AEW Rampage Results & Live Updates March 3, 2023

AEW Rampage March 3 2023

Welcome to the live results page for AEW Rampage episode of March 3, 2023. This episode will be first time since January 6 episode that Rampage will be live. It is also going to be the last AEW show before Revolution 2023 event this Sunday.

Two tag team matches are announced in advance. Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes will continue their rivalry with Shane “Swerve” Strickland who will team up with Parker Boudreaux from Mogul Affiliates.

The second match is a tag team match between Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin), Blackpool Combat Club(Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta), Dark Order(John Silver & Alex Reynolds) and Aussie Open(Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis). All these teams were part of the Casino Battle Royal earlier this week on Dynamite.

Tune in below as we post results from AEW Rampage March 3, 2023 episode, with live updates, winners, highlights, and complete action.


  • Blackpool Combat Club(Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta) defeated Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin), Dark Order(John Silver & Alex Reynolds) & Aussie Open(Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) in a 4-way Tag Team Match via pinfall.
  • Riho defeated Emi Sakura in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Serpentico in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes defeated Mogul Affiliates(Shane “Swerve” Strickland & Parker Boudreaux) in a tag team match via pinfall.


Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin) vs Blackpool Combat Club(Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta) vs Dark Order(John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs Aussie Open(Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) – 4-way Tag Team Match

Dark Order attack Blackpool Combat Club on the stage. A brawl breaks out. Aussie Open and Top Flight start the match. Aussie Open keep control for a while before Top Flight fight back with a combination attack. Reynolds tags in off Darius and goes after Fletcher. Claudio tags in off Fletcher and beats up Reynolds. Claudio whips Reynolds hard into the corner. Reynolds ducks Claudio and tags in Silver. Silver runs rampant with quick moves. Reynolds tags back and sends Yuta to the floor to block a double team. Claudio drops him with a forearm. BCC duo hit a big boot to take us to a break.

Reynolds hits a crossbody to counter Claudio as we return. Yuta tags in to block him to tag in Silver. Reynolds counters to drop Yuta. Darius and Fletcher get the tags to start a fight between Aussie Open and Top Flight. Dante hits a tope suicide on BCC on the floor. Things breaks down with random people getting involved. Aussie Open hits double superkick on Darius but BCC break the pin.

Aussie Open clear the ring. They go for a high-low but Davis ends up hitting a clothesline on Fletcher. Dark Order run rampant with quick moves. They drop Darius with a double-team combo. BCC throw out Dark Order out of the ring and Yuta pins Darius to win the match.

Winner – Blackpool Combat Club

We get quick video package for Jon Moxley vs Adam Page match.

After the break, we get video packages for more Chris Jericho vs Ricky Starks match. We then hear from Jack Perry who says it will be Christian’s final burial at Revolution.

Riho vs Emi Sakura

Teacher vs student match here. Emi starts with a chop. Riho teases a chop back but does not go through. Emi tosses her across the ring before booting her into the corner. Riho goes for a crossbody but Emi hits her with a bodyslam. Riho comes out of the pin and hits a dropkick. She hits a corner splash and gets a two-count. Emi whips her into the corner. Riho hits a hurricanrana.

Emi moves to the floor. Riho gets down but runs into a backbreaker from Emi. Emi throws Riho into the barricade and hits her with a crossbody against it. We cut to a break.

Emi hits chops as we return. She puts on Boston Crab and changes it into a single leg crab. Riho gets to the ropes to break it. Riho fires some forearm to her chest. Emi hits back with a chop. Riho hits her with drop toe hold and hits 619, followed by a diving crossbody for a two-count.

Emi hits her with a suplex before hitting a crossbody splash in the corner to get a two-count. Riho rolls her up for a two-count. Emi hits a low dropkick to drop her. Emi uses Mahi stroll to get a near fall. Riho hits a knee strike but Emi immediately hits a clotheslines for a two-count. Emi hits a splash but Riho move away. Quick back and forth and Riho rolls Emi up for a pinfall.

Winner – Riho

A video package for AEW Women’s Championship match at Revolution.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Serpentico

Hobbs comes out for his match and has the brass ring that he won at Face of Revolution Ladder match. Hobbs hits a big shot before a clothesline and spinebuster. Hobbs hits an F5 to get the pinfall.

Winner – Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs takes the mic after the match and says it does not matter whether it is Samoa Joe or Wardlow who wins at Revolution, he will win AEW TNT Championship next week.

Renee Paquette interviews Konsuke Takeshita backstage. Takeshita says he has had many great moments and opponents in AEW so far but he did not have many wins. He wonders he may have to go back to Japan. Don Callis comes out and says Takeshita should give him a chance and see they can turn things around before going to Japan. He hands Takeshita his card and tells him to think about it.

Mark Briscoe cuts a promo from backstage. He talks about Jay not being around him and then he saw Mark Sterling to realize that he is in AEW. He talks about seeing Lucha Bros in the Battle Royal. Lucha Bros come in and say they do not leave their friends behind. They tell Mark Sterling’s goons to settle it in the ring at Revolution.

We get a rundown of AEW Revolution card.

Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes vs Mogul Affiliates(Shane “Swerve” Strickland & Parker Boudreaux)

Lee and Rhodes intimidate Mogul Affiliates out of the ring. Mogul Affiliates attack them behind. The bell rings and Lee and Boudreaux start the match. Lee corner Boudreaux for a while. Boudreaux rakes his face but Lee batters him with big shots in the corner. Dustin tags in and hits his signature dropdown uppercut. Dustin unloads from the second rope. Parker fires back with his own uppercuts. We cut to a break as Parker drops Dustin with a punch.

Swerve throws Dustin away and hits a low dropkick on Lee to trip him to the floor. Dustin gets to the corner but Lee is not there. Dustin hits Swerve with a bodyslam. Lee and Parker get the tags. Lee staggers Parker with a shoudler tackle. Parker absorves the attack before hitting back. Lee tackles him to the floor. Lee pulls Swerve back into the ring. Swerve hits him with kicks to his face and ducks a few shots from Lee.

Lee pulls his trunk and Swerve hits him with an enzuigiri. Swerve hits a roundhouse kick before Lee hits him with a spinebuster. Parker hits a low blow on Lee as he was looking for a superplex. Dustin is thrown to the floor as he tries to get involved. Parker keeps Lee’s hands locked behind and allows Swerve to springboard off his chest to hit a moonsault on Dustin.

Back and forth action continues. Lee hits a knee on Parker. Swerve hits Lee with a flatliner. Dustin hits Swerve with a Canadian Destroyer. Lee throws Dustin on both opponents but Swerve ducks it. Lee throws Swerve to the floor. Lee and Dustin double team on Parker and Lee hits Big Bang Theory to get the pinfall.

Winner – Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes

Ricky Starks attacks Chris Jericho on the commentary table. They brawl on the stage for a while before some referees separate them.

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