WWE RAW Live Results- 7 September 2020- Orton’s Dominance?

Randy Orton WWE RAW

Another WWE Monday Night RAW comes around as WWE continues to build towards Clash of Champions PPV. Randy Orton is expected to continue his dominance over the roster as per the official preview but much more is expected from the show which is coming good in the last few weeks.

WWE RAW 7 September 2020

Location – Amway Center, Orlando, FL, US
Time – 8 PM EST(8 September 2020 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)
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Orton Gets Pegged Down

#1 contender for WWE Championship Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. We get to see how Orton hit 3 punt kicks to the champion Drew McIntyre two weeks back and had to be taken to the hospital. Orton takes the mic and tells us that if the champion cannot defend the title at Clash of Champions, he should be handed the title. Suddenly, the ambulance siren start going around and there is an ambulance parked near the ramp. Drew McIntyre comes out of it and head to the ring. McIntyre charges, Orton ducks, McIntyre comes off with the Claymore kick to Orton to drop him. WWE staff run out immediately and tells McIntyre to leave the ring.

Earlier Today: Backstage, we see Hurt Business strolling backstage. MVP stops near a janitor and they start harassing him. Shelton Benjamin drops the janitor before Hurt Business leaves.

After the break, WWE Producer Adam Pearce tells Drew McIntyre to not get involved again since he is not cleared of the fractured jaw. McIntyre says he will defend his title at Clash of Champions no matter what. Pearce asks him leave the building to avoid getting involved again.

Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander vs Hurt Business

Crews and Ricochet make their way to the ring. Alexander is attacked by Hurt Business when he was at the ramp. The match starts and Ricochet and Crews get the early advantage. Hurt Business takes over the control over Crews. Crews comes up with a step-up enziguiri on Shelton Benjamin but when he goes for the tag, Cedric Alexander starts beating up Ricochet. Crews shouts at him from the ring. He parries off Benjamin’s attack but Alexander comes in and hits him with Lumbar Check. Crews is pinned.

Winners – Hurt Business

After the match, Alexander is smiling at the apron. The Hurt Business are applauding him from the ring while Crews and Ricochet are down at the ringside. Alexander has not joined Hurt Business yet though!

The Street Profits vs Andrade & Angel Garza

Garza starts off with Ford and rips his pants off. After a back and forth sequence, Ford dropkicks him to the corner. Andrade tags in and gets thrown across by Dawkins. Andrade has some words with Garza and Vega also arguing with Garza. Garza leaves the match midway. Andrade gets finished off by Street Profits for the win.

Winners – The Street Profits

After the bell, Garza is shouting something back at Zelina Vega while The Street Profits’ music hits. After the replays, SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura comes out. We go to the break.

Cesaro pays his respects for Street Profits for being the longest reigning RAW Tag Team Champions. But their image is that of goofing around, playing with ninjas, etc. Nakamura and he wants to show them how the real champions look like. Cesaro tells them there will be a “champions vs champions” tag team match next week. Street Profits replies to the digs and are up for the match. They goes for their signature phrase, “We want the..,” but Nakamura completes it with “smoke” and SmackDown Tag Team Champs drops the mic before leaving.

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is at a restaurant with an invisible friend. A waiter pushes a dessert tray up and a ninja pokes his head out of it. Truth says he wanted dessert, not a ninja. Akira Tozawa and a referee appear behind him. Truth runs them over with dessert tray and runs away with the title.

Peyton Royce vs Billie Kay

They go back and forth to start. Kay shouts at Royce, probably for abondoning her at RAW Underground last week. More back and forth as they keep countering each other. Royce gravs the ropes to avoid a move and takes the control. Kay takes control back and hits a modified suplex. Royce counters with a roundhouse kick and then hits the swinging neckbreaker to get the pin.

Winner – Peyton Royce

After the match, Royce picks up Kay while Kay is selling a neck injury. Peyton hugs her as we cut to the commentary team for the recap for Mysterios vs Seth Rollins & Murphy rivalry. We see how Rollins slapped and sent Murphy back last week before his match against Dominik.

The Mysterio Family comes out to the ring for an interview with Charly Caruso. Rey is asked about his injury and he replies that he does not have any exact time he can come back. Murphy interrupts them from the big screen and talks about how they have separated him from Rollins who picked him up when he was down. Rey retorts at him saying it is his fault to side with a pathetic and sadistic person like Rollins. Murphy challenges Dominik for a street fight and Dominik accepts.

Adam Pearce is with Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Pearce sees Drew McIntyre walk by and asks why he’s still here. Drew says he had to get his phone out of the ambulance.

Asuka & Mickie James vs Lana & Natalya

Asuka vs Mickie James is announced for next week with title on the line. Mickie and Natalya start the match and trade shots. Mickie ends up hitting a low dropkick before Lana and Asuka tag in. Asuka hits a kick but Lana avoids the hip attack. Mickie tags herself in and beat up Lana until Natalya comes in with a basement dropkick.

Lana and Natalya keep the tags going. Asuka had to break the pin after a double team move. Asuka and Natalya get tossed to the floor. Mickie hits a neck breaker on Lana but could not tag in as Asuka is down. She comes in when Mickie goes to the top and tags in. Asuka applies the Asuka Lock to Lana to get the win as Mickie runs over to prevents Natalya from making the save.

Winners – Asuka and Mickie James

Cedric Alexander in VIP Lounge

Backstage, Cedric Alexander is with Hurt Business. MVP asks Cedric if he’s ready to make it official in The VIP Lounge. Cedric agrees and MVP and Lashley leave the scene. Shelton tells Alexander that this better be real and not some kind of game because if it is, he will find out and show Cedric why they’re called The Hurt Business.

The Hurt Business comes out with Cedric Alexander for The VIP Lounge. MVP tells us Cedric has made a career-changing decision by joining The Hurt Business. Lashley presents Cedric with a t-shirt. Cedric explains his decision to join saying he would rather learn and earn instead of getting beat down every week for Ricochet and title shot for Apollo Crews. The Viking Raiders interrupt with Ricochet and Crews. A brawl breaks out as we go to commercial.

The Hurt Business vs The Viking Raiders, Ricochet and Apollo Crews

Shelton Benjamin beats down Ricochet after some back & forth. Apollo Crews comes in to double team on Benjamin. Benjamin bocks a splash with knees. MVP comes in but Ivar was also in soon to beat him up and as does Erik. Viking Raiders double team on MVP. MVP turns the table on Crews and Hurt Business beat him down one by one. Crews slides out to tag in Erik. Lashley is sent to the corner with a flying knee.

Benjamin runs interference and Lashley hits a spear on Erik. Benjamin hits a few slams and keeps Erik grounded. Heels tag in one by one. Erik takes down Shelton and Ricochet comes in hot against MVP. He knocks down Lashley and Benjamin from the apron. Cedric distracts him though and MVP ends up dropping Ricochet from behind. Everyone starts getting involved one by one and Ricochet and Cedric are the only one left in the ring. Ricochet tries to hit 630 but Cedric rolls out and hits Michinoku Driver to get the pin.

Winner – The Hurt Business

Charly Caruso catches up with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre backstage and asks why haven’t he left yet. Drew says he is not able to find exit door and stalls some more.

Shane McMahon is outside of RAW Underground door when Kevin Owens walks up. Shane says he welcomes Owens to RAW Underground despite their differences in the past. Owens tells him that he is still a jackass, and asks if he is still going to open the door for him. Owens enters RAW Underground and Shane follows him after speaking with his security guard.

Randy Orton vs Keith Lee

Orton stalls the start by going out of the ring and Lee gets frustrated. Lee grabs him over the ropes and Orton takes advantage by dropping him on those ropes. Lee strikes back with a big slam. Orton rakes his eyes and hits a few uppercuts. Lee blocks the RKO and drops Orton. Orton moves out of the ring and suckers Lee in to drop him into the barricade.

Orton keeps working on Lee now. Lee blocks another RKO and hits a powerslam to get a near fall. Orton counters and finally hits the RKO. Drew McIntyre comes in before Orton could cover and drops Orton with another Claymore.

Winner – Randy Orton with Disqualification

McIntyre goes up the ramp and Adam Pearce meets him there. He asks Drew to leave and sends some staff members to check on Orton.

Aleister Black is dominating some random guy on RAW Underground. Kevin Owens comes in and they fight to the ground for a while. We cut to commercials.

The Riott Squad vs Shayna Baszler – 2-on-1 Handicap Match

Ruby Riott starts against Baszler and gets dominated early on. Liv Morgan comes in to unload on Baszler with kicks. Baszler counter by slamming her face to the mat. Morgan hits a couple of dropkicks before another round of back and forth. Baszler gets distracted by Nia Jax’s taunts from ringside. Morgan takes advantage with a sunset flip to get the pin.

Winners – Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott

Back to RAW Underground where Shane McMahon is on the mic with Kevin Owens and Aleister Black still battling it on the ring. Owens counter an armbar and picks up Black to slam him to a wall at ringside. Black and Owens run through various enhancement talents at ringside. Shane tries to restore some order as we go back to the ring.

The Riott Squad vs Nia Jax – 2-on-1 Handicap Match

Now, Nia Jax starts against Ruby while Shayna Baszler is shouting at her from ringside. Riott with early strikes and tags in Liv Morgan. Liv hits her knees with a dropkick. Some double team from Riott Squad while Baszler taunts her partner. After sometime, Jax runs over Riott with a huge clothesline. Jax puts Riott ina an arm submission. Riott counters with a jawbreaker but a shoulder block sends her out. Jax taunts Baszler and she continue to punish Riott. The lights start flickering when Ruby tags in Liv.


More light flickering and we see a RETRIBUTION graphic that appears to be in white spray paint. A voice starts speaking and says this ThunderDome is only a facade. Behind these screens it is the same foundation from before which discarded them. A group of masked men and women is somewhere in the back. A man from the group speaks and says they are driven to destroy, to lay waste to every Superstar and fan. He says darkness of RETRIBUTION will seep into the pores of every Superstar and your so-called WWE Universe. Cut to commercial.

Sarah Schreiber stops The Mysterio Family backstage. Rey isn’t worried about Murphy’s mind games. Rey says the family will be in Dominik’s corner tonight and if Murphy tries anything, Rey is confident that the family will know how to act.

We go to RAW Underground once again with Kevin Owens and Aleister Black continuing. Owens knocks Black out of the platform and near Dabba-Kato. Kato comes into the ring and chokeslam both Owens and Black. Shane hypes RAW Underground up and praises Dabba-Kato as he stands tall in the ring.

Charly approaches Randy Orton backstage for an interview when Drew McIntyre attacks him once again. The Scottish Psycopath beats Orton around and rolls him into the backstage ring. McIntyre waits for Orton to get up before leveling him with a big Claymore Kick. After the break, we see Orton being loaded into an ambulance and driven away.

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