AEW Dynamite Results & Live Updates February 15, 2023

AEW Dyanmite February 15 2023
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Welcome to the live results from AEW Dynamite from February 15, 2023 episode which was live from Laredo, TX. and continued to build-up towards AEW Revolution 2023 PPV.

A stacked line-up was announced for the show with 6 matches and several guaranteed appearances starting with AEW World Champion MJF. Did we hear Bryan Danielson as he gets ready to face MJF. We also heard from Adam Cole and Wardlow in separate interviews.

Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli faced Rush and Perro Peligrasso in a Tornado Tag Team match. Mark Briscoe returned to AEW as he faced Josh Woods. Orange Cassidy teamed up with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn to face Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt.

Hangman Page tried to vent his frustration on Kip Sabian. Brian Cage faced Jungle Boy Jack Perry in another singles match. Toni Storm, Ruby Soho and Britt Baker get to run a triple-threat match which they were supposed to run two weeks back.

Tune in below as we post results from AEW Dynamite February 15, 2023, with complete action, live updates, highlights and winners.


  • Orange Cassidy, Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn defeated Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli defeated Rush & Perro Peligrasso in a Tornado Tag Team match via pinfall.
  • Mark Briscoe defeated Josh Woods in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jungle Boy Jack Perry defeated Brian Cage in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Hangman Adam Page defeated Kip Sabian in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Ruby Soho defeated Britt Baker & Toni Storm in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall.


Orange Cassidy, Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn vs Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt

Max Caster calls Jeff Jarrett a nepotism baby in his rap while saying his late father was a legend. Jay Lethal starts against Bowens with an underhook. Bowens hits him with a snapmare. Lethal goes for a figure four but Bowens turns it into a cradle for a two-count. Bowens hits a dropkick and brings in Caster for some double-team action. Caster nails a chop on Lethal.

Jarrett tags in and Caster hits him with arm drags and a dropkick. Jarrett hits a back body drop and tags in Satnam. Caster tags in Cassidy. Satnam measures Cassidy’s height and goes to mock him to tag in Sonjay. Cassidy tags in Billy Gunn against Sonjay. Jarrett tags in from the other side. Jarrett drops Billy on the ropes after The Gunn Club come out to distract Billy.

Jarrett hits a dropkick and a clothesline before tagging in Lethal. Lethal puts on a front face lock briefly. Quick tags between Sonjay, Lethal and Jarrett as they keep Billy under control. Satnam tags in and hits chops on Billy. He hits a double clothesline on The Acclaimed before blocking Cassidy’s Orange Punch. Sonjay tags in and Billy hits Satnam with Fameauser.

Quick action as everyone starts to get involved. Cassidy nails Sonjay with a Orange Punch. Caster spreads him for Scissor me Timbers but Bowens, Gunn and then Cassidy were stopped from hitting it. Bowens returns and hits Scissor Me Timbers on Sonjay to get the pinfall.

Winners – Orange Cassidy, Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn

The winners go on to do 4-way scissoring.

We get a pre-recorded promo from Bryan Danielson where he says MJF can not go 60 minutes like him.

Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli are coming out through the crowd when LFI attacks them. The two teams continue to brawl in the crowd and take us to a break.

Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli vs Rush & Perro Peligrasso – Tornado Tag Team match

The match starts as Moxley and Vance get into the ring to start the match. Vance chops Moxley to send him to the floor. Rush joins in attacking Moxley and drops him on. Rush and Vance continue to work on him Tornado. Claudio returns and drops Rush from the apron. He hits a clothesline on Vance. Claudio gets complete control over Vance.

Moxley runs over Rush on the floor before starting to work on Vance with Claudio. Rush is knocked off the apron once again and Moxley hits him with a suicide dive on the floor.Claudio and Vance also get to the floor. It all ends with a big dive from Moxley. Rush and Vance bury Claudio under a table as we cut ot break.

Moxley is fighting back against Rush and Vance. He sends Vance to the floor with a back body drop. He trade shots with Rush before dropping him with a big shot. Vance hits him from behind with a chain around his arm. After some punishment on Moxley, Claudio comes in and takes away the chain from Vance. He also nails Rush with a chain punch. Claudio nails Vance with chain punch before putting him in a swing.

Rush hits Claudio with a leg lariat. Mox hits Rush with a lariat and Vance also hits Moxley with a lariat. All 4 start to trade punches now. Claudio nails Andrade with an uppercut. Jose The Assistant hits Claudio with a chair shot as he was looking for a pile driver. Wheeler Yuta comes out and takes Jose to the back while beating him.

Claudio and Rush continue to fight. They get to the floor where Claudio drops him. Vance puts on a choke on Moxley using the chain. He changes it into Juji-gatame to get the submission.

Winners – Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli

We see that Kip Sabian attacks Adam Page backstage with The Butcher & The Blade.

We get a Jim Ross interview with Wardlow where Wardlow talked about losing his father to cancer.

Mark Briscoe vs Josh Woods

Briscoe pushes Woods to the corner but Woods ducks a chop. He does the same thing on the ropes. Briscoe tackles him to the floor. Ari Daivari and Tony Nese beat up Briscoe as Mark Sterling distracted the referee. Lucha Bros come out to attack Daivari and Nese. Woods hits a corkscrew suplex to the floor as cut to a break.

Briscoe is hitting kung-fu chops as we return. Sterling distracts Briscoe once again and allows Woods to get some strikes going. Briscoe fires back with a big punch. Briscoe drops Woods on the floor. He sets up a chair in the middle of the ring and jumps off it for a cannonball. Briscoes hits Rack Powerbomb to get a near fall.

Briscoe signals for Jay Driller but Woods hits him with a deadlift German suplex for a two-count. Another German suplex and a body slam. They block each other until Briscoe hits an enzuigiri. Briscoe hits a Death Valley Driver before hitting Froggy Bow to get the pinfall.

Winner – Mark Briscoe

We see Renee Paquette interviewing Adam Cole. Cole says he is really happy to return to road with AEW. Cole lists many things that he is able to do that were happening during his recovery. Cole says the roster is stacked and he has to come back as best as he can. He denies to name any opponents right now but says it will be very good for AEW.

MJF Promo

MJF makes his entrance as we cut to a break. He is insulting the audience as we return from the break. He says these people love Bryan Danielson while they used to be Devil Worshippers. He calls Bryan a stupid sack just like everyone in the crowd. He takes offense on Bryan trying to tell everyone that Bryan is better than MJF. That can only be proven if Bryan had won the big blue belt, but Bryan has never won it.

MJF talks about the ironman match and says he will emerge victorious from that ironman match. Because he is MJF, he is better than everyone and we already own this. MJF brings Christopher Daniels, one of the biggest rivals of Bryan Danielson and MJF says Daniels knows Bryan Danielson so far. MJF asks Daniels to tell everyone the truth about Bryan.

Daniels says MJF has paid him an obscene amount of money to say bad things about Bryan. But, he is not that kind of man anymore. He says Bryan will run around MJF with ease. Daniels says the first time he faced Bryan, he knew that Bryan is great. He talks about Bryan winning King of The Indie Wrestling tournament which led to creation of ROH which became an inspiration for AEW creating. And if there was no Bryan Danielson, there would be no AEW and MJF would not be holding AEW World Championship.

Daniels says Bryan will expose MJF at Revolution. MJF throws away the mic to stop Daniels to speaking more. Daniels punches MJF who hits back with a low blow. MJF puts him in Salt of Earth until Bryan runs out to make the save.

We get a pre-recorded promo from The Gunn Club. They say they welcome us to the Gunn Show at AEW Revolution.

Brian Cage vs Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Perry starts with a shotgun dropkick. Cage tackles him to the corner. Perry hits a big boot and then hits a dropkick to send Cage to the floor. He hits two suicide dives. Cage catches the third dive and drops Perry on the apron to take us to a break.

Cage get a near fall as we return. Cage was looking for a suplex to the floor but Perry blocks it. Perry hits diving stomp while Perry was on the ropes. He follows up with splash and a death valley driver. But Cage kicks out at one. Cage hulks up but Perry hits more quick moves. He nails a superkick and gets the pin via roll-up.

Winner – Jungle Boy Jack Perry

After the match, Christian Cage makes his return after more than a month. Perry goes to attack him but he sprays Pepper Spray to his eyes. Cage removes the sling from his arm and goes on to hit Kill Switch on Perry on the stage.

Renee Paquette announces a triple threat tag team match for AEW Tag Team World Championship for Revolution. A battle royal will take place next week to determine one challenger while a Casino Battle Royal will take place in two weeks. The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn come in to interrupt her. The Acclaimed says that the match at Revolution will be a 4-way match as they are invoking their rematch clause.

Top Flight and AR Fox come in and taunt The Elite into accepting a title rematch later this week on Rampage.

Hangman Adam Page vs Kip Sabian

Kip starts with a big boot in the corner as Page charges at him and hits a modified suplex. Page comes back with a big boot and throws him to the floor after a dropkick. Sabian avoids a springboard clothesline on the apron. Page lands on the floor and Sabian hits him with a penalty kick from the apron. Sabian hits a splash on the floor to take us to a break.

Hangman hits a headbutt to drop Sabian off the top. Sabian slips to the floor and Page whips him hard into the barricade. He hits a pop-up powerbomb in the ring to get a two-count. Sabian tries to come back but Page hits him with a clothesline and Dead Eye to get the pinfall.

Winner – Adam Page

Jon Moxley comes out with Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli after this match. Moxley says while Page might believe there is some unfinished business between them, but it is not the case. Moxley says he pinned his a## two weeks back. Page says he is not happy with the result of their last match as it ended in a roll-up. He wants to go one more time at Revolution.

Moxley says he thought Page would say something like this as Page does not have any friends to talk him out of it. Dark Order’s music hits and Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds and John Silver come out. Uno takes offence on Moxley’s comments when Dark Order has been backing up Page for the past two years. Page keeps telling them that he does not want them to get involved. Uno flicks at Moxley to enrage him more. Moxley then says it will be Texas Death at Revolution.

Britt Baker vs Toni Storm vs Ruby Soho – Triple Threat Match

Toni Storm and Saraya pull down a fan from the front row. Before they could attack her, Ruby Soho’s music hits and she comes out. Ruby checks on the fan as she comes down at ringside. Britt Baker comes out with AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter.

Baker ducks a clothesline from Toni but Ruby nails her with a punch. Ruby tries to roll up Toni for a two-count. Toni is thrown to the floor. Ruby and Baker go back and forth until Toni pulls out Baker and drops her on the floor. Ruby hits a shoulder tackle. Toni blocks a knee and hits a hip attack on Baker to knock her off the apron. Ruby sends Toni to the floor. We cut to a break with Ruby standing tall in the middle.

Toni whips Ruby into Baker who sends Ruby to the corner. Baker hits a bulldog and a clothesline on Toni. She hits a neckbreaker and DDT combo on Ruby and Toni. Toni hits a dropkick on Baker to send her to the corner. Ruby blocks a hip attack with an urinage on Toni. Baker hits a Falcon arrow on Ruby for a two-count. Toni hits a German suplex on Ruby but Baker rolls up Toni for a two-count.

Baker and Toni trade shots in the middle before Baker hits a neckbreaker to get a near fall. Toni nails Ruby with a punch as she jumps from the top. Toni puts Ruby in a sharpshooter before Baker comes in and puts her in Lockjaw. Saraya comes in and kicks at Baker. Toni hits Hayter with a DDT on the floor. Toni hits a hip attack on Baker in the corner but Ruby comes in and throws Toni on Saraya outside. Ruby covers Baker to get the pin.

Winner – Ruby Soho

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