Triple H-Batista WrestleMania 35 Complete Storyline

Batista vs Triple H No Holds Barred
Batista vs Triple H No Holds Barred Match. If Triple H losses, he will retire.

This is the complete storyline for the Batista vs Triple H Match at WrestleMania 35.

#1 SmackDown 1000th Episode- 16 October 2018: During the ‘Evolution’ reunion segment, Batista reminded Triple H that has never beaten him. The tension was diffused momentarily though as the group hugged it out.

#2 RAW- 25 February 2019: Batista attacked Ric Flair backstage during his 70th Birthday Celebration to get Hunter’s attention.

#3 RAW- 4 March 2019: Batista was supposed to come to RAW but instead sent a message through Instagram that he will attend RAW next week. Triple H cut a promo asking him to be a man and ask him what he wanted directly.

#4 RAW- 11 March 2019: Batista appeared at RAW with a security cover and asked Hunter to book their match for WrestleMania. Also created a meme moment with his ‘Give me what I want’ rant. Hunter agreed to the match but added No Holds Barred Stipulation.

#5 RAW- 18 March 2019: Batista joined RAW through Satellite call and accused Hunter of using ‘Evolution’ for his own benefit and being jealous of his success.

#6 RAW- 25 March 2019: Hunter cut a promo where he reminded Batista of his pre ‘Evolution’ days and how he quit WWE twice in frustration. He also agreed to put his career on the line which Batista asked to do.

#7 RAW- 1 April 2019: Batista appeared at RAW to hype their match and showed a montage video of him beating Hunter in all their matches. He just said one line, “Hunter, Kiss my Ass” and dropped the mic before leaving.

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