NXT Battleground 2024: Triple Threat Title, Underground Match Added

Lola Vice vs Shayna Baszler NXT Battleground

WWE has added NXT Underground match to NXT Battleground 2024 event while the match for North American Championship was turned into a triple threat match.

Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice had alligned on NXT for the past few weeks with Shayna cornering Lola against Natalya at Spring Breakin’ event. Things turned sour between them after they lost a tag team match to Natalya and Karmen Petrovic.

After the match, Lola dropped Shayna with a question mark kick to the head and went on to twerk in front of her. An enraged Shayna then put Lola in a kirifuda clutch moments later as Lola was trying to exit the ring.

NXT General Manager Ava then appeared on the stage to announce a match between Shayna and Lola. However, Shayna demanded it be turned into an NXT Underground match. Underground match is MMA style match where the ring does not have ropes and the result can only come via knockout or submission. This match will fit to the setting of the event which is taking place at UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Another change on the card has seen Oba Femi’s NXT North American Championship defense being turned into a triple threat match.

Another triple threat match took place on NXT May 21 episode to find the #1 contender for Femi’s title. The match ended with Gallus taking down Josh Briggs while Joe Coffey hit Wes Lee with a lariat. Lee fell on top of Briggs before Coffey went to pin Briggs, resulting in a double pin.

Later in the show, Ava announced that due to the double pin, Femi’s title defense would be a triple threat match.

NXT Battleground is scheduled on June 9, 2024. The inaugural Women’s North American Championship is set to be crowned on the show.

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