Lashley & Lana Returns to Shock Rusev at RAW Season Premiere

Lashley & Lana Returns to Shock Rusev at RAW Season Premiere
Lashley & Lana Returns to Shock Rusev at RAW Season Premiere

Bobby Lashley made his return to WWE during this week’s Monday Night Raw season premiere episode alongside Lana to surprise Rusev.

To open this week’s RAW season premiere episode, Brock Lesnar assaulted Rey Mysterio and his Dominic in a barbaric act. Due to this, Mysterio had to be pulled off from the announced match for the Universal Championship against Seth Rollins. Later in the show, Rusev came out to make the save on Rollins when he was outnumbered by Randy Orton and Baron Corbin.

Rusev’s night did not finish there itself as he was interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage. When Caruso asked Rusev about Lana, he said he didn’t want to address his “problems at home.”. But in the same segment, he went on to challenge Seth Rollins for the title match.

As Rusev was building some momentum against Rollins in the main event of the show, Lashley made his return to WWE TV after a hiatus. But unfortunately for Rusev, he didn’t come alone. As Lashley stood on the ramp, she gestured towards the entry point and out came Lana. Just after coming out, Lana started making out with Lashley to send Rusev into an utter shock.

The title match against Rollins was ended with No contest or DQ a few moments later when Rollins was attacked by Bray Wyatt who closed out the show by locking the champion in the Mandible Claw.

Rusev and Lana went off WWE TV shortly after WrestleMania. Rusev returned to action a couple of weeks ago but Lana’s whereabouts remained unknown at the point. Bobby Lashley also went for a break after Extreme Rules when he had to undergo surgery last month.

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