“I’m Home”: CM Punk in First Promo on RAW After WWE Return

CM Punk WWE RAW November 27

CM Punk appeared with a live mic on WWE Monday Night RAW episode of November 27, 2023, in Nashville, TN, for the first time after his return to the promotion in 10 years.

As Cult of Personality died down on the speakers, the crowd took over with “CM Punk” and “Best in the World” chants. Punk started the promo by saying “Looks like hell froze over.” After he made a light-hearted joke about a Blackhawks fan being cheered in Nashville, he said he has been thinking about how to describe his feeling after coming back to WWE.

Punk proclaimed that he has changed, and while it might sound corny but it’s true that he is home and this is where he belongs. Punk brought up how WWE fans never stopped chanting his name in 10 years, and that’s why he is back as he loves and misses all the fans. Referencing Paul Heyman, he said wiseman once told him that he got to leave WWE to get everything he wants from this place, and he has come back to get all of that.

Punk also gave the fans regards from his wife AJ Lee. Punk then talked about the backstage reaction to his return and how most of it is good, but there are some who are afraid of him and afraid of what they don’t understand. Punk said that they are afraid of the bar that is set to an unreachable level.

Punk complemented the locker room saying that they are competing to be the Best in the World, but the Best in the World has not been here for 10 years, but he is back now. Punk ended his promo saying that he is back not to make friends, but to make money.

CM Punk made a surprise appearance at Survivor Series on Saturday after all the speculation of his return to WWE. It was reported that his appearance was finalized on that day itself with his signing a formal contract the same day. As per reports, there are currently no creative plans for him at this point, but will be finalized in the coming days.

Punk was first released from WWE in 2014 after disagreements. He made a return to pro wrestling with AEW in 2021. He went on to become AEW World Champion at Double or Nothing 2022, and once again at All Out 2022, but was then suspended due to a backstage incident with The Elite.

He returned to AEW this year in June, but once again got embroiled in a backstage brawl at All In 2023, leading to his AEW contract being terminated.

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