Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar WWE SummerSlam 2023 Live Blog

Cody Rhodes SummerSlam

Cody Rhodes defeated Brock Lesnar after a long battle in their trilogy match at WWE Summerslam 2023 to win the trilogy by 2-1. Check out the live blog below.


The rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes started when Lesnar attacked Cody without any reason on the night after WrestleMania 39. As a result, they had a match at Backlash 2023 where Cody managed to escape with a win while being in a Kimura lock. Brock wasn’t happy with the finish and he injured Cody’s arm in the upcoming weeks.

Cody still insisted on facing Brock at Night of Champions 2023, where the Beast manhandled the American Nightmare and evened the score to 1-1. Cody kept calling Brock for the one final match, and the Beast eventually returned on the July 3 episode of Raw. Cody caught Brock by surprise and hit Cody Cutter. Cody also challenged Lesnar for a match at the biggest party of the summer, which the latter accepted after putting Cody in the Kimura Lock on July 17’s Raw.

Live Blog

Brock Lesnar is the first one to walk out whereas Cody Rhodes makes his entrance second. 

Cody tries to jump on Brock but the latter hits a German Suplex. Cody rebounds with a disaster kicks, but Brock blocks the third one and takes him into the corner. Cody sends him to the floor.

Cody goes after Brock with a suicide dive. After a while, Brock catches him and sends him to the ring post. They get back inside, where Brock starts toying with Cody. 

Lesnar connects belly-to-belly suplex. Cody tries to fight back, but Lesnar continues his dominance. Brock hits him with another suplex and covers to get a two-count.

Brock now continues with the German Suplexes. He hits another one and Cody rolls out of the ring. He gets back, Brock sends him out again. After six count, Cody stands on the apron and Brock pushes him out of the ring one more time.

Lesnar hits a suplex and then drags and kicks him outside the ring yet again. Cody comes back, and this time Brock Lesnar clotheslined him out of the ring. 

Cody is trying to get inside again, but Brock comes running out and delivers an F5 on the floor. The referee starts counting again, and Cody manages to get back inside at 9. Lesnar is frustrated as Cody fires back at him with punches.

Brock hits a German suplex, and then takes him outside to hit him with another F5 on the announce table. But Cody still beats the count and comes back inside the ring again. 

Cody tries to fight back but Lesnar hits a belly-to-belly followed by a German suplex. They get back outside, where Cody picks up the steel steps. Brock avoids it, but Cody sends him to the ring post multiple times and then hits him with the steel steps. 

Brock retreats inside the ring, where Cody hits the disaster kick followed by a Cody cutter and a top rope Cody cutter to get a near fall. Cody tries to hit crossrhodes, but Lesnar counters with a Kimura Lock. Lesnar uses his power to get out of the submission. Cody hits Brock Lesnar with the Crossrhodes three times and gets the pinfall. 

After the match, Brock stares Cody and takes out his gloves. He goes to Cody, and then shakes hands with him before raising his hand in front of the crowd. They hug and Brock leaves as Cody celebrates his victory. 

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