AEW Dynamite September 1, 2021: Results, Live Updates, Preview, Card

AEW Dynamite

Welcome to our blog for AEW Dynamite of September 1, 2021 which will be the go-home edition of AEW All Out 2021 PPV. Catch the Results, Live Updates, preview, match card, start time, and more details here.

Date – 1 September 2021
Location –  UWM Panther Arena, Milwaukee, WI US
Time – 8 PM EST(2 September 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

Brain Cage vs Powerhouse Hobbs: In the continued rivalry between Brian Cage and Team Taz, Cage will face Powerhouse Hobbs in a singles match. Who will come on top in the battle of two powerhouses.

Orange Cassidy vs Jack Evans(w/ Matt Hardy): In another continued storyline, Orange Cassidy will take on Jack Evans from Hardy Family Office. Last week, Cassidy defeated Matt Hardy in another singles match.

FTR(w/ Tully Blanchard) vs Santana & Ortiz: FTR are returning to AEW ring after a month or so as Cash Wheeler has recovered from his injury. They will take on Santana and Ortiz to cotinue Pinnacle vs Inner Circle storyline.

The Elite vs Jurrasic Express & Lucha Bros: Lucha Bros will challenge The Young Bucks at AEW All Out. Before that Lucha Bros will team with Jurassic Express to face the Elites in 8 men tag team match.

Chris Jericho in interview with Jim Ross: Before his match with MJF at AEW All Out, Chris Jericho will sit down with Jim Ross for an interview. What does Jericho has to say on the final Dynamite before All Out.

Tony Schiavone interviews MJF: Answering Jericho will be MJF in an in-ring interview with Tony Schiavone.

CM Punk Live: CM Punk is announced to appear live on the 100th episode of Dynamite. What more does he have to say to Chicago crowd?

Tay Conti vs Penelope Ford: Tay Conti will face Penelope Ford in a singles match. Ford cost Conti the match against Bunny at AEW Rampage last Friday.


  • Santana & Ortiz defeated FTR in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy defeated Jack Evans in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Brain Cage in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Tay Conti defeated Penelope Ford in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The Elite vs Jurrasic Express & Lucha Bros

Live Updates

Santana and Orton defeated FTR via pinfall.

Backstage, 2.0 and Daniel Garcia threaten to derail CM Punk return as they will take out Darby Allin for good at AEW Rampage this Friday.

What does CM Punk have to Say?

Punk says he can listen to Cult of Personalities all his life and come here to feel this. He says his return to could stop the day it starts. He has not been in the wrestling ring for 7 years. But he promises that every single time he comes down that aisle… Daniel Garcia and 2.0 attack him.

They beat up Punk for a while until Sting’s music hits and he comes out with Darby Allin. Garcia is sent into the ring post by Allin. Punk beat up Parker in the corner and hits him with GTS. Sting and Allin take care of Lee. Punk and Allin get in each others’ faces.

Sting takes the mic and says he always wanted to share the ring with him and it felt good to see GTS. Sting says he feels that both Allin and Punk are ready for All Out, and it’s going to be showtime for sure. Sting leaves the ring, and Punk and Allin stare at each other for a while before Allin leaves.

MJF Sits Down with Tony Schiavone

Tony Schiavone sits down with MJF. MJF talks about Jericho being at the top of the wrestling mountain. But he advises to not get it twisted because he will eclipse him. Muhammad Ali was considered the greatest boxer before he kept coming back for more matches. MJF warns Jericho that he is on a downward spiral and should stay away from the ring. He has already beaten Jericho thrice and will do so again at All Out.

Orange Cassidy vs Jack Evans

Matt Hardy takes a swing at Orange Cassidy before the bell. The referee sends him back. The bell rings and Evans starts strong with back elbows and splash in the corner. OC spikes Evans. Evans leaves the ring and OC hits a suicide dive and takes him back to the ring for a crossbody for a two-count. OC hits his lazy kicks. They do many standing switches to the point that it became boring.

They end up on the top but OC stops the superplex. We cut to picture-in-picture break. During the break, Evans hits an avalanche German Suplex. He beats around OC for a while before OC takes him in inside cradle to get the pin.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

We return from the break to see Evans protesting the pin. Matt Hardy attacks Cassidy. Best Friends come out, but other members of HFO also come out. Jurrasic Express also come out to force HFO to run away.

Chris Jericho with Jim Ross

Jim Ross is sitting in the ring. JR says Jericho has made a mistake for this Sunday as he reminds us that this is his first in-ring interview. Jericho comes out as Judas hits. Jericho talks about JR putting him in his first main event in Chicago 22 years ago at Allstate Arena.

JR asks him why did he put his career on the line. Jericho says MJF is a piece of shit and arrogant, pushes buttons and so on. Jericho recalls all the dates MJF has defeated him. Those dates are etched in his mind. And he can’t get complacent. Jericho continues for a while and says if gets beaten on Sunday, he will walk to commentary full time. But MJF will not take this away from him. If he wants to take Jericho out, he has to be at his absolute best.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Brian Cage

Hobbs comes out and Brian Cage attacks him before he could get into the ring. Cage beats him on the floor and sends him into the barricade. Cage takes him into the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Hobbs rolls out of the ring and takes advantage when they come back. We go to break with Hobbs in control.

Cage counters to hit a flatliner. They hit clotheslines at the same time. Cage hits an exploder suplex. Enziguiri and German Suplex combo from Cage. Hobbs hits a big spinebuster. He gives Cage the time to hit a pump knee. Cage hits deep sea diver. Cage hits a superplex. Hook distracts the referee and Ricky Stark hits Cage with the title belt. Hoobs hits a power side slam to get the win.

Winner – Powerhouse Hobbs

A video package from Malakai Black.

QT Calls out Paul Wight

QT Marshal is in the ring with his stable and calls out Paul Wight. Wight comes into the ring. The Factory gang up on Wight but he throws them away. Aaron Solow tries to hit a crossbody but Wight just thwarts him away. The Gunn Club also come out to stand by Wight. QT tries to use a steel chair, but he is decked off the apron.

Billy Gunn suddenly hits Wight with a steel chair in the back. What a swerve! Out of nowhere. Gunn hits Wight in the face with the chair. The Gunn Club leaves and The Factory comes back to take out Wight.

Britt Baker announces that she has signed a long-term contract with AEW. She also announces Jamie Hayter and Reba to be in the Women’s Casino Battle Royal.

Penelope Ford vs Tay Conti

Conti takes a shot at Ford before the bell on the floor. They come into the ring and the bell rings. Conti with multiple armdrags and backbreakers. She keeps control until a distraction from Bunny allows Ford to come back. We cut to the break.

We are back and Ford misses a spring back elbow. Conti also hit a big boot. Conti hits a swinging slam to the mat to get a near fall. Ford sends her face into the rope. Ford goes for her submission but Conti puts on the calf slicer. Ford reaches the ropes to force the break. Back-to-back pump kicks from Conti. Ford hits a gutbuster for a near fall. Bunny tries to attack Conti, but Conti sends Ford into her. She quickly rolls up Ford for a pin.

Winner – Tay Conti

Post-match, Anna Jay comes out to save Conti from an assault.

The Elites vs Luch Bros & Jurassic Express

Luchasaurus and Gallows start and trade big shot. Nick and Fenix come in after the first minute. They dodge each other and tag in Matt and Penta. They catch each other’s legs with super kicks. Lucha Bros are attacked from behind by The Good Brothers. Jurassic Express also get involved to create a chaos.

Back from the break, the Elites are in control. The match continues with move fest. Cutler sprays on Fenix and the Good Brothers hit him with magic killer. Luchasaurus breaks up the pin. Fenix lands a double cutter on the Young Bucks. Fenix gets caught while attempting springboard splash and hit with Meltzer Driver for the win.

Winner – The Elites

After the match, Kenny Omega comes to lead an attack from the Elites. Christian Cage also come out but gets beaten up. Elites throw out Jurrasic Express out of the ring and bring down the steel cage. Christian and Lucha Bros are getting beaten up by the Elites. Others try to save but could not get into the cage. The show goes off the air with this continuing.