Ian Garry vs MVP Michael Page UFC 303 Live Blog, Play By Play

Ian Machado Garry vs Michael Page UFC 303

Welcome to the live blog for Ian Garry Machado vs “MVP” Michael Page welterweight bout for UFC 303 PPV.

Garry is unbeaten in his whole MMA career so far as he enters his eighth UFC bout. He defeated Geoff Neal in his last outing earlier this year at UFC 298 PPV. MVP made his UFC debut a month later at UFC 299 by beating Kevin Holland, but comes into the promotion after having an exciting career outside.

Will Garry be able to continue his unbeaten run here, or will MVP continue his winning start in UFC? Tune in below as we post live play by play and round by round updates from Ian Garry Machado vs MVP Michael Page bout from UFC 303 main card.


Round 1: MVP attempts an audacious kick but Garry ducks and goes for a high kick himself. A lot of movement from MVP and neither man is able to get anything significant going. Garry hits a high kick. MVP quickly counters with a punch as the first minute ends. Garry catches his ankle as he goes for a kick and gets a takedown. Garry pushes him against the cage and gets control on his waist. MVP tries to get him away but Garry slowly gets to his back and gets his legs wrapped around MVP’s waist. Garry gets a choke on from behind with the body triangle on. MVP is able to break the choke but body triangle is still on. Garry hits elbows and punches from behind while Page keeps his choke away. Garry continues to punch him on his face as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Garry starts the second round with a jab. MVP lands a big right as he closes the distance quickly. A front kick is attempted before some fients from MVP. After a minute, MVP charges once again to land another shot. Garry checks his calf kick and hits a punch. He ducks a punch and gets on the waistlock before pushing MVP to the cage. They are in a clinch and both men attempt some strikes. Garry changes level, drops down and catches MVP’s leg. He is able to trip MVP after a few seconds to attempt a leg lock. MVP is able to out of this lock. MVP changes his stance to southpaw and quickly lands a combo. Garry ducks another shot and lands a counter punch. MVP lands a quick punch. Few more seconds pass before MVP lands another jab.

Round 3: Garry connects a knee to midsection while MVP lands a jab. Garry hitst comes outside calf kicks. MVP also lands a calf kick as he gets in southpaw stance. Garry lands a body kick. MVP lands a punch but Garry ducks the second punch in the combo and goes for a clinch. He is able to get MVP down but MVP is on top of him. Garry puts on a body triangle but is unable to do anything significant from there. MVP gets out of it after a minute. Garry blocks a high kick. Garry gets into a clinch and is able to get on his back to attempt a choke. Garry climbs on his back as Page is bogged down with his weight. Garry keeps attempting punches from that awkward position for the rest of the round.

Official Decision: Ian Machado Garry defeated Michael Venom Page via unanimous decision(29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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