AEW WrestleDream 2023 Live Results, Updates- Christian vs Darby

AEW WrestleDream 2023
Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live coverage for AEW WrestleDream 2023 PPV event from Seattle, WA. The show had a 2-out-of-3 falls match between Christian Cage and Darby Allin as the main event for AEW TNT Championship.

A total of 12 matches were announced for the show. Bryan Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr. clashed in order to prove who was the best technical wrestler in the world. Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and Kota Ibushi teamed up to take on Will Ospreay, Sammy Guevara and Konosuke Takeshita. FTR defended AEW Tag Team titles against Aussie Open.

Ricky Stark faced Wheeler Yuta in another singles match. Hangman Adam Page took on Swerve Strickland. Eddie Kingston was scheduled to defend ROH World title & NJPW Strong Openweight titles against Katsuyoti Shibata. Kris Statlander faced unbeaten Julia Hart to defend TBS Women’s Championship.

On pre-show, Luchasaurus took on Nick Wayne. Josh Barnett debuted in-ring in AEW as he took on Claudio Castagnoli. Tune in below as we post results live from AEW WrestleDream 2023 with updates, highlights and complete coverage.


  • Satoshi Kojima, Keith Lee, Athena & Billie Starkz defeated Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty, Diamante & Mercedes Martinez in a mixed tag team match via pinfall(on Pre-show).
  • Claudio Castagnoli defeated Josh Barnett in a singles match via pinfall(on Pre-show).
  • Luchasaurus defeated Nick Wayne in a singles match via pinfall(on Pre-show).
  • The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn(c) defeated TMDK(Shane Haste, Mickey Nicholls & Bad Dude Tito in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Trios Championship(on Pre-show).
  • MJF(c) defeated The Righteous(Vincent & Dutch) in a Handicap match via pinfall to retain ROH Tag Team Championship
  • Eddie Kingston(c) defeated Katsuyari Shibata in a singles match via pinfall to retain NJPW Strong Openweight Championship and ROH World Championship.
  • Kris Statlander(c) defeated Julia Hart in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TBS Women’s Championship.
  • The Young Bucks(Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated Hook & Orange Cassidy, Lucha Bros(Penta El Zero Meido & Rey Fenix) & The Gunns(Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) in a tag team match via pinfall to become #1 Contender match for AEW Tag Team Championship.
  • Swerve Strickland defeated “Hangman” Adam Page in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Ricky Starks defeated Wheeler Yuta in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Bryan Danielson defeated Zack Sabre Jr. in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Konosuke Takeshita, Will Ospreay & Sammy Guevara defeated Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)(c) defeated Aussie Open(Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Tag Team Championship.
  • Christian Cage(c) defeated Darby Allin in 2 out of 3 falls match to retain AEW TNT Championship.


Tony Khan is in the ring with Rocky Romero, Katsuyari Shibata and a couple of members of Inoki Family to pay tribute to Antonio Inoki. This whole event is a tribute for him as it takes place on his death anniversary.

Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty, Diamante & Mercedes Martinez vs Satoshi Kojima, Keith Lee, Athena & Billie Starkz

Billie starts against Mercedes who hits kicks to midsection. Double team from Diamante and Mercedes in the corner. Athena takes a blind tag and tackles Diamante. Mercedes clotheslines her. Mercedes is thrown out. Athena drops Diamante to the floor before they hit suicide dives. Shane Taylor tags in. Lee comes in from the other side. They no-sell tackles before Taylor hits a slap. Lee hits a hurricanrana. Moriarty comes in and Lee drops him.

Taylor hits some punches on Lee. Moriarty tags in and hits kicks in the corner. Lee throws him away before tagging Kojima. Kojima hits machine gun chops in the corner. Moriarty fires a forearm in the corner. Kojima counters a suplex with a DDT. Diamante breaks the pin before Billie tackles her. Women from both team fight to the floor. Lee hits a spinebuster on Shane. Athena hits a missile dropkick on Moriarty. Lee drops him with a Death Valley Driver. Kojima hits a lariat to get the pinfall.

Winner – Satoshi Kojima, Keith Lee, Athena & Billie Starkz

Claudio Castagnoli vs Josh Barnett

Barnett starts with a juji-gatame, but Claudio gets to his leg to the ropes. Barnett counters with spinebuster. They continue to wrestle on the mat for the next minute. Claudio hits hammer and anvil elbows. Barnett hits a dragon screw leg. Claudio attempts the swing but Barnett gets to the ropes quickly. Barnett hits MMA style calf kicks. Claudio is staggered but hits European uppercuts. Barnett puts on an octopus body lock. Claudio breaks it after a while and they start to trade shots. Barnett hits a spinning back heel kick to get a two-count. He follows up with belly-to-belly suplex. Claudio gets him into a swing before puts on an ankle lock. Barnett gets to the ropes. Barnett hits a hammerlock suplex. Claudio hits straight right jabs before hitting a lariat. His Neutralizer is blocked but Claudio gets him in a submission which is then turned into a pin attempt to get the three count.

Winner – Claudio Castagnoli

After the match, Barnett puts up Claudio as one of the best.

Luchasaurus vs Nick Wayne

Luchasaurus no-sells a dropkick. He throws Wayne with a German suplex. Luchasaurus hits overhead chops before hitting a powerslam. Luchasaurus continues to manhandle Wayne. Wayne slips out and hits a thrust kick. Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam on the apron. Wayne crawls towards his mother in the front row. Luchasaurus throws him into the barricade right there before choking him. Luchasaurus throws him back into the ring. Luchasaurus misses in the corner before Wayne hits a moonsault to get a near fall. He hits a couple of superkicks but Wayne’s World is blocked. Luchasaurus hits a lariat to get the pinfall.

Winner – Luchasaurus

The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn(c) vs TMDK(Shane Haste, Mickey Nicholls & Bad Dude Tito – AEW Trios Championship

Tito hits a tackle to start. Haste comes in but Caster hits him with a back body drop. Gunn tags in and decks Haste before a shoulder tackle. Gunn hits a body slam. The Acclaimed cut off the attack from the others. Bowens hits a “scissor me timbers”. They do 3-way scissoring in the ring. Nicholls trips Bowens from outside. Tito tags in to hit a senton. He follows up with a Northern lights suplexes. Bowens is kept under control for a while. Bowens fights back with elbows, but Caster and Gunn are cleared off the apron before he can tag them.

Tito hits a spinebuster to get a two-count. Bowens starts to fight back and ducks Haste and Nicholls to tag in Gunn. Gunn comes in hot and manages drop all the opponents. Tito hits a German suplex on Gunn for a two-count. Tito throws Nicholls into the corner. Gunn drops the other two on the floor. Gunn hits Tito with fameasser, Bowens hits Scissor Me Timbers and Caster hits Mic Drop to get the pinfall.

Winner – The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

The main show goes on air with some pyro.

MJF takes the mic before the match and says he is pissed off about the rumors that he attacked Jay White. He is also upset that Cole is here tonight, but he will make sure that ROH tag titles will be with him when he comes back. MJF says he will hit Dutch with a body slam and will feed Vincent his own hair.

MJF(c) vs The Righteous(Vincent & Dutch) – Handicap match for ROH Tag Team Championship

Dutch starts against MJF. MJF attempts the body slam but fails. He moves out of the ring and gets a massage from the front row. He returns to the ring and asks for a handshake. He rakes Dutch’s eyes. MJF follows up with quick attack but The Righteous counter when attempts to throw Vincent into Dutch. The Righteous take over control. Dutch puts on a neck crank. MJF hits elbows to midsection but Dutch hits him with a sledgehammer. MJF fights out of the corner before realizing that there is no one to tag.

Dutch counters a body slam with a crossbody. Dutch hits a powerbomb and Vincent hits a senton but MJF kicks out. Dutch hits a Bossman slam for a near fall. Vincent hits Acid drop but MJF kicks out again. The Righteous introduces chairs as the referee is distracted by Dutch. MJF catches Vincent’s balls to stop the chair shot. The referee throws the chair out. Vincent hits a dropkick before he misses a splash from the top. Dutch tags in. MJF hits clotheslines on Vincent and elbows on Dutch.

Dutch misses in the corner before MJF slams his face onto the turnbuckle several times. Countdown punches on Vincent in the other corner. Dutch is sent into Vincent. MJF finally hits the body slam on Dutch. He then shoves Vincent’s face into Dutch’s backside. MJF signals for the kangaroo kick before hitting it. MJF hits heatseeker and uses the ropes as a leverage to get the pinfall.

Winner – MJF

Eddie Kingston(c) vs Katsuyari Shibata – NJPW Strong Openweight Championship and ROH World Championship

Shibata tries to hit trip Eddie but fails. They lock up and Eddie hits a chop. Shibata invites chops and Eddie hits him with several. Shibata hits a kick to midsection, a snapmare, kick to the back, chops and big sidekick. Shibata goes for a submission on arm. Eddie gets his leg on the rope. Shibata counters a German suplex and puts on an ankle lock. Eddie gets to the ropes. Shibata puts on a figure four. Eddie has to get to the ropes again. Shibata puts on another submission on the leg before putting on bow and arrow breifly.

Eddie hits a back drop to break that sequence. Eddie hits a corner clothesline before some machine gun chops. Shibata hits a running boot. He follows up with a dropkick against the turnbuckle. Shibata hits kawada kicks. Eddie hits chops. They trade clothesline and boots. Eddie hits a German suplex but Shibata trips him with a leg sweep. Shibata hits kicks to the face. He puts on Cobra Twist submission for a minute or so. Eddie gets his hands to the ropes. They trade spinning hammer fists before Shibata hits a kick to the face. Both men are down.

More chops from both sides. Eddie drops Shibata with a big chop. He hits a Northern Lights bomb for a two-count. Eddie hits a hammerfist and a powerbomb to get the pinfall.

Winner – Eddie Kingston

They have a moment of respect in the ring after the match.

Kris Statlander(c) vs Julia Hart – AEW TBS Women’s Championship

Kris starts with manhandling Julia with big shots. Julia has to move out of the ring. Julia hits a kick when Kris brings her back. Kris runs her over with a clothesline. Julia comes back with a hurricanrana to counters a powerbomb. Kris comes back with a suplex. Hart moves to the floor and drags Kris out by dragging her hair. Kris picks her up and takes her to the apron. Brodie gets near them and the distraction allows Julia to sweep her leg. Julia throws Kris into the barricade. She slams Kris’ head into the mat repeatedly before knee strikes to ribs. She hits a senton to get a two-count. Julia puts on an abdominal stretch and hammers her elbows to the ribs.

Kris starts to return fire with shots. Kris hits an uppercut in the corner before a knee. She hits a blue thunderbomb to get a two-count. Julia slips to the floor after ducking a clothesline. Brodie talks to Kris to distract her. Kris nails Julia with a big shot before a couple of blue thunderboms. She gets to the top and Julia nails her with punches. Julia meets her on the top rope and hits a superplex. She hits a moonsault but Kris gets her legs to the ropes. Julia puts on her submission finisher. Kris overpowers her and picks her up and hits Sunday Night Fever to get the pinfall.

Winner – Kris Statlander

Hook & Orange Cassidy vs The Young Bucks(Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs Lucha Bros(Penta El Zero Meido & Rey Fenix) vs The Gunns(Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) – #1 Contender match for AEW Tag Team Championship

Fenix starts against Nick. Quick reversals before an overhead chop from Fenix. They hit clothesline and kicks on each other before they get up. Cassidy tags in and removes the tapins on his fist. They trade shots. Fenix avoids Orange punch. The Gunns beat up Lucha Bros after pulling Fenix out to the floor. Both of them are sent into the barricade. The Gunns clear the ring by beating up the other two rings also. The Bucks duck them in the corner and nail them with superkicks. The Bucks run riot now to beat up Cassidy and Penta. The Bucks hit stereo enzuigiris on Colten before throwing him out.

Hook asks Cassidy to tag him. Hook lands big shots to midsection of Matt. They trade punches before Matt hits a Northern lights. Hook also hits a Northern lights. More Northern lights are traded. Hook hits a German suplex on Matt. Austin tags in. Hook and Cassidy hits stereo suplex. Cassidy hits a suicide dive on one of the Young Bucks. Penta comes in to work against The Gunns but they blindside him with an attack. The Gunns beat up Hook in their corner. Austin hits some jabs on Hook. The Gunns keep control over Hook for a while. Austin sweep Cassidy and The Bucks off the apron when Hook tries to tag them

Penta gets the tag and hits slingblade, dropkick and back drop before hitting some more shots. Austin hits a neckbreaker. Matt, Cassidy, Nick and Colten get involved in a series of moves. Penta hits them with a suicide dive. Hook goes for the redrum and puts it on after Cassidy nails Austin with Orange punch. Nick tags in from Austin and hits a 450 splash. Penta hits an enzuigiri on Cassidy. Nick tags off Penta and they hit assisted Piledriver. Superkicks from the Young Bucks before finishing off Penta with BTE Trigger.

Winner – The Young Bucks

Swerve Strickland vs Hangman Adam Page

They lock up and come to a stalemate. Swerve hits a shoulder tackle. Page hits a big boot. Page hits a chop in the corner. Swerve hits back a series of chops of his own. Page boots him in the corner. Swerve hits a tijeras before a dropkick to get a two-count. Swerve hits some body shots before a shot at the back. Swerve hits a neckbreaker. Hangman lands on his feet on a German suplex. Quick counters before Hangman hits a fallaway slam. The crowd is booing Page. He hits a springboard lariat to knock Swerve off to the floor. Page hits a powerbomb on the apron and barricade.

Page keeps control for a while and starts playing with the crowd. Fans rally behind Swerve as he starts to make a comeback. A bit of back and forth before Swerve hits an enzuigiri, a kick and a backbreaker to get a two-count. Page hits back with shots but Swerve hits the double stomp from the top rope. He follows up with the House Call kick but Page kicks out. Swerve goes for a stomp on the apron but Page avoids it. Swerve drives him into the ring post. Swerve goes for a piledriver on the steel steps but Page counters by hitting Dead Eye on the steps. Both men are down on the floor.

Page sets up for Buckshot but Swerve engages him on the ropes with slaps. Page pushes him away and goes for Buckshot but Swerve trips him. Swerve stretches his arms and hits a stomp on it. Doctor is out to check on Page but Swerve hits him with the double stomp off the top on the apron. Swerve hits a 450 splash on the injured arm but Hangman kicks out. Swerve puts the cross armbreaker submission. Page realizes that he is near the ropes to get his boot on it. Page blocks JML Driver and hits a lariat from his left arm. Page goes for the Dead Eye but Swerve gets him into juji-gatame. Page nails him with shots to the face to break free.

Page dodges a charge and hits Buckshot Lariat from the injured arm. He can’t get to cover Swerve immediately. He ultimately covers Swerve but Prince Nana puts Swerve’s leg on the ropes. The referee boots Nana from the ringside. The distraction allows Swerve to get hold of Nana’s brassknuckles. Swerve uses them to counter Buckshot lariat. Swerve hits a couple of House Call kicks back to back. Swerve hits JML Driver to get the pinfall.

Winner – Swerve Strickland

Ricky Starks vs Wheeler Yuta

Jon Moxley is on the commentary again. They start with some chain wrestling. This quickly turns into some back and forth action of chops, punches and elbow shots. Ricky drops Yuta’s ribs on the ropes. Ricky continues the assault with chops and open-hand shots. Ricky goes to work in the corner. Yuta counters when Ricky goes for the Old School ropewalk. Another period of back-and-forth action starts. Ricky hits a belly-to-belly suplex to counter a charge.

Yuta hits a Mahatten drop and an enzuigiri. He hits an elbow from the top rope to get a two-count. Yuta works on the arm with a double wristlock. Big Bill comes out to ringside as Starks attempts to get to the ropes. Starks gets a roll-up for a two-count. Ricky hits a tornado DDT to get a two-count. Yuta avoids Roshambo and hits an armdrag. Ricky hits a powerbomb for a near fall. Starks goes to hit him with BCC signature hammer and anvil elbows.

Yuta does not like the disrespect and hits back with shots. Ricky drops him with a lariat. Yuta pushes him off the ropes to send him into Big Bill on the floor. Yuta goes for a dive on Bill, but gets caught. Yuta counters to send Bill into the ringpost. Yuta hits the hammer and anvil elbows. Ricky goes for his signature pin attempt for a two-count. Ricky hits a spear and Roshambo to get the pinfall. Ricky stares down at Moxley on the commentary.

Winner – Ricky Starks

Bryan Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Bryan tries to catch Sabre’s leg but is unable to catch them. They get into a quick grappling exchange before coming to a stalemate. They lock up and Sabre works on the wrist. Bryan hits a back body drop. They counter each other with Cobra Twists. Bryan gets him in an Indian Death lock. Sabre counters with juji-gatame. Bryan counters with Indian Death lock again. Bryan attempts a bridge but Sabre gets in the full guard position. Quick counters on the mat lead to a stalemate.

Sabre goes for the Romero Special. Bryan turns it around and goes for the Romero Special himself. Sabre escapes and works on the arm. He goes for a bow and arrow but Bryan counters quickly to get a one-count. Sabre hits an uppercut which is the first strike in this match. Bryan returns fire with left uppercut. They trade several uppercuts. Sabre asks Bryan to use his right arm. When Bryan does, Sabre blocks it with a shoulder. Sabre stomps on the arm. He is in complete control now. Sabre stomps on the arm some more.

Sabre goes for joint manipulation on the fingers. He hits some kicks to the chest. Bryan counters from the corner and trips him to get to work on the legs with a double stomp. Bryan hits an armdrag and then hits a vicious dragon screw leg. Sabre counters the second dragon screw with a neck crack. Bryan sets him up in a tree of woe and hits kicks at his chest. Bryan hits hammer and anvil elbows on the top rope. Sabre hits an armbreaker on the left arm. He goes to snap the right arm. Bryan hits the butterfly suplex from the top rope.

Bryan goes for the Labell lock. Sabre tries to counter but Bryan goes for the Rings of Saturn. His injured right arm renders him unable to lock it properly. Bryan hits Yes kicks before hitting a big roundhouse kick. Bryan hits his signature stomps. Sabre ducks Busauka knee to start a series of counters. He gets a two-count with an European Clutch. Bryan hits a big shot to set up a dropkick in the corner. Sabre then trips him with a low dropkick. Bryan goes for Cattle Mutilation but Sabre gets out of it quickly. Sabre goes for the Rings of Saturn but Bryan slips to work his leg.

They are sitting on the mat with legs locked up. They trade shots to disrespect each other. Sabre hits uppercuts on the injured right arm. Bryan hits calf kicks. Sabre hits more uppercuts on the arm. He hits back elbows when Bryan tries to take cover behind him. A backslide gets Sabre a two-count and he quickly follows up with a penalty kick to the arm. Sabre puts on the Rings of Saturn. Bryan refuses to tap out and manages to get his leg to the ropes.

Bryan knocks Sabre with a big kick. Sabre counters his signature stomps and puts on juji-gatame. He turns it into an armbar before turning back to juji-gatame. Bryan gets up and hits Regal-plex. Bryan hits Busauka knee but Sabre kicks out of the pinfall. Bryan hits another Busauka knee to get the pinfall.

Winner – Bryan Danielson

Konosuke Takeshita, Will Ospreay & Sammy Guevara vs Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho

Ospreay starts against Kenny. Quick counters from both sides and the sequence ends with Kenny ducking a kick. Sammy tags in. He poses in the corner after dodging an attack. They run the ropes and Sammy ends up hitting a dropkick. Kenny hits some punches before Jericho tags in. Sammy tags out to Ospreay. Jericho hits Ospreay with chops. Jericho and Kenny hits a double suplex on Ospreay. Takeshita hits a knee to Kenny’s back from outside. Kenny knocks him off. Jericho takes a cheap shot on Ospreay. This starts a hockey fight. Kenny, Jericho and Ibushi clear the ring and hits a crossbody on the floor in tandem.

Ospreay hits a corkscrew kick on Kenny as things settle down. Takeshita tags in. Kenny hits him with big chops. Takeshita rakes his eyes before hitting Takeshita-line. He puts on a camel clutch like move. Ibushi comes in and breaks it. Ibushi and Takeshita face-off. Kenny hits a rolling senton on Ospreay before Ospreay gets his knees up on a moonsault. Ospreay hits chops. He puts on abdominal stretch and gets a leverage from Sammy and Takeshita. The referee has to break it himself. Kenny goes to tag but Ospreay hits him with a German suplex.

Sammy pulls Ibushi off the apron to stop the tag next. Takeshita hits a blue thunderbomb. Sammy hits a Swanton Bomb to get a two-count. Kenny hits a big boot on Sammy before hitting a knee to Ospreay. Jericho gets the hot tag and hits tackles and clotheslines on all 3 opponents. He hits a bulldog on Sammy the legal man before putting on the abdominal stretch. The referee breaks it again. Ibushi tags in to drop Sammy and poses with Jericho. He stops the intervention from Ospreay before hitting a standing shooting star press. Kenny comes in for some tandem attack. Kenny and Ibushi hit moonsault on the outside before Jericho hits Lionsault on Sammy in the ring to get a near fall.

Takeshita hits German suplexes on all 3 opponents. Jericho knocks him off to the floor. Kenny sends Ospreay to the floor with a hurricanrana. Omega hits a suicide dive. Sammy hits a Spanish Fly on Jericho. He hits a dive on Kenny outside. The heels take control in the ring by working big moves in tandem. Sammy hits Codebreaker on Jericho, which enrages Jericho and he starts to fight alone. They take him down though. Ibushi start fighting them alone. He drops Ospreay with a big punch. He does the same to Sammy. Takeshita drops him with a lariat. Ibushi comes back with one of his own. Kenny and Takeshita hits Ospreay with kicks. Sammy saves Ospreay from further attack. The match breaks down again.

Sammy rolls up Jericho for a two-count as they are the only ones left in the ring. Ospreay saves Sammy from Judas Effect and gets knocked out himself. Sammy takes Jericho to the top ropes. Jericho hits an avalanche hurricanrana but the referee is engaged by Ospreay. Sammy hits a superkick on Jericho. Jericho goes for Liontamer but Don Callis hits him with baseball bat. Ospreay stops Omega and Ibushi from getting into the ring and Sammy gets the pinfall on Jericho.

Winners – Konosuke Takeshita, Will Ospreay & Sammy Guevara

FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)(c) vs Aussie Open(Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) – AEW Tag Team Championship

Dax and Fletcher start the match with some back and forth action. Cash tags in but Fletcher refuses to tag out. He takes a cheap shot at Dax insted. He gets out of the ring to avoid Cash but Dax sends him back in. Cash hits a manhattan drop and a back body drop. Dax hits a low dropkick after the tag. Davis tagasin and stats to trade chops with Dax. Davis trops Dax and hits him with a senton. Aussie Open hits chops in the corner on Dax.

Dax turns it around as Fletcher tags in again with chops, a suplex and a leg drop. FTR hit chops now. Davis comes in but Aussie Open get cornered for punches. They pick up FTR and slam them into each other. They repeat it on the floor. Aussie Open in control in the ring. Cash hits chops but Davis trips him and hits a senton. Cash tries to fight back from the corner. He knocks off Davis from the apron and several shots on Fletcher. He has to send Fletcher down to the floor. Davis throws Fletcher back into the ring and tags in to stop the tag.

Davis hits an assisted powerbomb. Cash hits him with an enzuigiri. Fletcher knocks Dax off the apron to stop the tag. Cash hits a back drop superplex on Fletcher. Fletcher hits a knee in the corner and a brainbuster to get a two-count. Davis comes in and gets hit with an uppercut. Fletcher tags in to block the tag. Cash hits back body drop and tags in Dax finally.

Dax hits quick shots on both opponent. He drops Fletcher with a clothesline. Davis is decked with a big punch. Chops on Fletcher in the corner before a lariat drops him. Multiple clotheslines on Davis to finally drop him also. Dax hits German suplexes on Fletcher. He misses a diving headbutt. Davis comes in and they hit Aussie Era but Dax kicks out. Quick counters before Dax hits a slingshot powerbomb on Fletcher. FTR look for superplex and splash but Davis saves Fletcher with a timely intervention. FTR end up hitting that combo on Davis. Fletcher hits a splash himself to break the pin.

A hockey fight breaks out in the ring. Aussie Open hit the Shatter Machine and Coriollis on Cash, but Dax breaks up the pin. FTR then take control and knock Davis out to the floor. They hit a super Shatter Machine to get the pinfall.

Winners – FTR

Christian Cage(c) vs Darby Allin – 2 out of 3 falls match for AEW TNT Championship

Christian pushes Darby to the corner after the lock up. The referee calls for a break. Darby manages to counter in the corner on the second lock up. They break again. Darby hits an armdrag when Christian charges at him. Darby works on the arm. Christian reverses the wrist lock. Darby counters it again. Darby puts on a side headlock. Christian breaks it and drops Darby on the ropes. Christian hits some chops now. Darby counters Kill Switch and uses his turtleneck against him to get a pinfall.

Christian increases the intensity of his attack as the match resumes with punches, chops and other shots. Darby tries to fight back with shots to midsection but Christian hits a big shot on his back and rakes his face. Darby sends Christian over the ropes but Christian then drops his back on the ropes. Christian misses a diving headbutt. Darby quickly hits a Code Red but Christian kicks out. Darby gets more pin attempts in quick succession and Christian has to throw him out of the ring to get a breather. Christian throws Darby into the barricade a few times.

Nick Wayne’s mom, who is in the front row, distracts Christian with some flirting. She then throws a drink in his face. Darby follows it up with a suicide dive. Darby goes for the coffin drop but Christian rolls to the floor. Darby hits Coffin Drop on the floor. Christian gets his knees up on the Coffin Drop in the ring. Christian tackles Darby off the apron and into the announce table. Christian sets up the steel steps. Darby slips away and gets back to the ring. He hits punches but Christian rakes at his eyes when Darby charges at him.

Christian attempts a suplex off the apron and throws him on the floor. Christian then hits a suplex on the steel steps. Christian then hits a body slam off the apron onto the steel steps. A medical personnel checks on Darby. Christian asks the referee to start the countdown. The referee complete the countout. They are on 1 fall each.

The referee has stopped Christian from further attacks. Christian is removing the apron cloth while a stretcher is brought out. He goes on to remove the protective padding of the ring on one side. Darby is put on the strecher. Christian hits a frog splash on Darby on the stretcher. Christian hits a kill switch on Darby after taking him back to the ring. Darby kicks out of the pin as Christian takes time to cover him. Darby throws Christian into the corner. Christian takes him down into a sharpshooter now. Darby somehow manages to get to the ropes to break it.

Darby hits some slaps and rakes Christian’s eyes. He hits a Scorpion death drop and Coffin drop but Christian kicks out of the pin. Darby goes up again but Christian trips him. Christian looks for a superplex but Darby blocks it. Christian then hits a sunset flip powerbomb. He goes for a spear but ends up knocking out the referee with it when Darby sidesteps. Christian hits Darby with a low blow. He brings in the TNT title. Nick Wayne comes out and snatches the title away. Christian goes after him. Wayne gets into the ring to stand beside Darby. Darby tells him to hit Christian with it. Wayne instead hits Darby with the title belt. Wayne’s mom is shocked. Christian wakes up the referee who counts the pinfall.

Winner – Christian Cage

After the match, Wayne and Christian hug in the ring. Christian holds Darby as Wayne beats him up. Watching this, Sting comes out. Sting hits shots at them. Luchasaurus comes out. Sting grabs him but Wayne grabs Sting’s leg. Christian and team gang up on Sting. Christian brings in chairs to set up con-chair-to. The lights go out. A video starts on the screen featuring Edge/Adam Copeland. The lights come back and his music hits. Edge makes his entrance and stands on the ramp for a while. Christian stares him down. Edge shakes hands with Christian in the ring. Christian hands him the chair to hit Sting. But, Edge hits Wayne with it and then hits Christian. He hits a spear on Luchasaurus. Edge stands tall to close the show.

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