AEW Releases – List of Wrestlers Released by AEW

AEW Releases

One of the things that All Elite Wrestling is praised in their early days is good treatment of their talent, in contrast to WWE where many have found to sidelined, not getting used and ultimately getting released or asking to be released. This also shows in the amount of wrestlers that AEW have released in two years since the promotion was formed.

Here, we will cover the list of wrestlers and other staff members who have been released by AEW and what they are doing currently.

Kylie Rae

Kylie Rae

When: August 2019

Story: Kylie Rae was the first wrestler who was released from AEW. Rae was part of the first-ever AEW PPV- Double or Nothing 2019 – where she was pinned by Britt Baker to take the loss in a fatal 4-way match. She was scheduled to face Leva Bates at Fyter Fest next month but she reportedly did not show up. AEW President Tony Khan announced later that Rae had asked for a release from the contract.

Where is Kylie Rae now? After her AEW stint, Rae signed with IMPACT Wrestling in October 2019. After working with the company for a year, Rae announced her retirement from pro-wrestling in October 2020. There are no concrete reports on the reason for her retirement. Recently, it is announced that Rae will come of retirement to face Thunder Rosa at Warrior Wrestling Stadium Series on 5 June 2021.



When: April 2020(approximate)

Story: CIMA and Strong Hearts team featured in many matches in AEW in the early days of promotion. However, CIMA was silently removed from the AEW roster page sometime in 2020. It is speculated that the release came due to travel restrictions in the times of COVID-19.

Where is CIMA now? Real name Nobuhiko Oshima, CIMA is currently the president of Oriental Wrestling Entertainment promotion in China. He features in-ring regularly for several promotions.

Sadie Gibbs

Sadie Gibbs AEW

When: August 2020

Story: Sadie Gibbs is an English Citizen and was unable to travel to the United States due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. She was therefore released from the company in August 2020. Gibbs appeared in just 3 matches for AEW.

Where is Sadie Gibbs now? Sadie Gibbs announced her retirement from pro-wrestling in April 2021 via Instagram post.

Jimmy Havoc

Jimmy Havoc

When: August 2020

Story: Jimmy Havoc was accused of domestic abuse and rape during the Speaking Out Movement in June 2020. It was also reported that Havoc physically assaulted a fan during an earlier event. On 19 June 2020, AEW released a statement that Jimmy Havoc is receiving treatment and counseling to overcome mental health and substance abuse challenges and his employment status will be re-evaluated upon the completion of rehabilitation. Havoc was later removed from the AEW roster page.

Where is Jimmy Havoc now? There is no news or reports regarding Havoc ever since his release from AEW.

Bea Priestley

Bea Priestley

When: August 2020

Story: Bea Priestley was one of the regulars on AEW Dynamite & AEW Dark shows. However, she was unable to travel to TV tapings during coronavirus pandemic as she is based in Japan. This led to AEW releasing Priestely from her contract in August 2020.

Where is Bea Priestley now? Priestley has since signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling and has appeared in some matches for them. She is recently rumoured to be signing with WWE in near future.



When: April 2021

Story: Ivelisse joined AEW in 2020 and featured heavily across Dynamite & Dark episodes. However, there were reports of Ivelisse having backstage heat due to her attitude issues. She was eventually released from AEW in April 2021. Ivelisse has accused Thunder Rosa of tarnishing her reputation with AEW officials.

Where is Ivelisse now? Ivelisse has continued to work with several promotions even when she was contracted with AEW. She is also currently the Shine Champion.


Shanna Has Signed with AEW

When: May 2021

Story: AEW reportedly decided not to renew Shanna’s contract once it expired in May 2021. Shanna signed with AEW in November 2019 in what is believed to be an 18 months contract. She was not used much in recent times and appeared in just 2 matches since February 2021.

Awesome Kong

Awesome-Kong aew 2021

When: May 2021

Story: Awesome Kong has not been seen in AEW since early 2020. Her last match in AEW came on 1 January 2020. Kong has been busy with some projects in Hollywood during that time. She is also suffering from some back issues and has probably decided not to continue with an in-ring career for the time being.

Where is Awesome Kong now? Awesome Kong is working in some TV series and movies.

Apart from these names, AEW has released some members of the broadcast team also. Those names are as below:

  • Alicia Atout
  • “Golden Boy” Alex Mendez

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