Finn Balor Defeats Tommaso Ciampa, Pele Kicks Adam Cole

Finn Balor Defeats Tommaso Ciampa
Finn Balor Defeats Tommaso Ciampa

Finn Balor was able to defeat Tommaso Ciampa at NXT episode of 27 November 2019 but made it clear that his allegiance is with no one by attacking Adam Cole also.

NXT kicked off their Nov. 27 episode with a party to celebrate their victory in at Survivor Series. But the celebrations were cut-off by The Undisputed ERA, who claimed that all that NXT Glory came due to their work. The war of words which followed led to Tommaso Ciampa announcing his intention to go after Adam Cole’s NXT Championship, aka “Goldie”.

But Finn Bálor stepped between the two men, telling Ciampa if he was going to get to Cole, he would have to go through him first. This continued the suspense whether anything is cooking between the Undisputed ERA and Bálor, ever since Balor turned heel by attacking Johnny Gargano. Balor also teased the fans when he helped out the OC during their NXT invasion, implying that he might be working with the OC.

However, we got out clarification by the end of the night. Balor and Ciampa faced-off in the main event of the night and worked out a great match as expected. After both men put each other to limit, Balor was able to get the pin after some interference from Cole. Cole hit Ciampa with a running dropkick and Balor finished him off with the 1916 DDT.

After the match, Cole got into the ring and stood near the fallen Tommaso Ciampa with his Undisputed ERA sign. Finn Balor, who was standing behind him, came in front to shoot Ciampa with the Bullet Club sign. But the next moment, he hit Cole with the Pele Kick and made it clear that he is not aligned with anyone at all.

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