AEW Rampage September 29, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Winners

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We are here with the live results blog for AEW Rampage September 29, 2023 episode, which was pre-taped earlier in the week.

4 matches were scheduled for the show. The Hardy and Brother Zay took on The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn to challenge for AEW Trios Championship. Hikaru Shida and Ruby Soho clashed in a singles match to find the #1 contender for AEW Women’s Championship.

The Righteous were in action while Eddie Kingston defended his NJPW Strong Openweight title against Rocky Romero. Tune in below as we post results from AEW Rampage this week.


  • The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn(c) defeated The Hardys(Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy) & Brother Zay in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Trios Championship.
  • Eddie Kingston(c) defeated Rocky Romero in a singles match via submission to retain NJPW Strong Openweight Championship.
  • The Righteous(Vincent & Dutch) defeated Caleb Crush & Gunner in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Hikaru Shida defeted Ruby Soho in a singles match via pinfall to become #1 contender for AEW Women’s Championship.


The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn(c) vs The Hardys(Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy) & Brother Zay – AEW Trios Championship

Zay and Bowens start the match with quick back and forth action. Bowens hits a fameasser. Zay turns it around against Caster and tags in Matt. The Hardys with some quick tags to get Caster under control. Caster avoids a Twist of Fate from Jeff and slips to the corner to tag in Billy Gunn. Matt tags in and signals delete. Gunn responds with “suck it”. Gunn hits a shoulder tackle. Matt hits a big boot in the corner before slamming Gunn’s face into the turnbuckle. Jeff and Zay jump off Matt’s back for corner splashes. The Acclaimed throw Matt and Jeff out before hitting Scissor Me Timbers on Zay. We cut to a break.

Caster hits a big dropkick on Zay as we return. Quick tags from Bowens and Gunn. Gunn decks Matt off the apron when he tries to engage him. Gunn misses a corner splash. Tag to Jeff after Zay hits an enzuigiri on Gunn. Jeff hits quick moves on all 3 opponents. He hits Whisper in the Wind on The Acclaimed. Matt hits Gunn with a Twist of Fate. Jeff hits a Swanton bomb on Gunn but Bowens breaks the pinfall. The Acclaimed deck Zay off the apron before slamming Matt to the mat. Jeff tags in Zay while Bowens comes in from the other side. Zay hits a bulldog from the top rope. He hits a moonsault on Gunn on the floor. Caster nails Zay with a superkick and they follow up with double team work to get the pinfall.

Winner – The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Eddie Kingston is backstage to talk about his match against Rocky Romero tonight. Jay Lethal interrupts him and calls him unfit to hold ROH World Championship, saying he fought for that title for the whole of his career.

Lexy Nair interviewed Andrade El Idolo after Collision last week where Andrade addressed Bullet Club Gold attacking him and told Juice Robinson that he would see him on Saturday night at Collision.

Eddie Kingston(c) vs Rocky Romero – NJPW Strong Openweight Championship

They trade kicks to start. A bit of toying around. Romero hits a hurricanrana to send him to the floor and follows up with a suicide dive. Kingston catches his second dive and hits him with a suplex on the floor.

Rocky is in control as we return. Eddie asks him if that is all he got. Rocky unloads on him for a while. Eddie blocks a sliced bread and hits Machine Gun chops. Rocky fights back on the second rope and hits an avalanche sliced bread for a two-count. Rocky hits corner clotheslines. Eddie hits him with back to back hammerfist. He puts on the stretched plum to get the submission.

Winner – Eddie Kingston

After the match, Eddie and Rocky show each other respect. Katsuyori Shibata comes out and shakes hands with Eddie.

Aussie Open are tired of FTR telling everyone that they are the best team in the world. They lost to FTR one year ago, but they will won AEW Tag Team titles from them at WrestleDream and prove everyone that they are the best tag team in the world.

The Righteous(Vincent & Dutch) vs Caleb Crush & Gunner

Dutch runs over the opponents with a clothesline. Vincent hits quick punches before Dutch hits a Bossman slam. They pick up the other opponent to hit him with a Bossman slam also. Vincent hits an assisted sliced bread to get the pinfall.

Winner – The Righteous

We see a quick video vignette for the broken tag team of Mike Santana and Ortiz.

We hear from Nick Wayne about Christian Cage vs Darby Allin match where has told him not to be at ringside. Therefore, he calls Luchasaurus to settle their own score.

Ruby Soho vs Hikaru Shida – #1 Contender Match for AEW Women’s Championship

Shida scares Ruby out of the ring. Ruby grabs her hair when she returns and slams her back in to the corner. Shida comes back quickly and hits countdown punches. Shida hits a crossbody before more punches. Shida hits a missile dropkick. We cut to a break.

Both women are down as we return. They throw hands at each other for the next minute. Shida hits a jumping knee and a brainbuster to get a two-count. Ruby rolls out to avoid Katana. Shida jumps on her off the steps. Shida takes Ruby up the ramp where they trade shots once again. The referee starts a countdown and they run back to beat it barely. Ruby hits a rising knee strike and a Saito suplex for a two-count. Ruby picks up the kendo stick to distract the referee to try using the spray can. They end up knocking off the referee. Ruby hits Destination Unknown. Shida hits katana. Another referee runs out before Ruby drops Shida. Shida gets her knees up on a senton from the top rope. Shida hits Katana kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Hikaru Shida

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