship to Rodrick Strong. After the match, he was seen “walking gingerly”. He is suffering from lumbar pain and is also on the list of wrestlers who are yet to be cleared medically.

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