AEW Collision July 15, 2023 Results & Live Updates

AEW Collision July 15 2023

Welcome to the live results page for AEW Collision July 15, 2023 episode, which was live from Calagry, Canada, and featured Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Finals.

CM Punk took on Ricky Starks in a men’s final of Owen Hart Cup in the main event match of the night. Ruby Soho was in the women’s final for the second year in a row. She faced Willow Nightingale in this final.

FTR and Bullet Club Gold were clashing in the second Collision episode in a row. Bullet Club beat FTR last time around. Were they able to repeat their performance this week also? Tune in below as we post results from AEW Collision July 15, 2023 episode with live update, winners and updates.


  • FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)(c) defeated Bullet Club Gold(Jay White & Juice Robinson) in a 2-out-of-3 falls match via 2-1 to retain AEW Tag Team Championship.
  • Willow Nightingale defeated Ruby Soho in 2023 Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Final via pinfall.
  • Kings on the Black Throne(Malakai Black & Brody King) defeated Enhancement Talents in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Ricky Starks def. CM Punk in 2023 Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Final via pinfall.


FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)(c) vs Bullet Club Gold(Jay White & Juice Robinson) – 2 out of 3 falls match for AEW Tag Team Championship

Two teams face off in the middle and get into each other’s face. White starts against Dax. White plays mind games as he rolls out to the floor. Cash tries to intimidate him but White gets in. Dax then slips to the floor after ducking a clothesline and does a chest bump on the floor. Dax hits a shoulder tackle and then catches White in an inside cradle to get a two-count. White hits a hip-toss and an arm drag. Tags to Juice and Cash. Cash puts on a side headlock. Juice tackles him to the corner. Cash gets a two-count with a backslide. Cash hits a big shoulder tackle to send Juice to the floor. We cut to a break.

Dax puts on an abdominal stretch on White. He uses the ropes to put more pressure for a while. Cash tags in and White hits a low dropkick. Juice comes in and hits some jabs before a big punch. Shoulder tackle from Juice before they trade pin attempts. Cash gets a waistlock takedown before trading pin attempts. Cash hits a power slam to throw Juice to the floor. Dax tags in and brings him back in to a big chop. More chops in the corner before a snap suplex and a leg drop to get a two-count.Dax puts on a side headlock and keeps Juice under control. They switch headlocks after punching each other in the ribs.

Dax gets the headlock on once again. Juice hits a shoulder tackle and then throws Dax into the ringpost. White comes in to hit some chops in the corner. Some more chops before DDTs on both opponents from White. He hits a back elbow before hitting an elbow drop to get a two-count. White hits a bridging German suplex on Dax. Cash breaks it. White hits some more chops. Dax comes back with a clothesline. White gets a two-count with a cradle. Juice blocks a Shatter Machine on White and nails Dax with a big left shot. White covers Dax to get the first fall.

Juice hits a shoulder tackle. Dax hits a body slam. Juice gets an arm stretch on. White tags in and works on the arm in the corner. Dax reverses a whip and hists a back body drop. Cash hits chops before a clothesline to get a two-count. Cash hits a suplex next. White hits back elbow and a side suplex. Juice hits a couple of standing sentons to get a two-count. Juice puts on a front face lock. Cash hits a back body drop but White blocks him to tag out. He keeps Cash under control for some more time. Juice hits a snap suplex to get a two-count.

White kicks at the face. He ducks Cash’s swing and hits a chop to drop Cash. Juice hits another standing senton. Cash gets his knees up on the second senton. Cash gets a two-count with a crucifix. Cash tries to fight both opponents. White ends up dropping him from behind. Juice holds Cash but he hits big boot on White. Cash hits a hurricanrana on White and tags in Dax. Dax hits corner splashes and chops on both opponents. He ducks a clothesline from Juice and hits him with a springboard crossbody for a two-count. He hits a couple of German suplexes and a brainbuster to get a near fall. Juice blocks a sharpshooter and kicks Dax into their corner.

White comes in to send Dax into the turnbuckle with a snap suplex. Juice hits a cannonball. They trade chops before White hits a back elbow. Cash stops Juice and pushes him off the top. FTR hit Juice with a sunset fip into double knees for a near fall. Dax hits a superplex but White counters by getting his knees up on splash from Cash. Juice hits a splash from the top on Dax. White covers but Dax kicks out of the pin. FTR hit Shatter Machine on Juice to get the pinfall. It is 1-1 now.

Cash has dropped Juice on the steel chair on the floor. White and Dax trade chops on the apron. White hits a back body drop on the apron. Dax picks him up for a powerbomb but White hits punches and they end up landing on the barricade in the tussle. Both men are down outside of the barricade. The referee brings in the medical team. They start trading punches while still in the crowd. Dax hits a suplex. He goes to reset the countdown. FTR hits double suplex on White on the floor. They hit a double suplex on Juice also. The referee starts a countdown. White barely beats it.

Both teams look spent as they face off in the ring once again. They start to trade punches. Juice takes Cash to the floor with a suplex. We cut to a break.

White is getting ready for a superkick as we return. But, he changes his mind mid-way and puts Dax in a sharpshooter. Dax thinks about tapping out but drags towards the corner. White brings him back to the middle. He drags towards the ropes and gets to them in the second attempt. Dax hits chops on White. He drops Juice from the apron when he tries to interfere. Dax sets up White on the top rope and hits a backdrop suplex. Both men are down in the middle.

Cash gets back to his corner but Juice pulls him off it once again. Juice whips Cash into the steel steps once again. White hits a bridging German suplex to get a near fall. Dax blocks the Blade Runner and puts on the sharpshooter. Cash comes in and puts Juice in the sharpshooter. They get tired and have to let it go. Dax removes his kneepad. Juice goes for Pulp Fiction but Dax blocks it and puts on the sharpshooter once again. Juice taps out.

Winners – FTR

FTR offer handshakes after the match. White spits at their hands and goes out of the ring.

Ruby Soho vs Willow Nightingale – 2023 Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

They lock up and Willow trips Ruby with ease. Ruby hits a kick to midsection and throws punches. Ruby blocks a move but Willow hits her with a shoulder tackle. Ruby tries for Destination Unknown but Willow hits a trio of suplex to get a two-count. She hits a corner splash. Ruby counters a corner splash by tripping her into the turnbuckle. We cut to a break.

Ruby misses a hip attack just as we return. Willow nails her with an enzuigiri. Willow ducks a clothesline from Ruby and hits a couple of her owns before some forearms and chops. She hits a Stampede to get a two-count. Ruby counters with a victory role to get a two-count. Willow hits a spinebuster and then puts on a single leg crab. Ruby gets to the ropes in a few seconds. Ruby picks up spray paint and hands it to Willow. The referee takes it away. Ruby rakes Willow’s eyes and hits an overhead kick for a near fall. Willow hits the pounch to send the spray paint flying. Willow hits a powerbomb to get the pinfall.

Winner – Willow Nightingale

Tony Khan is out on the stage to hand Willow the trophy and the belt of the tournament.

We see how QT Marshall went to Powerhouse Hobbs to try to make him understand that he did not cost him the match last week. Marshall says he would be ready to battle the biggest and the baddest if he had to prove it. Hobbs tells him to remember his words.

Kings on the Black Throne(Malakai Black & Brody King) vs Enhancement Talents

King starts with a big chop on his opponent. He throws him to the corner and brings in the other opponent. King hits another chop. Black tags in and hits a calf kick. He counter an inside cradle into a knee bar. Brody hits a corner splash on the other opponent before hitting a senton on the legal man. Brody hits a corner splash. Black hits a kick, but his pinfall attempt is broken. Andrade comes out to the stage. Some referee come out to try to stop him going to the ringside. Black hits Black Mass kick to get the pinfall.

Winners – Kings on the Black Throne

Black teases Andrade as he shows off his mask. Andrade is held back by the referees.

CM Punk vs Ricky Starks – 2023 Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

Punk starts with an arm wringer. Starks counters it. Punk also counters, and Starks gets him in leg scissors. Punk gets him down in a side headlock takeover. More back-and-forth action continues. Starks puts on a side headlock and Punk rolls him over for a pin attempt. Starks hits a shoulder tackle after Punk leapfrogs over him a couple of times. They block hip toss from each other before Punk throws Starks out of the ring with a hip toss. We cut to a break as Punk asks Starks to get back.

Punk misses a spear in the corner as we return. Starks hits Old School elbow drop before throwing him out of the ring. Punk gets back in and they lock up again. Punk hits a chop and a body slam. He gets to the second rope and hits an elbow drop. Punk hits a punch to midsection and a side Russia leg sweep to get another two-count. Punk cuts off Starks with a dropkick as he comes off the ropes. He hits a body slam and gets to the second rope. Starks trips him quickly to get a two-count. We cut to another break.

Punk hits a jumping knee in the corner as we return. Starks hits a big boot. Punk blocks a satellite DDT and goes to pin to get a two-count. Punk hits another jumping knee. Starks hits satellite DDT in the second attempt to get a two-count. Starks goes for the elbow drop from the top rope but Punk gets away. Punk nails some punches. Starks ducks a clothesline and they collide with each other in crossbody.

They trade punches while they are on their knees. Starks gets the upper hand with big shots. Punk uses the ropes to block a move. Punk hits a Piledriver but Starks kicks out. Starks blocks GTS and hits a spear. Punk falls to the floor. Punk counters the second spear with a front facelock. Spear gets his leg to break. Punk hits a hurricanrana from the top rope. They counter each other with the victory roll and Starks holds onto the ropes to get the pinfall.

Winner – Ricky Starks

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