Chris Jericho & MJF Reveal Strategy For AEW Revolution Match

Young Bucks vs Jericho MJF AEW Revolution 2021

Chris Jericho & MJF will challenge the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks for the title at AEW Revolution 2021.

Prior to that, Jericho and MJF sat down on the latest ‘Talk is Jericho’ podcast to talk about various things including their match at AEW Revolution. Jericho pointed out that their style of wrestling is a lot different from Matt & Nick Jackson.

MJF then revealed their strategy that they would cut down the high flying moves of The Young Bucks and keep them on the ground until they perish

“I think that’s what people should be looking forward to – in a sense that nobody has done a good job of grounding their neck of Mathew & Nicholas. And I personally feel that that is something we are perfectly equipped to. They are trying to flip, there are going to try and flop. They are going to try their stupid stupid moves. And all we are going to do is move out of the way. We are gonna pick a body part, drag down to the to the mat and we’re gonna keep them there until they are losing Oxygen and fighting for air and we are gonna win the match. And it’s going to be scientific of course.”

Jericho added that while the AEW Tag Team Champions are very athletic and technical, they might not have an answer to his “Five Star Fist.”

I think those moves could be construed as stupid. They are also very dynamic. They make them people love them. But one thing is- I am waiting for a friend of mine who turned on me. I am still waiting to see his Ugly face here back in- Iron Mike Tyson. He said everyone got a plan until they get punched in the face.
I find that with Matt & Nick that they are very scientifically athletic. They know all the moves and they are very technical. Great high flyers.. maybe two of the best high flyers in the country. But I don’t think mat and nick have been really punched in the face. Because I tell you what right now. They try that Meltzer Driver or whatever it is.. flipped right into not my fist. My fist your face Nick Buck. Five Star Fist. Take that to your tag team of the year award. Maybe we can take that and shove it down your throat as well.

Jericho was quite confident that they will exit AEW Revolution with AEW World Tag Team titles. AEW Revolution 2021 takes place this Sunday, 7 March, at Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL.

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