AEW Releases 2019-2024 | List of Wrestlers Released by AEW

AEW Releases

AEW has seen far fewer releases as compared to other wrestling promotions. In fact, one of the things that All Elite Wrestling is praised for in its early days is a good treatment of its talent, in contrast to WWE where many have found themselves to be sidelined, not getting used, and ultimately getting released or asking to be released. This also shows in the number of wrestlers that AEW has released themselves in the four years since the promotion was formed. Mostly, when the promotion has released a wrestler, it is when they have opted not to renew some of their contracts.

Here, we will cover the list of wrestlers and other staff members that the promotion has released, the reason behind their releases, and the list of wrestlers whose contracts with the company expired and were not renewed.

Released by AEW

Fighter NameDate ReleasedReason
Jora JohlApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
Jose The AssistantApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
GravityApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
Parker BoudreauxApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
Slim JApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
Anthony HenryApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
The BoysApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
Dasha KuretApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
Stu GraysonApril 1, 2024Part of cuts in April 2024
Allie/The BunnyNovember 2023Based on Mutual Agreement between Allie & Promotion
Ace SteelSeptember 2023Due to backstage incident at All Out 2022
CM PunkSeptember 2, 2023With cause due to a backstage incident at All In 2023 event
AQAJuly 2022AQA decided to step away from wrestling due to personal issues.
Jake AtlasJune 2022Accused of domestic violence
Awesome KongMay 2021Suffered back injury issues, shifted focus towards working in Hollywood
IvelisseApril 2021Released after backstage issues with Thunder Rosa
Bea PriestleyAugust 2020Unable to travel due to COVID-19
Jimmy HavocAugust 2020Accused of domestic abuse and rape during the Speaking Out Movement, mental health and substance abuse health issues
Sadie GibbsAugust 2020Unable to travel due to COVID-19
CIMAApril 2020Unable to travel due to COVID-19
Kyle RaeAugust 2019Rae asked AEW to release her due to mental health issues.

Contract Expired

Fighter NameDate Released
ShannaMay 2021
Big SwoleNovember 2021
Lio RushFebruary 2022
Cody RhodesFebruary 2022
Brandy RhodesFebruary 2022
Marko StuntMarch 2022
Joey JanelaApril 2022
Stu GraysonApril 2022
Jack EvansApril 2022
Alan AngelsJune 2022
Bobby FishAugust 2022
Leva BatesApril 2023
Trench(Granden Goetzman)June 2023
Brian Pillman JrJuly 2023
Sonny KissAugust 2023
Jade CargillSeptember 2023
Zack ClaytonOctober 2023
VSK/Jeeves KayOctober 2023
QT MarshallDecember 2023
Shawn SpearsDecember 2023
Andrade El IdoloDecember 2023
Mike SantanaFebruary 2024
Matt HardyMarch 2024

Apart from these names, AEW has also released some members of the broadcast team. Those names are as below:

  • Alicia Atout
  • “Golden Boy” Alex Mendez
  • Jana Decker
  • Dasha Kuret

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  1. Kong and Shanna weren’t “released”. Their contracts were just allowed to run out. Also Alicia Atout was never under contract to AEW. She was just freelancing for them early on.

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