WWE TLC 2019 Live Results & Updates- Tables, Ladders & Chairs

WWE TLC 2019 Live Results & Updates

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results and Updates blog for WWE TLC 2019(Tables, Ladders & Chairs) PPV show on 15 December 2019.

  • TLC 2019 Location: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • TLC Date: 15 December 2019
  • TLC 2019 Kick-off Show Time: 6 PM EST(11 PM GMT/ 16 December 2019 4:30 AM GMT)
  • TLC 2019 Main Show Time: 7 PM ET(16 December 2019 12 PM GMT/5:30 AM GMT)

The last WWE PPV of the year is here and it is a major feeling that it has gone past many fans due to lack of proper buildup. That is, even after many of its matches that are in the making for a long time now. Rusev-Lashley & Roman-Corbin storyline started in October and as well as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match. But the fact that none of those matches were announced until 10 days back, there was literally no buzz around the show for a long time.

Then, there is also a case of many matches being scrapped or changed last minute. Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler’s SD Tag Title shot and Braun Strowman’s match against IC Champion Shinsuke Nakamura were scrapped due to some reason or the other. But still, with just 7 matches, TLC might turn out to be a sleeper hit if WWE gets their storytelling right.

Quick Results

  1. Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade
  2. The New Day defeated The Revival in a ladder match to retain WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
  3. Aleister Black defeated Buddy Murphy
  4. The Viking Raiders vs The OC match for RAW Tag Team Championship went to a double count-out.
  5. Baron Corbin defeated Roman Reigns in a TLC match
  6. Bray Wyatt defeated The Miz to retain WWE Universal Championship
  7. Bobby Lashley defeated Rusev in a Tables match
  8. The Kabuki Warriors defeated Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch in a TLC Match to retain WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Check out the complete match card and storylines for TLC 2019 here.

Pre-Show for WWE TLC 2019

Jonathan Coachman welcomes us for the kick-off show with Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Booker T. They plug other things before going through the match line-up. The discussion starts with the WWE Women’s Tag Team match first.

They discuss Lashley vs Rusev match and the Love triangle next. Lashley and Lana are in an interview with the panel now. Lana snaps at Coachman and starts a rant. She says that she and Lashley are the victims here. Lana calls Charly Caruso a Renee Young wannabe when she asks her if Lashley could win the match. Lana continues to talk but Coach cuts her off and ends the interview.

The Revival interrupt the panel next and claims that they will prove that they are best in the world by defeating the New Day. They get into an argument with Booker T and challenge him and Stevie Ray(Harlem Heat) for a match. They even tell Booker that they deserve their Hall of Fame rings.

Humberto Carrillo vs Andrade

Carrillo goes for the dropkick which is blocked by Andrade. Andrade hits a low running boot to the face. He corners Carrillo and send him across the ring. He hits a knee to the head for a two count. Andrade runs into an elbow before Carrillo hits a hurricanrana. He goes to the top but Andrade shoves him to send him into the floor.

Andrade hangs Carrillo in an armbar on the ropes. Andrade keeps control and puts Humberto in an armbar. Humberto breaks the jaw and brings Andrade down with another hurricanrana. He avoids a running knee and sends Andrade to the floor. Back in the ring, Andrade misses a kick and gets hung up on the rope. Carrillo hits a missile dropkick for two-count. Carrillo goes to the top and Andrade follows him. They trade a few strikes before Andrade ultimately sets him up for the big double stomp.

Andrade has suffered a cut near his eye at some point in the match. They trade strikes before Andrade hits a huge clothesline. Andrade back-drops Carrillo into the turnbuckles and hits double knees in the corner. Carrillo blocks the hammerlock DDT and Vega had to come to the apron. Andrade hits with a suplex and goes to the top. Carrillo follows him to hit an inverted hurricanrana for the top. Carrillo hits a moonsault off the top and gets the pin.

Winner- Humberto Carrillo

After the match, Carrillo celebrates and heads back. Vega enters the ring, staring at Andrade. Andrade looks angry at her and it looks as if Andrade and Vega are splitting.

A video package on The Miz vs Bray Wyatt is next. We get a promo from Aleister Black from backstage. He threatens that he will take Buddy Murphy out with just one deadly Black Mass. Back to the panel who goes over tonight’s card. The final match to be discussed is Roman Reigns vs King Corbin.

WWE TLC 2019 Main Show Results

The main show opens up a new Firefly Fun House segment with WWE Universal Champion The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Wyatt talks about the past year and asks whether he has been naughty or nice. We see highlights of the main feuds for tonight’s matches and the involved persons are labeled as naughty or nice. The TLC Theme song Do You Know me is also going on.

The New Day(c) vs The Revival – Ladder Match, SmackDown Tag Team Championship

It is a ladder match so all four men are active at the same time. They start the brawl and The Revival gets the upper hand. New Day turn things around with some double team attacks. Big E sends Dawson into the ring post while Kofi takes care of Wilder by slamming him in the ladder. The Revival regain control soon and ram Kingston into the LED board on the ring apron. Kofi takes down both members of The Revival by jumping onto a ladder.

Some comedy from Big E as he and The Revival play tug of war with a ladder and he ends up knocking them down. Dawson saves his partner from a splash on top of the ladder and Big E crashes to the floor. Revival catches Kofi in a dive and slams him into a ladder. They could not capitalize as Big E prevents them from getting the titles. Dawson dropkicks the ladder when he tries to get the titles himself.

Big E falls hard with leg wrapped with the ladder. The Revival slams the ladder into his midsection in the corner and hits a dropkick on the ladder. Big E is dropped on the ladder now. Kofi uses the ladder like a seesaw to knock both men. Big E puts Dawson in a submission while Kofi uses a ladder on Dawson. Wilder pushes Big E out of the ring and Scott Dawson stops Kofi from grabbing the titles. Kofi takes out both men with a DDT from the ladder and a Trouble in Paradise.

However, The Revival recovers soon and hits the Shatter Machine. The crowd is booing as they climb the ladder. Big E takes them down and hits Wilder with a spear to knock him off the apron. Big E sets up a bridge of ladders in the corner. He sets up Dawson on the bridge and climbs on the turnbuckle. But before he could jump, Wilder engages him and gives time to Dawson to recover. Dawson hits the suplex on Big E, sending him on the ladder. Then he puts Big E through the ladder with a splash.

Kingston jumps onto the ladder from out of nowhere and stops Dawson from bringing down the titles. The Revival duo traps him in the ladder rungs until Big E comes back. The Big Man pulls Wilder off the ladder and hits the Big Ending. Kofi knocks Dawson off the ladder after some punches. He climbs another ladder and takes down the titles to win the match.

Winners- The New Day

Kayla Braxton is interviewing King Corbin backstage. Corbin brags about not being concerned with Roman Reigns. He also promises to use all of the tables, ladders, and chairs to beat Reigns. He will make everyone bow to the king.

Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy enters first and sits in the middle of the ring just like Black does. Aleister Black enters and jumps into the ring, sitting right across Murphy. Black goes for the Black Mass immediately but Murphy dodges it. They trade quick pinning attempts before coming to a stalemate. Black once again sits in the ring in his signature pose. He avoids a kick from Murphy and grabs him by the arm to bring him down.

Buddy hits a back elbow and Black responds some roundhouse kicks on his chest. Black sweeps Murphy’s leg on the apron and goes for a soccer kick. Murphy blocks it and brings him down onto the steel steps. Murphy is in control now and has Black down in an abdominal stretch. Aleister has broken his nose and is bleeding. Murphy backdrops him onto the apron.

Murphy takes Black’s jacket from the timekeeper area and wears it himself. Black is irritated and kicks him in the face. Murphy eats a few punches before Murphy nails a big boot to the face. Black returns the favor quickly with a flurry of kicks. Murphy is sent to the apron with a back elbow and then gets pushed into the ring post. A moonsault from the middle rope from Black before he drills Murphy with a knee to the face.

Murphy counters when Black tries to hit a superplex. But Black jumps right back up to kick him in the head. Murphy hits a few superkicks back to back and hits a powerbomb for a near fall. He unleashes a few knee strikes and a brainbuster. But Black kicks out at two-count again. They exchange strikes in the ring before Aleister Black hits the Black Mass for the pin and the win.

Winner- Aleister Black

Charly Caruso and Rusev are backstage and Charly asks about Bobby Lashley’s plan to propose to Lana. Rusev says he is glad since he won’t have to pay her alimony. He is also confident about tonight’s Tables Match though.

The Viking Raiders vs The OC- RAW Tag Team Championship Match

The Viking Raiders make their way to the ring. They say they have dominated everyone on RAW and put forward an open challenge just like they did at RAW last week. The crowd is behind them as they wait for their challengers. Predictably, The OC’s, Gallows and Anderson come out with their “Best Tag Team in the World” trophy that they won at the Crown Jewel 2019 PPV. Gallows and Anderson take the mics from the ramp. They says that this open challenge is lame, just like Minneapolis(the venue for tonight’s show). They head to the ring to start the match.

Anderson and Erik lock up and Erik scoops up Anderson to slams him down. Ivar tags in and keeps Anderson grounded before another tag to Erik tags. Erik slams Ivar onto Anderson in a double team move. Erik is sent to the floor where Gallows hits him with a superkick when the referee was not looking. Back in the ring, Anderson hits a double spinebuster. Gallows comes in and hits a few punches, an upper cut and a suplex on Erik.

Anderson is tagged in after a few elbow drops from Gallows. Erik fights off both opponents in the corner and Ivar gets the hot tag. He runs over the OC with splashes and other big moves. Gallows and Anderson try to double team him but Ivar is not kept down for long. He goes to the top when Anderson pulls him down. He and Gallows can hit a double team neckbraker for two-count. Erik tags in and they hit the Viking Experience only for Gallows to break up the pin. He hits Erik with a spinebuster.

Erik an The OC are outside the ring now. Erik is sent into the barrier and Ivar hits a suicide dive on the OC. Both teams end up getting counted out.

After the bell, Anderson start stomps on the Viking Raiders. The crowd has started booing them. Anderson slams Erik face-first into a table at the ringside. Anderson drags the table over to the bottom of the ramp. They go to double team Erik through the table but Ivar scoops them up. Erik clears the table and they drive Anderson through it.

Roman Reigns vs King Baron Corbin – TLC Match

Corbin orders his servants to attack Roman on the stage. Roman is equal to the task as he knocks them all off the stage. Corbin also runs up the ramp with a steel chair but Roman is unstoppable. The bell rings while they are still at the ramp and Roman knocks Corbin into the LED board. Roman maintains the upper hand as get near the ring. Corbin hits Deep Six as soon as they get inside the ring. Roman kicks out at two and Corbin drives him the barricade next.

Corbin brings Roman back in the ring to hit a clothesline for a near fall. Corbin maintains the upperhand as hekicks the ropes to cause a low blow as Roman on the ropes before sending Roman into the steel step. He grabs a table and then a ladder and sticks it into to Roman’s midsection. Corbin with a few chair shots at Romans’s back now. Roman return in the match with some signature corner clotheslines and a big boot. Corbin halts his momentum with a chokeslam backbreaker.

Roman sends Corbin into a chair and hits him with a Superman Punch. Roman gets a near fall. He also sets up a table in the ring. Corbin rolls out of the ring. Roman follows and gets hit with a can of dog food. Corbin hits a chokeslam on Roman, sending him through the table for a two count. Corbin brings Roman to the German announce table. Roman turns the table by putting him through the table with a Samoan drop.

Roman was about to charge for a spear but he runs right into a superkick from Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler and Corbin brings out the handcuffs and dog food again, just like they did at SmackDown last week. They go to pour dog food on the timekeeper but the Big Dog takes out Corbin and Ziggler with some drive-by kicks. Roman finds a kendo stick under the ring and takes out everyone from Corbin’s security team as they tried to interfere.

The Revival also get into the action now. They drop Roman and rain him down with kendo stick. Roman rocks Wilderand Dawson with Superman punches. Roman clotheslines Corbin out of the ring. He ends up taking out everyone- Corbin, his security and the Revival, with a dive over the top rope. Roman brings Corbin back into the ring and sets up for a spear. Ziggler bring in a chair and hits Roman in the face. Ziggler and The Revival pick up the Big Dog and hit him with a Shatter Machine. Corbin hits the End of Days on a steel chair for the win.

Winner- Baron Corbin

Bray Wyatt vs The Miz

The Miz heads to the ring. It’s the Firefly Fun House music when WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt comes out. This is Bray Wyatt in his Firefly Fun House avatar. The Happy version! And no sign of The Fiend! Wyatt does not get into the ring but goes to the commentary table. He clears off the top of the table and climbs on top of it. He plays to the crowd and screams that he is really excited about this.

Wyatt plays with the crowd on the apron. He gets in and out of the ring as the crowd keeps cheering him. Wyatt enters the ring finally. The title is on the line after all. The Miz is quick to start as he charges at Wyatt.The Miz is relentless as he continues to unload on Wyatt in the corner. Wyatt is not trying to fight, going with his gimmick. But the Miz is in no mood and stomps him into the mat. Wyatt keeps laughing even as the Miz tries to tear down his face.

Miz uses Wyatt’s sweater to tie up his arms. He hits a few punches on Wyatt until Wyatt grabs him by the throat. Miz kicks him away and start hitting his signature ‘It Kicks’ in the corner. He follows it with running knees. Wyatt changes his expressions. But it was all for nothing as Miz counters Sister Abigail with the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz does not pin Wyatt though and keep punishing Wyatt. Miz starts slamming Wyatt’s face into the mat and Wyatt keeps laughing all the time.

They go to the floor when Wyatt starts throwing himself into the barrier. Wyatt is trying to put his shoulder back into its place. Miz tosses him around the ring. Wyatt moves when the Miz charges which sends him into the timekeeper’s area. Wyatt expressions have changed now. He hits Sister Abigail on the Miz from the top of the barrier. Wyatt starts smiling now and returns to the ring. Miz reaches the ring at the 9-count. Wyatt immediately hits another Sister Abigail and covers for the pin to win.

Winner- Bray Wyatt(retains the Universal Title)

After the match, Wyatt is all smiles as he sits on his knees. Moments later, he snaps as he snatches the title from the referee. The Fiend appears on the big screen. Wyatt is staring at the Fiend on the screen. The fans start chanting “let him in!” Wyatt goes under the ring and comes back with the large mallet out previously seen at Hell in a Cell.

The lights start going down. Wyatt starts yelling “he’s here,” probably for the Fiend. But as he turns around, there is a hooded man in the ring. The man charges and drops Wyatt with a running knee. The fans realize that its Daniel Bryan and start chanting “Yes!” Daniel Bryan takes the hood off. He unloads on Wyatt with kicks. He follows with multiple running dropkicks. The fans start chanting ‘yes!” as Bryan continues his assault.

Bryan grabs the mallet. Before he could use it, the lights go out. They come back on and there is no sign of Miz or Wyatt. Bryan throws the mallet in the corner. He poses for the fans for a bit before heading to the back.

Rusev vs Bobby Lashley- Tables Match

Rusev and Lashley start brawling, going to the floor. Rusev pounds Lashley to the ground. He brings a table into the ring. Lana pulls the table out and the distraction helps Lashley. He attacks Rusev from behind and slams him into the mat. Lashley sets up a table at the ringside. This gives Rusev a chance to attack Lashley. He hits a suplex on the ramp.

He goes to put him through the table but Lashley flips it. Lashley sends Rusev into the steel steps and continues to beat Rusev around. Their brawl continues back and forth. Rusev prevents Lashley from hitting the superplex through a table and knocks him off the apron. Rusev sends Lashley into the steel steps. He gets a piece of guardrail and brings it to the ring. Rusev slams Lashley into the guardrail. Lashley rakes his eyes and slams Rusev onto the guardrail.

Lashley hits Rusev with a kendo stick several times. Lana is laughing watching this. Rusev amps up now and catches the kendo stick. He unloads the stick on Lashley’s ribs before breaking it over his knee. Rusev hits Bobby with a big Machka Kick. Lana suddenly jumps on Rusev’s back. Lashley takes advantage and tries to put Rusev through the table in the corner with a Spear. However, the table doesn’t break. Lashley had to launch Rusev through a table in the other corner to get the win.

Winner- Bobby Lashley

The Street Profits are backstage. They hype how exciting the TLC has been. A fight has broken out as Roman Reigns start brawling with King Baron Corbin. Dolph Ziggler gets involved. The Revival and The New Day also start laying into each other. For some reason, The Viking Raiders and The OC are also beating on each other. The Street Profits also jump in the bandwagon.

Kabuki Warriors vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair- TLC Match, WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Charlotte & Becky goes right after The Kabuki Warriors to send them out of the ring. Lynch throws Asuka into the barricade while Charlotte slams Sane with a big boot. Charlotte and Becky toss Sane between each other back and forth at the commentary tables. They set up a ladder in the ring which gives Asuka the opportunity to throw chairs at them. Asuka rams the ladder into Lynch and then picks up Charlotte. They send the Queen into the ropes.

Asuka hits a kick to the mid-section and then rains down some steel chairs. Sane kicks at the chair as Asuka holds it against Charlotte’s face. Becky slams Asuka’s face into a chair and then a ladder. Becky and Charlotte hit Asuka with a Double Electric Chair, face-first into the ring post. But Asuka still makes the save when Charlotte and Becky try to powerbomb Sane through a table. Asuka is sent into the ring post now.

The Pirate Princess loses her cool and starts throwing chairs into the ring. Some of them bounce back and one chair even hits her. Becky and Charlotte are not amused and start throwing the chairs back at her. Kairi escapes under the ring and uses a fire extinguisher when her opponents drag her out. Asuka has got hold of a rope for a unique offense as she starts whipping Becky and Charlotte on their backs.

They use a kendo stick to lock Charlotte in one of the commentator’s chair at ringside. Asuka hits Becky with a Suplex on the ladder and Sane ties up Becky onto the ladder with a rope. The Kabuki Warriors go to climbs the ladder in the ring but Charlotte has got free and she takes them out with kendo stick. Charlotte forces them out of the ring and then picks up the ladder to drive it into the face of Asuka. She continues and drives Asuka into the steel chairs set up on a table.

Flair suplexes Kairi Sane into the barricade and start untying Becky. Asuka slams a steel chair on her back to stop her. Kairi goes for the InSane Elbow while Becky was still tied up. But Becky gets her knees up and manages to get herself free. She starts raining down on Asuka while Charlotte does the same to Sane. They set up chairs in the middle of the ring and make The Kabuki Warriors sit on them. Charlotte and Becky take them both out with running attacks.

Becky now rains som chair shots to both her opponents’ back. Becky jumps with a leg drop on Asuka, sending her through the table. Becky and Charlotte set up Sane for a double suplex but Sane resists their first attempt and counters the second one with a double DDT. Sane sets up both opponents on the table and climbs onto the apron. She jumps with the Insane Elbow. She lands on Becky but the table does not break. Charlotte is unhurt by it and she powerbombs Sane through a table.

Asuka comes back to hit Charlotte with a German suplex. Asuka grabs hold of Sane and brings her into the ring. They try to set up another ladder in the ring to bring down the titles. But they took a long time to set the ladder as Becky and Charlotte come back armed with steel chairs. Becky hits Kairi with the chair. There is some commotion at the ringside and it seems Sane is injured.

Asuka ends up hitting a powerbomb on Charlotte through a table on the floor from the middle turnbuckle. Becky comes into the ring and hits Asuka with a Bexploder, sending her into a ladder. Becky climbs the ladder. But the ladder has a rope tied on it and Asuka grabs the rope and pulls the ladder. Becky drops on the ropes and flops out of the ring. Asuka sets up another ladder and climbs up to take down the titles.

Winner- Kabuki Warriors(retains WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship)

After the match, Asuka stands on the ladders with the titles. But her celebration is cut short as the camera turns to the brawl between several male superstars going on between the crowd. Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin, The Revival, The New Day, The OC, Dolph Ziggler, The OC, The Viking Raiders, and so many others- all are going at it. Roman hits a spear from an elevated platform that takes him and Corbin onto the horde of Superstars and security down below. The final WWE pay-per-view of the decade goes off the air with all the Superstars laid out between the fans.

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