IMPACT Rebellion 2023 Results & Live Updates- Kushida vs Maclin

IMPACT Rebellion 2023

Welcome to the live results blog for IMPACT Rebellion 2023 PPV, which will be live from Toronto, Canada, with two new champions guaranteed to be crowned.

Kushida faces Steve Maclin in the match for vacant IMPACT World Championship which was relinquished by Josh Alexander. Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace will clash over the vacant Knockouts title which was relinquished by Mickie James. Trey Miguel will face the challenge from both Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey to defend his X-Division title.

Ultimate X-match will return for Tag Team Championship as Motor City Machine Guns try to win them back from Ace Austin and Chris Bey of Bullet Club. There is a hardcore war match between the teams of Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray as their close their rivalry. The match will have Frankie Kazarian, Moose, Killer Kelly, GCW World Champion Masha Slamovich, and Brian Myers in action among several others.

Last Rites match is set between PCO and Eddie Edwards. Santino Marella will return to in-ring action against The Design as he teams up with Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango. Pre-show will feature two tag team matches. The Covan defends Knockouts Tag Team titles against Death Dollz while Shera and Champagne Singh take on Rhino and Heath.

Tune in below as we bring results from IMPACT Rebellion 2023 event with live updates, winners, and highlights.


  • Champagne Singh & Shera defeated Heath & Rhino in a tag team match via pinfall. (pre-show)
  • The Covan(Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King)(c) defeated Death Dollz(Jessicka & Rosemary) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship.(pre-show)
  • Bullet Club(Ace Austin & Chris Bey)(c) defeated Motor City Machine Guns(Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) in Ultimate X Match to retain IMPACT Tag Team Championship
  • Santino Marella, Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango defeated The Design(Deaner, Angles, Kon & Sami Callihan) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • PCO defeated Eddie Edwards in the Last Rites Match.
  • Trey Miguel(c) defeated Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey in a triple threat elimination match via pinfall to retain IMPACT X-Division Championship.
  • Team Dreamer(Tommy Dreamer, Frankie Kazarian, Yuya Uemera, Killer Kelly & Bhupinder Gujjar) defeated Team Bully(Bully Ray, Moose, Kenny King, Masha Slamovich & Brian Myers) in Hardcore War Tag Team Match via pinfall.
  • Steve Maclin defeated Kushida in a singles match via pinfall to win IMPACT World Championship
  • Deonna Purrazo defeated Jordynne Grace in a singles match via pinfall to win IMPACT Knockouts Championship.


Champagne Singh & Shera vs Heath & Rhino – (pre-show)

Singh offers Heath some money to give him the win easily. Heath throws the money away. Singh catches him with some punches. Heath fires back with his shots and puts him into the corner for running forearm. Rhino tags in before Singh tags in Shera. Shera and Rhino lock and break away a couple of times before they trade punches. Rhino hits a big tackle. Shera slams his face into the corner. Rhino fires back with chops and more tackles.

Singh trips Rhino off his feet from outside as Shera distracted the referee. Quick tags between Singh and Shera as they hits corner tackles and splashes. Shera puts on a chinlock. Rhino comes back with a clothesline. Shera knocks Heath off the apron. Rhino hits Singh with belly-to-belly suplex. Heath gets a hot tag to hit quick moves on Singh. Shera is knocked off the apron, but he returns to distract Heath. Singh rolls up Heath and uses the ropes in the pin attempt. Shera grabs his feet on the ropes to help him get the pinfall.

Winners – Champagne Singh & Shera

Singh celebrates the win but Rhino hits him with a spear to cut it short.

The Covan(Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King)(c) vs Death Dollz(Jessicka & Rosemary) – IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship(pre-show)

Jessicka and King start the match with punches. Jessicka hits a clotheslines on the ropes to send KiLynn out of the ring. KiLynn drops Jessicka’s face on the ropes. Jessicka hits her with a headbutt and tags in Rosemary to take over control. Wilde is knocked off the apron from her corner. Rosemary hits a corner splash on KiLynn. KiLynn hits a jawbreaker and a clothesline. Wilde tags in and hits a snapmare and a running kick. She pummels down on Rosemary before sending her into the middle turnbuckle.

Rosemary hits an elbow to knock off KiLynn and uses the ropes to choke on Wilde. KiLynn takes a shot at her from the floor to keep control in the match. KiLynn tags in and hits a big chop. KiLynn tosses her over before hitting a suplex. The Covan keeps control with quick tags. Rosemary fights back with punches but Wilde drops her with Codebreaker. She knocks her down with a roundhouse kick. Rosemary starts to hypes up and no-sells a couple of kicks. She hits an exploder before tagging Jessicka and King.

Jessicka hits a clotheslines before some jabs and an elbow. A body slam on KiLynn before dropping Wilde on top of her partner. Jessicka hits a low clothesline to get a two-count. Rosemary bites KiLynn and hits her with a spear to get a near fall. KiLynn escapes a DDT. She knocks off Jessicka off the apron. Rosemary hits another spear but Wilde has taken a blind tag already. Wilde comes in and hits Wilde-ride before a swinging neckbreaker to get the pinfall.

Winners – The Covan

The main show is live now.

Bullet Club(Ace Austin & Chris Bey)(c) vs Motor City Machine Guns(Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) – Ultimate X Match for IMPACT Tag Team Championship

Quick back and forth start from both sides. Sabin ends up hitting his own partner when Austin ducks a shot. Bey and Austin hit Sabin with tandem attack. Shelley plays possum and grabs the leg of Ace and Bey while Sabin tries to climb and remove the titles. Bullet Club stop him but Shelley and Sabin takes over control quickly. Ace kicks them away and try to climb to the ropes. Sabin holds Ace as Shelley hits him with a running kick. Bey is hit with a DDT. Ace goes to climb the truce but Sabin pulls his arm through the truce to hurt it.

Shelley hits Bey with a dragon screw leg. He puts on a figure four lock. Sabin goes to climb but Ace pulls him down. Ace kicks at Shelley to break his lock on Bey. Ace hits some kicks and chops on both opponents before Bey joins him with a shoulder tackle. Shelley drops them with a double clothesline. Ace and Bey are tied up but Ace fights out of it. He ducks a running boot from Sabin who ends up catching Shelley with it. Sabin hits a DDT on Ace.

Bey and Shelley fight in the ring. Bey hits a DDT on Shelley before Sabin pulls him out. Bey hits Sabin with moonsault dive on the floor. Shelley hits him with a Stormbreaker. Ace hits Shelley with a missile dropkick. Ace dodges an attack from Sabin on the apron before hitting a Sword to Glory on both opponents. MCMG recover quickly to block ABC from pulling down the titles. Ace gets near the titles on the ropes but Sabin is behind and brings Ace down for some double team action.

All four men climb the ropes and get close to the center of the “X”. They all crash down to the floor. Ace and Bey hits double superkicks on Sabin before stereo spinning kicks. Ace throws Bey up on the “X”. Sabin hits a superkick on Ace and tries to block Bey from unhooking the title. But, Bey is able to get the titles off to win the match.

Winners – Bullet Club

We get a promo from Steve Maclin where he says he was preparing for Josh Alexander but all his preparations are wasted after he relinquished the title. He assures that he will get the job done against Kushida tonight.

The Design(Deaner, Angles, Kon & Sami Callihan) vs Santino Marella, Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango

Joe Hendry takes the mic and introduces Marella as he returns to the ring after 9 years. Back and forth start before The Design corner Marella to take over the match. Marella counters Angels and tags in Hendry. Hendry hits powerslam and fall away slams on all three men. Angels drops Hendry with a powerslam himself. Hendry counters Deaner with a suplex after a while. Sami and Dango fight for a while after getting tags before Kon runs an interference for the Design to take control. Kon slams Dango to the mat. Design corner Dango to keep control. Marella gets the hot tag and drops all the opponents with quick moves.

The match breaks down as everyone starts to get involved. Hendry hits fall away slam on both Deaner and Angels at the same time. Dango hits a suicide dive on Kon, Angels and Hendy on the floor. Deaner drops Marella with a discuss clothesline in the ring. Deaner brings Sami Callihan into the ring and hands him the baseball bat to finish Marella. Callihan turns on The Design and hits Deaner with the baseball bat. Sami leaves to the back. Marella brings out his Cobra glove and hits Deaner with it. The referee runs in and counts for the pinfall.

Winners – Santino Marella, Joe Hendry & Dirty Dango

Eddie Edwards vs PCO – Last Rites Match

PCO hits a top con hilo on Edwards right after the bell. He beats up Edwards on the floor with punches, forearms and chops. He slams Edwards’ face into the barricade. Edwards hits a dive on PCO on the floor, sending him into the barricade. Edwards takes PCO into the ring. He hits some chops and jabs. PCO hits back with chops. Edwards sends him into the corner and hits a corner splash. PCO hits back with a clothesline in the corner before a DDT. He drops Edwards on his knees. He hits a leg drop next. Edwards moves to the floor.

PCO sets him on the apron and hits a senton. He takes Edwards near the casket and asks the referee to open it. Edwards drives his shoulder onto the ropes. He hits a tiger driver next. PCO takes his time to get up and Edwards hits him with a German suplex. He hits a superkick and another German suplex. PCO rolls to the floor and smashes his shoulder into the ring post to get his shoulder back in its place. PCO gets back into the ring and no-sells Edwards’ chops. They trade chops for a minute or so before starting to trade palm strikes.

Edwards drops PCO on the turnbuckles with a powerbomb. PCO gets up quickly and hits a clothesline and reverse DDT. He hits PCO-sault next. PCO drags Edwards near the casket but Edwards just fall to the floor. PCO hits him with a senton on the floor. Edwards tries to fight back with some punches but PCO drops him on the ramp with a chokeslam. He slams Edwards’ face on the casket a few times. Edwards kicks PCO off the ramp and onto the floor. Edwards brings PCO near the casket. PCO starts hitting him with chops.

Edwards hits PCO with a kendo stick before hitting a suplex on the ramp and a running knee. Edwards puts PCO inside the casket but PCO gets his arm and his leg in the way to block it from closing. Alisha runs out with a shovel and hits PCO with it. Edwards goes for a superkick on PCO but catches Alisha with it. PCO hits Edwards with the shovel and drops him into the casket and closes it down.

Winner – PCO

Trey Miguel(c) vs Jonathan Gresham vs Mike Bailey – Triple Threat Elimination Match for IMPACT X-Division Championship

A three-way tussle for waistlocks starts the match. They come to a stalemate before Gresham and Bailey work together to hit Miguel with armdrag. Miguel kicks out of the pin as both of them try to pin them. Gresham and Bailey fighting but move away from Miguel’s dropkick. Miguel is able to hit his shots at both men before hitting a Northern Light suplex on Bailey. Miguel hits some kicks before a standing moonsault on Gresham to get a two-count.

Bailey comes in and hits a big boot. Miguel ducks a missile dropkick from Bailey which lands on Gresham. Bailey hits a combination of kicks before a running shooting star press to get a two-count. Bailey hits Miguel with a neckbreaker and puts on figure four leg lock on Gresham. Gresham breaks it. Gresham and Bailey start to trade chops and hit Miguel with kicks when he tries to get invovled. They both hit Miguel with a body kick to drop Miguel. Gresham sends Bailey to the floor with a dropkick.

Quick moves from Gresham on Miguel before hitting a body slam to get a two-count. Gresham hits a clothesline on Bailey. Bailey hits him wiht a poisonrana. He then takes Miguel out of the ring with a poisonrana. Miguel hits an enzuigiri on Gresham and a cutter on Bailey on the floor. He hits a sprinboard cutter on Gresham in the ring to get a two-count. More back and forth action until Gresham locks figure four on Bailey. Miguel hits Meteora on Gresham to get the pinfall and eliminate him from the match.

Miguel then puts on figure four on Bailey himself. Bailey gets to the ropes to break the lock. Bailey gets up to his feet and trades big chops with Miguel. Miguel hits an enzuigiri before they trade some kicks. Bailey hits a standing Spanish fly to get a near fall. Bailey hits a couple of superkick before hitting a tornado kick. Miguel rolls through out of Ultimate Weapon. Bailey blocks a sunset flip on the floor and hits moonsault. Back to the ring, Bailey misses the Ultimate Weapon once again. Miguel counters a roll up and holds onto the tights to get the pinfall to win the match.

Winner – Trey Miguel

Team Dreamer(Tommy Dreamer, Frankie Kazarian, Yuya Uemera, Killer Kelly & Bhupinder Gujjar) vs Team Bully(Bully Ray, Moose, Kenny King, Masha Slamovich & Brian Myers) – Hardcore War Tag Team Match

Moose and Frankie Kazarian start the match. Moose takes Frankie to the corner for quick tackles. Frankie hits a hurricanrana to send Moose to the floor and hits a senton dive. He slams a bin on Moose’s head. A springboard leg drop from Frankie before Moose kicks him to midsection and slams him with the bin a few times. Frankie counters a whip to send Moose into the bin set up in the corner. Brian Myers enter the match but Frankie hits a back body drop on Moose to send him into Myers.

Frankie punches Myers before Myers trips him and Moose hits him with a running senton. Myers sets up two tables on the floor. Frankie blocks a double suplex. Bhupinder Gujjar enters the match and knocks of Moose from the apron. He hits quick moves on Myers. He hits a back body drop and rising knee strike. He rakes Myers’ face with a grater. Frankie hits a low blow on Moose before slamming a lid on his head.

Kenny King enters the match. Gujjar fights him until he hits snap dragon suplex. Frankie comes into the ring and Kenny is able to send him into the corner. Moose slams a bottle on Gujjar’s head. Killer Kelly enters the match with a staple gun. He staples on Kenny’s head. Myers comes in and tries to hit a powerbomb but she staples at his leg. Moose comes in and Kelly staples in his groin area. Masha Slamovich enters the match. She throws the staple gun away as her first act. Myers powerbombs Kelly on the crowd on the floor. Slamovich hits a senton with a chair on the crowd on the floor.

Yuya Uemura enters the match and unloads on Myers. Team Dreamer gets control the match and keep all the members of Team Bully out of the ring as they wait for Bully Ray to enter the match. Bully comes out with a table. Everyone from Team Dreamer are focused on Bully and this gives Team Bully a chance to run them over from behind. Bully hits Frankie with a chain. Kelly is held down by King and Moose and she tries to break free to no avail.

Tommy Dreamer comes out with a kendo stick and hits Myers, King and Moose with it on the ramp. Bully has Kelly in a choke as Dreamer gets in. Kelly bites Bully to break free. Dreamer hits Bully with a kendo stick. He twists his ankle. A chain on ankle twists and chokes is made as all 10 participants in the match get into the ring.

Slamovich and Kelly get out of the ring and bring in chair to hit each other. Kelly hits a Death Valley driver on Slamovich on the chair to get a near fall. Kelly goes to the top and Bully pushes her off on Frankie and Gujjar. Bully hits punches on Dreamer. Moose misses a spear on Dreamer and catches Bully with it. Everyone hits big moves one by one on their opposite team members. Slamovich ends the sequence with a modified DDT on Kelly. Dreamer faces Slamovich who spits on him. Dreamer hits a piledriver on Slamovich.

The Good Hands come in and start beating up Dreamer. Kazarian gets into the ring and drops him with a double DDT. The Good Hands put Gujjar through the table when he was going for a move from the top on a ladder in the ring. Kelly hits a back body drop on Hotch on the apron. Kazarian hits a cutter on Skyler to take him through the table. Bully hits a low blow on Dreamer. He sets up Dreamer on a table in the ring. He asks the referees to hold the ladder but the referees decline.

Bully gets his hands on the referee. The referees start to beat up Bully. Dreamer hits Bully with a piledriver for a near fall. Dreamer sets up Bully on the table and the referees hold the ladder as he hits splash to take Bully through the table to get the pinfall.

Winners – Team Dreamer

Nick Aldis makes his entrance to be on commentary for this match. He announces that he is back in IMPACT Wrestling.

Kushida vs Steve Maclin – IMPACT World Championship

Kushida starts with a dropkick. Maclin pushes him away as he goes for his leg. Kushida goes for the hoverboard lock but Maclin gets to the ropes quickly to get away. Maclin rolls to the floor. He disrespects the Canadian flag before he returns to the ring. Kushida picks his leg before getting a front face lock on. Maclin tries to roll him over but Kushida keeps the lock on. More counters from both sides until Kushida puts on a chinlock.

Maclin hits a belly-to-back suplex but Kushida keeps the lock on. Maclin breaks free finally and avoids a dropkick. Maclin hits a snapmare and Kushida gets his arm locked. They run the ropes and Kushida hits a flying shoulder tackle. Kushida goes for the hoverboard lock and Maclin drops his arm on the ropes to hurt his shoulder. Maclin hits a back elbow. Kushida hits an upkick but Maclin drops him to the mat. He hits a backbreaker next. He takes Kushida to the floor to keep the punishment going.

Maclin drops Kushida with a clothesline and a suplex and gets into the ring to break the countdown. He hits a knee leg drop on Kushida on the floor. Back to the ring, Maclin hits an Olympic Slam to get a two-count. Kushida hits back with an enzuigiri but Maclin smashes him with a forearm. Kushida blocks an Olympic slam and hits a springboard slam. Kushida hits a dropkick after avoiding an armdrag. He hits a kick at Maclin’s arm to damage it for hoverboard lock. Maclin blocks fisherman suplex before Kushida hits forearm shots and hits Fisherman buster to get a close two-count.

Maclin trips Kushida from the top ropes to put him in a tree of woe. He goes for a spear but Kushida gets up and Maclin crashes into the corner. Kushida hits a dropkick on the apron. Maclin goes to the ramp. Kushida hits him with a Pele kick. He follows up with a running knee. Back to the ring, Kushida hits an eblow from the top. Maclin hits a German suplex to counter a hoverboard lock. Kushida lands on his feet on a back body drop. Maclin is able to hit a buckle bomb before a sit-out powerbomb to get a near fall.

Kushida gets the hoverboard lock on. Maclin rolls to the floor to break free. Kushida drives him into the announce table. Back to the ring, Maclin gets Kushida in tree of woe to hit “Caught in the Crosshairs”. He follows up with KIA but Kushida kicks out of the pin. Maclin jumps from the top but Kushida gets into the hoverboard lock. Maclin nails him with big forearms shots to break free. Maclin gets him in a fireman’s carry.

Kushida gets the lock on again. Maclin hits Death Valley Driver but Kushida keeps the lock on. Maclin hits a Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckle. Maclin goes for KIA again but Kushida puts on the hoverboard lock. Maclin overpowers him and hits KIA to get the pinfall.

Winner – Steve Maclin

Steve Maclin refuses to take the title from the referee and asks Scott D’Amore to come out and hand him the title. D’Amore comes out and hands him the title. Maclin asks him to put it on his waist. D’Amore gets frustrated and shoves it to his hands. Maclin runs over D’Amore with the title. Nick Aldis gets up from the commentary to confront Maclin and check on D’Amore. Maclin leaves to the back.

Jordynne Grace vs Deonna Purrazo – IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Quick back and forth action to start the match. Purrazzo gets Grace in an arm wringer. Grace overpowers and throws her away to break free. She lock up again and go back and forth. Purrazzo hits a couple of armdrags before a big boot to get a two-count. She hits a moonsault to get a two-count. Grace counters in the corner and puts Purrazzo on the apron. She pushes Purrazzo to the floor. Grace hits a suicide dive and followed it up with a jackhammer to follow it quickly.

Back to the ring, Grace keeps control and slows down the match. She hits a body slam to get a two-count. Grace hits a suplex to get another two-count. Purrazzo counters after being put on the top and slams Grace’s elbow to the mat. Purrazzo throws Grace on the ramp and was looking for Queen’s Gambit but Purrazzo blocks it. Grace blocks a fallaway slam and sends Grace down the ramp. She hits a moonsault on the floor.

Back to the ring, Grace blocks the Queen’s Gambit but Purrazzo hits a flatliner and turns it into a submission. Grace breaks free using her power. Grace counters with a whip and drops her on her back to get a close two-count. Purrazzo picks her leg. Grace hits upkicks but Purrazzo kicks at her knee. Grace sends Purrazzo into turnbuckle with a kick. Grace puts on a sleeper hold. Purrazzo breaks free and hits a headbutt. Both women are down.

They trade punches when they get up. Purrazzo gets the upperhand but Grace fires back with quick shots of his own. She no-sells a knee strike but Purrazzo is able to bring her down in fujiwara armbar. Grace goes towards the ropes but Purrazzo rolls her back to the middle. Purrazzo puts on the Venus de Milo. Grace gets her legs to the ropes. Grace hits a spinebuster to get a close two-count. Grace hits clubbing blows before Purrazzo ducks a shot but Grace tackles her. Grace takes Purrazzo to the top but Purrazzo counters with a sunset bomb and Queen’s Gambit to get the pinfall.

Winner – Deonna Purrazzo

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