Money in the Bank 2022: Bianca Belair Retained Raw Women’s Title

Bianca Belair Money in the Bank
Credits: WWE Twitter

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defeated Carmella to retain her title at the Money in the Bank 2022 PPV event. 

The match started with a back-and-forth action before Bianca slammed Carmella’s face into the apron. Soon, Carmella managed to rebound by pulling Bianca’s face into the ropes. 

Carmella started working on both arms of Bianca. The latter breaks the hold with a roll-up. Bianca was trying to hit the bodyslam but Carmella used her braids to counter. 

Bianca displayed her power by hitting the delayed vertical suplex to Carmella. In the ending moments of the match, Carmella hits a kick and ends up having a near-fall. 

Bianca got up and hit him with the big punch followed by the KOD to get the pinfall. After the match, Carmella attacked Bianca Belair to get the last laugh. 

Bianca Belair was originally supposed to face Rhea Ripley at the event but the latter got injured. Hence, a fatal-five-way match took place at Raw to decide the new challenger which was won by Carmella. 

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