AEW Dynamite Results October 18, 2023, Live Coverage, Winners

Catch up on results, live updates and highlights from AEW Dynamite episode #211.

Kyle Fletcher vs Kenny omega October 14 AEW Dynamite
Credits- AEW

Welcome to the live coverage for AEW Dynamite episode of October 18, 2023 episode which will be live from Rosenberg, TX.

Kenny Omega is set to return to singles match as he faces Kyle Fletcher. Fletcher is attempting to prove himself as Omega’s next challenger. Jay White faces Penta El Zero Meido in another singles match. Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal will find the next challenger for MJF’s ring.

Sting is set to address fans in the ring. What kind of announcement is he going to make. Toni Storm’s new masterpiece will debut. Jim Ross will have sitdown interview with Nick Wayne and Wayne’s mom over his acts in the last few months. Edge is also set to offer rebuttal to Christian Cage. Tune in below for the results.

Penta El Zero Meido vs Jay White

Penta hits a suicide dive on the Bullet Club Gold but misses Jay White among them. He hits a slingblade on him after this though. He takes White to the ring and hits the diving double stomp as the bell rings. Penta hits double knees to the back to get a two-count. Colten Gunn picks his leg for a distraction but Penta avoids White’s shot. White comes back with a DDT. He hits a neckbreaker next. A snap suplex gets him a two-count. Penta ducks a chop and hits a superkick. White blocks a monkey flip and sents Penta down to the floor. He drops Penta face first on the apron. He ties Penta’s mask to the rope as he starts to hit knees to his face. We cut to a break.

White hits chops as we return. Penta blocks a suplex and hits a kick and a slingblade before a suicide dive. Penta takes his time to remove his gloves before hitting a big chop. White tells him to remove his upper so that he can also hit a chop. Penta no-sells the chop before they trade some more shots. White hits a dropkick to the knee. Penta hits a modified body slam to get a two-count. White hits a brainbuster. White hits a couple of quick moves before Penta hits Made in Japan to get a near fall. The Gunns run a distraction to allow Juice Robinson to take a loaded shot before White hits a Blade Runner to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jay White

After the match, White and Juice mock MJF on the mic for a while.

Renee Paquette interviews MJF backstage. He says he will be on commentary in the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal. He really is hoping that Juice Robinson wins that match so that he can beat him up next week. The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn come in and offer him help against Bullet Club Gold. MJF leaves.

Hikaru Shida vs Emi Sakura – AEW Women’s Championship Eliminator

Sakura jumps on Shida just as she enters the ring. Sakura no-sells shoulder tackle. They trade chops and shots. Sakura hits machine gun chops before Shida hits a rising knee. Shida keeps going to create some momentum. Sakura avoids a move from the second rope before hitting a missile dropkick. We cut to a break with Sakura in control.

Both women are down as we return. Sakura works on Shida on the ropes. She hits a crossbody to send Shida crashing to the floor. Shida sends her into the apron with a hurricanrana. She hits a missile dropkick in the ring to get a two-count. Sakura blocks a sunset flip. More action before Shida hits Katana kick but Sakura kicks out at one. Shida hits a fallcon arrow and then hits a Katana kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Hikaru Shida

Renee interviewed Adam Copeland. He talks about opening the doors for Christian but is unable to understand jealously on Christian’s part.

Wardlow vs Ryan Nemeth

Ryan Nemeth tries to rush Wardlow but Wardlow no sells it and hits a powerbomb. The referee stops the match as Nemeth is unable to continue.

Winner – Wardlow

Tony Schiavone gets into the ring to ask Wardlow about his intentions. Wardlow shows off MJF written on one of his wristbands.

We cut back to Roderick Strong’s home where Adam Cole brings him coffee. Cole has had enough when Strong screams at him for hot coffee. Strong then apologizes and talks about Cole making smashing PB&Js. Strong snaps once again for having crust in PB&Js. Cole leaves the house. Strong says he may have to be nice to the scumbag MJF to get his friend back.

Tony Schiavone brings out Don Callis. Powerhouse Hobbs and Konosuke Takeshita get into the ring with Callis. Hobbs tells us about the time 25 years ago when Jericho disrespected him and his grandmother when they brought tickets to meet and greet. Hobbs vows to make Jericho pay for it. Callis talks about his dominating against Jericho and Omega until now and counts the reason the times his team lost. When he says one of their matches was lost due to Kyle Fletcher, Fletcher comes out and gets into Callis’ face. Fletcher then vows to prove himself by beating Omega tonight.

Kenny Omega vs Kyle Fletcher

Fletcher hits some chops to start. Omega fires rights to answer. Fletcher runs him over as he comes off the ropes. Omega hits a suplex and Fletcher moves to the floor. Omega hits a crossbody. Fletcher decks Omega off the apron. Omega hits a hurricanrana to send Fletcher to the floor. Fletcher pulls him out and they trade chops on the floor. Omega hits several chops in succession. Fletcher hits a low kick to cut off Omega. We cut to a break.

Omega hits a rolling senton as we return. He hits a moonsault when Fletcher rolls to the ropes. He hits a dropkick to his back in the ring. Fletcher hits a half and half suplex before running kick and a sheer drop brainbuster. Fletcher drops Omega face first on the turnbuckle. He hits a Michinoku driver next to get a two-count. Omega blocks a move and hits a knee strike to the back of the neck, a hurricanrana, a powerbomb and V-Trigger to get a near fall. He hits another V-Trigger before going for One Winged Angel. Fletcher slips behind and puts on a body lock. Omega turns it into a pin attempt. Omega hits another V-Trigger and One Winged Angel to get the pinfall.

Winner – Kenny Omega

Don Callis is throwing a temper tantrum on Fletcher losing the match.

We get a tease for Danhausen’s return once again.

Tony Schiavone btings out Sting who talks about the stars who have transcended wrestling like Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and others. He goes on to talk about his retirement in 2015, but there was one thing in his retirement speech that he said the only thing for sure about Sting is nothing is for sure. However, he then mentions that since his first match in AEW was at Revolution 2022, his last match will be at AEW Revolution 2024. And this time, his retirement is for sure.

We get a video for Toni Storm’s next “masterpiece” Gone with the Storm featuring Storm and RJ City.

JR is interviewing Nick Wayne and his mom. Wayne complains that it was always about Darby Allin when he was the one who worked hard to make his way to AEW. His mom is exasperated with what he has done to Darby. Wayne says Christian Cage is the real father figure in his life. Christian appears and takes Wayne out of the room after his mom slaps him. Darby attacks them both and beat down Wayne to take him to the stage. Christian and Luchasaurus attack Darby. Sting comes out to help him out. Cage, Luchasaurus and Wayne has to run away.

Kris Statlander, Orange Cassidy, Hook and Best Friends are backstage. Kris says she will defend her title against Willow Nightingale at Battle of the Belts VIII.

Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal – Juice Robinson vs Dustin Rhodes vs 10 TBA

MJF is on the commentary for the match. The match starts as all 12 men get into the ring. Matt Sydal throws Johnny TV to the apron. Johnny pulls him out with a hurricanrana to eliminate him. Daniel Garcia and Johnny get into a dance off. Matt Menard stops Garcia. Jeff Hardy attacks Menard. Matt Hardy and Dustin Rhodes throw out Johnny TV to eliminate him. The Hardys fight against former JAS team. Jeff hits a corner splash on Menard before working on Hager. Hager catches Matt Hardy and throws him out of the ring. MJF gets an idea and goes to the apron. He tells Dustin Rhodes something before handing him some money. Dustin sets up Juice in the corner and hits a low blow. We cut to a break.

After the break, Komander hits a missile dropkick on Hager before hitting other members of his team. Menard and Garcia catch him and throw him out. Dustin hits uppercuts on them. He hits a Canadian Destroyer on Menard. Baretta and Dustin do the Best Friends hug. Hager hits Baretta with a headbutt on the apron. Menard and Baretta fight on the apron before Menard knock him off after some distraction from his team mates. Jeff Hardy gets eliminated after Garcia pushes him out. Menard and Garcia argue about dancing. Dustin throws Menard out but Garcia throws Dustin out quickly. Garcia finally dances.

Garcia goes to eliminate Juice but Caster pushes him over him to eliminate him. Caster fires shots at Juice as he is still on the apron. Juice hits a shoulder tackle. He has to work too hard to pull Caster out. They fight on the apron. Juice gouges his eyes. They get to the top rope now. Caster pushes him into ring from the top rope and hits micdrop. Jay White attacks MJF on the commentary. MJF turns it around and gets his belt back. White hits him with a low blow and takes the belt back. Juice loads up his left hand and lands it on Caster. He throws out Caster to get the win.

Winner – Juice Robinson

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