AEW Rampage September 3, 2021- Results, Live Updates, Highlights

AEW Rampage 3 September 2021

This is the blog for the AEW Rampage episode of September 3, 2021 – the go-home episode for AEW All Out 2021 PPV, including preview, match card, start time, location, results, live updates and more information for the show.

Date – September 3, 2021
Location –  Now Arena, Hoffman Estates, Chicago, IL, US
Time – 10 PM EST(4 September 2021 2 AM GMT/7:30 AM IST)

Darby Allin vs Daniel Garcia: In the continued rivalry with 2.0 and associates, Darby Allin will come face-to-face against Daniel Garcia in a singles match. This match will come just two days before Allin’s match against CM Punk at AEW All Out. Update: CM Punk will be on commentary for this match.

Malakai Black vs Lee Johnson: Lee Johnson tried to attack Malakai Black as he came out to save Arn Anderson and Brock Anderson. Black will face Johnson in the likely main event of the match.

Handicapped Match: Kris Statlander will face Rebel and Jamie Hayter in a handicapped match. Statlander saved Red Velvet from a post-match attack after Hayter defeated her on Dynamite last week.

Miro to Address: We will hear again what God’s Favorite Son has to say about his upcoming match against Eddie Kingston at AEW All Out.


  • Malakai Black defeated Lee Johnson in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Kris Statlander defeated Jamie Hayter & Rebel in a Handicapped Match via submission.
  • Danny Garcia vs Darby Allin

Live Updates

Malakai Black vs Lee Johnson

Malakai Black comes out to open the show. Black corners Johnson early on and Johnson looked afraid as he tries to escape the corner. Black goes for the Black Mass early but Johnson hangs on to the ropes to avoid it. Johnson manages to avoid some attack but is not able to land anything himself. Black takes him down with a leg sweep and big shots. Black puts on a lock and keeps Johnson grounded as we go to the break.

Johnson tries to fight back as we return. A big dropkick send Black to the floor. Johnson hits a tope suicida. He hits the top ropes splash next. He goes for the swinging neckbreaker but Black switches the position. Black hits a penalty kick right to the face. Black hits a running big boot and takes shots in the corner.

Black brings out a steel chair and offers it to Johnson. Johnson struggles to his feet and swings at Black as he stood showing him his back. Black hits him with Black Mass and puts his leg on Johnson’s chest to get the pin.

Winner – Malakai Black

Post-match, Dustin Rhodes runs out and tries to attack Black with the steel chair. But Black gets out of the ring.

After the break, Dustin Rhodes gets a backstage interview. He tells Black that he has been an element of surprise since coming to AEW. But he will see him coming after him at Dynamite next week.

Miro Speaks

TNT champion Miro comes out and calls out Eddie Kingston for redemption for taking a charity contract. He calls Kingston a bag boy for Jon Moxley. Kingston comes out and takes verbal shots at Miro. Kingston tries to attack Miro but Miro gets out of the ring. Kingston charges at Miro but he runs him down with the title belt. Miro beat up Kingston for a while.

Kris Statlander vs Jamie Hayter & Rebel(w/Britt Baker) – Handicapped Match

Hayter and Statlander starts with a long lockup. Rebel pulls Statlander’s hair and allows Hayter to take Statlander to the corner. Rebel and Hayter attack Statlander with frequent tags. Statlander fights back against Rebel and also drops Hayter onto her. She attacks them in opposite corners.

This was followed by a forced double team flatliner on Rebel. Hayter is sent to the floor with a low bridge. Statlander drops Rebel from electric hair and Hayter from crossbody into a slam at the same time. Statlander puts on the spider crab to get the win.

Winner – Kris Statlander

Post-match, Britt Baker, Rebel and Hayter try to attack Statlander, but Red Velvet comes out to make the save.

Mark Henry interviewes Darby Allin & Sting, and Daniel Garcia & 2.0 in split screen. Garcia sayshe wants to prevent Darby Allin vs CM Punk match from happening at All Out because he can. Allin replies he would d knock Garcia on his ass, then he’d look Punk dead in his eyes.

Darby Allin vs Danny Garcia

CM Punk comes out to join the commentary team. He jumps into the first row of the crowd. We cut to the break as he head to the announce table.

Allin starts with a takedown and pounds on him. Garcia moves away from the coffin drop on the barricade and takes control of the match. Sting attacks 2.0. Garcia sends Allin into the steel steps. Back to the ring, Allin puts on a fujiwara armbar but Garcia rolls him up for a two-count.

Garcia uses the steel steps to take back control. Allin goes to the top but Garcia sweeps his leg. Garcia manages to hit a superplex though to send us to the break.

Garcia puts on a sleeper on the top rope as we return. The referee counts to five to force him to break it. Garcia puts on the sleeper again in the middle of the ring. Allin climbs to the top with Garcia on his back and hits Coffin Drop. Both men are down and the referee starts to count.

They get back to their feet and trade strikes. Allin hits Pepsi Twist. Garcia with uppercuts before Allin gets two-count with a backslide. Allin hits code-red for another two-count. Allin gets the pin with a roll-up.

Winner – Darby Allin

Post-match, 2.0 and Garcia attack Allin. Sting takes on Garcia. 2.0 are beating up Allin while Sting was busy with Garcia. CM Punk gets off the commentary table and comes down the ramp. 2.0 gets distracted and Allin takes them out with a suicide dive. CM Punk and Allin stare each other down as the show goes off the air.

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