UFC Releases, Retirement & Suspended Fighters List for 2023


UFC has a ton of fighters contracted with them and it is natural that some of the underperforming fighters will be released from the contract from time to time, some might take retirement from MMA or get suspended due to some violations. Here, we are listing all the recent UFC releases, retirements, and suspended fighters list.

Releases & Retirement

Below is the list of fighters that have left UFC either due to being released by UFC, retirement from MMA career, or have joined some other promotions.

NameReleased DateWeight DivisionNotes
Mauricio “Shogun” RuaJanuary 2023Light HeavyweightRetired
Glover Teixeira January 2023Light HeavyweightRetired
Francis NgannouJanuary 2023HeavyweightContract Expire
Damir IsmagulovJanuary 2023LightweightRetired from MMA
Francisco TrinaldoJanuary 2023WelterweightReleased
Mike JacksonJanuary 2023WelterweightReleased
Leah LetsonJanuary 2023Women’s FeatherweightRetired
Brandon DavisJanuary 2023BantamweightReleased
Kevin NatividadJanuary 2023BantamweightReleased
Gadzhi OmargadzhievJanuary 2023WelterweightReleased
Raulian PaivaJanuary 2023BantamweightReleased
Alejandro PérezJanuary 2023FeatherweightReleased
Jay PerrinJanuary 2023BantamweightReleased
Marcelo RojoJanuary 2023FeatherweightReleased
Liudvik SholinianJanuary 2023BantamweightReleased
Michael TrizanoJanuary 2023FeatherweightReleased
Sijara EubanksJanuary 2023Women’s FlyweightReleased
Shamil AbdurakhimovJanuary 2023HeavyweightReleased
Kyle DaukausJanuary 2023MiddleweightReleased
Saidyokub KakhramonovFebruary 2023BantamweightReleased
Carlos MotaFebruary 2023FlyweightReleased
Lina LänsbergFebruary 2023Women’s BantamweightRetired
William KnightFebruary 2023Light Heavyweight Released
Jordan WrightFebruary 2023Light HeavyweightReleased
Joshua WeemsFebruary 2023LightweightReleased
Raphael AssunçãoMarch 2023BantamweightRetirement


Below is the list of UFC fighters who have been suspended:

  • By USADA or WADA for using banned substances
  • By other Authorities for behavioural issues
  • By UFC for either doping or behavioural issues
DateNAMEWeight DivisionSuspended ByDurationNotes
Feb 9, 2021Raphael PessoaHeavyweight7-Keto-DHEA and AOD-9064 Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) and its metabolites Chlorothiazide and 4-amino-6-chloro-1,3-benzenedisulfonamide (ACB)2 YearsFailed Dope Test in samples collected from out-of-competition on February 9, 2021, February 15, 2021, February 16, 2021, and March 4, 2021.
August 30, 2021Liliya ShakirovaWomen’s FlyweightUSADA2 YearsMeldonium
Dec 23, 2021Michel PrazeresWelterweightUSADA4 Years second doping violation
Jan 03, 2022Ashlee Evans-SmithWomen’s Bantamweight USADA14 Months
March 14, 2022Elizeu Zaleski dos SantosWelterweightUSADA1 Years
November 05, 2022Jeff MolinaFlyweight NSAC


    1. Kevin Lee was released on November 2021. Before that, he tested positive for banned stimulants and suspended for 6 months. He is both suspended list and released list.

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