Bobby Lashley And Lana Arrested By Tennasse Police

Lashley & Lana Arrested

Bobby Lashley and Lana ended up being arrested by “Tennasse Police Officers” on RAW last night.

Lana-Lashley-Rusev triangle storyline has been going on from the last two months and Lana has continued to get a restraining order against Rusev. This week at RAW, Lana informed us that she had got another restraining order and Rusev cannot touch both her and Lashley. Lana and Lashley also had two Police Officers in tow, in order to stop Rusev’s intrusions.

The verbal duel between her and Kevin Owens led to a match between KO and Lashley. The match was cut short when AOP attacked Kevin Owens to cause a DQ. But the segment was not over there. Rusev, coming from the crowd once again, attacked Lashley with a Machcka kick before running back from the crowd.

Lashley then got into an argument with the Police Officers since they did not try to arrest Rusev. As Lashley was leaving, he brushed against the shoulders of one officer. Officer then arrested Bobby Lashley on the spot. With her boyfriend in handcuffs, Lana also got into argument with them and slapped one of those officers square in the face, leading to her arrest also.

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