WWE SmackDown Live Results 16 July 2021: Roman & Edge in Tag Team Action, MITB Go-Home

WWE SmackDown 16 July 2021

WWE SmackDown will air the go-home episode for Money in the Bank 2021 PPV on 16 July 2021 from Toyota Center in Houston, TX. With the return of fans in the arena, 3 big matches are announced to promise a big show.

Roman Reigns was the biggest star of the Thunderdome era and he will look to continue that run. His storyline with Edge is easily the biggest storyline going on in WWE and it will continue with a 6-man tag team match tonight. Bianca’s title defense against Carmella and Fatal 4-way match between MITB participants are the other two announced matches.

You can check more details on these matches in our preview here.

Join us as we bring you the complete action, live results, updates, list of winners, and video highlights from WWE SmackDown 16 July 2021.

Show – WWE Friday Night SmackDown
Date – 16 July 2021
Location – Toyota Center, Houston, TX, US
Time – 8 PM EST(17 July 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

WWE SmackDown 16 July 2021 Quick Results

  • Roman Reigns & The Usos defeated Edge & The Mysterios via pinfall in a 6 Man Tag Team Match
  • Shotzi & Tegan Nox defeated Natalya & Tamina in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Bianca Belair defeated Carmella in a singles match via pinfall to retain WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • Cesaro defeated Otis(w/ Chad Gable) in a singles match via disqualification.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Big E, Kevin Owens and King Nakamura to win a Fatal 4-Way match via pinfall.

The show opens with a video package to welcome back fans. Michael Cole welcomes us as we go live from the arean. He is joined at ringside by Pat McAfee. Cole announces 14,496 fans in attendance tonight.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon comes out to the stage and gets a big pop from the crowd. Mr. McMahon takes the mic and asks everyone where the hell they have been. Vince then heads to the back.

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs Edge & The Mysterios

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way out next to a pop and pyro. The Usos and Paul Heyman are with him. They head to the ring together. Reigns raises the title in the air as more pyro goes off.

The music stops and the fans boo Reigns and his crew. Out next are SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio to a pop. WWE Hall of Famer Edge is out next to a massive pop as we open the show with six-man action. The two teams face off in the ring as we go to commercial.

A quick start to the match with the babyfaces dominating. Dominik was unloading and did not realize that Jimmy has tagged in. Jimmy attacks him and takes control. Roman asks for the tag and comes in. Roman hecks Dominik to the floor and Dominik lands on his back. Roman takes him back to the ring for a while as he beats him around. Back to the floor, Roman hits a powerbomb to Dominik on the announce table. Roman gets a roar going and taunts the crowd for booing him. We cut to a break.

Dominik hits the tornado DDT on Jimmy as we return. Edge and Jey get hot tags. Edge decks Jimmy but Roman avoids his swing. Edge hits a back body drop on Jey. Edge goes to the floor and runs over Roman. Edge goes back to the ring and tags in Rey. Jimmy does not realize that and Rey gets some quick moves going. Dominik takes care of Jey as he tries to interfere.

Roman picks up Dominik and slams him to the floor. Rey drops Jimmy for 619. Rey goes for 619 but Roman catches him and slams his back into the apron. Roman taunts the crowd once again, but as he turns, Edge spears him. In the ring, Jimmy Uso gets the pin out of nowhere.

Winner – Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso

After the match, Rey argues with the referee pver the finish. Jey attacks him. Dominik makes the save but The Usos beat The Mysterios down. Edge brings a steel char in and takes out The Usos with it. Roman comes and hits a big Superman Punch to Edge. Reigns stands tall over Edge and raises the Universal Title. Fans keeps booing him. Roman grabs a chair and breaks the steel rod off it to put Edge in the crossface.

Edge hits him with a big Spear before Roman could do anything. Edge picks up the steel rod and applies the Crossface to Reigns, pulling back on Reigns and making him yell out. Reigns then begins to tap out. Edge finally breaks the hold and stands tall as his music hits. Edge grabs the title and raises it in the air for another pop. He then lays the title over Reigns as we go to replays.

Edge and The Mysterios are heading to their locker room backstage. Edge is stopped for the interview. He talks about winning the Universal Championship for a while before Seth Rollins interrupts him with a hysterical laugh. Seth says Roman made his the most megalomaniac person but he has got Edge’s number. Seth says Edge won’t be able to defeat Roman, but he would win the Money in the Bank Ladder match and cash in on Universal Champion and boot down Edge to finish what he started 7 years ago.

Sami Wants Justice

Sami Zayn comes out and talks about being victimized, being left out of the Money in the Bank Ladder match. Sami says he has the advantage of the fans being in the crowd today and they can make their voices heard regarding the injustice done to him. The crowd boos and Sami turns his tone on
Sami says if there is any justice, he will be handed the MITB briefcase right away. But there is no justice.

Finn Balor’s music hits and he makes his return to Smackdown. Sami Zayn is shocked. Balor comes out to the stage and heads to the ring, doing his things. Balor is in his ring gear. Balor enters the ring and they circle the ring. Sami welcomes him back and suddenly attacks Balor. Balor hits the DDT and a shotgun dropkick. Balot hits the Coupe de Grace. Sami clenches his chest and rolls to the floor. Balor adores the reception from the crowd.

Shotzi & Tegan Nox vs Natalya & Tamina

Shotzi and Tegan make their entrance on Shotzi’s mini tank. Shotzi fires a t-shirt into the crowd from her tank. We cut to the break.

After the break, Tamina and Natalya make their entrance. Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega are on the commentary for this match. They start arguing as soon as they get on.

Tamina kicks at Shotzi to start and hits a body slam. Tamina knocks Tegan off the apron and hits a corner splash on Shotzi. Natalya tags in but Shotzi hits a step-up enziguiri and double leg drop on Natalya as he tries to get the crowd going. Natalya turns it around and makes quick tags with Tamina to keep Shotzi under control. Shotzi decks Tamina with a back elbow on the apron. She slips from under Natalya and tags in Tegan Nox.

Nox comes in with a punch and an uppercut. Nox kicks Tamina from the apron. Nox hits the shining wizard on Natalya and Tamina has to break the pin. Liv and Vega start to brawl on the floor. Liv runs in and out of the ring. She takes out Vega with a jumping clothesline. Natalya goes to put Tegan in the sharpshooter but gets distracted by Liv and Vega. Tegan rolls up Natalya for the pin.

Winner – Shotzi & Tegan Nox

After the match, Tamina attacks Liv at ringside as she was angry over the interruption. Natalya grabs Zelina and sends her into a big superkick from Tamina. Tamina charges at Liv but she moves and Tamina hits the ring steps. Liv takes out Natalya with a clothesline. They get in the ring and Liv lays out Natalya in the middle of the ring. Liv stands tall under the briefcases as fans cheer her on.

Bianca Belair vs Carmella – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Carmella makes her entrance as the commentators try to put her over as the most beautiful woman in the world. Bianca Belair comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Bianca gets in the ring and raises her title as the pop keeps going for her. The announcements get done and they are ready to go.

Carmella pushes Bianca and Bianca replies by shoving her down. Carmella slaps Bianca and runs around the ring. Bianca follows and Carmella catches him with a bulldog takedown. Belair runs her over with a big shoulder tackle. More back and forth action. Carmella with a hip attack in the corner for a two-count. Belair hits a shoulder tackle in the corner. Carmella sends her on the floor but Belair hits her with an elbow. Carmella pulls her shoulder into the ring post.

Carmella goes and pick Bianca to take her back to the ring. Carmella gets a two-count. Back to the floor, Carmella throws Bianca into the barricades a few times. The crowd boos Carmella and she takes in the hate as we get to the break.

Bianca is making her comeback as we return. She slams Carmella into the corner before a body slam. Bianca hits a moonsault splash despite Carmella moving away from the move. Bianca goes to the top and Carmella decks her. Carmella tries to take her down with headscissors but Bianca sends her away. Carmella climbs the top and decks Bianca. Carmella takes Bianca down with headscissors from the top to get a two-count.

“EST” chants start and Bianca reverses a pin attempt. Carmella’s reversal sends Bianca into the ring post. Carmella puts on the Guillotine lock on Bianca. Bianca tries to fight back but then starts to fade out. The crowd gets behind Bianca and she overpowers Carmella to turn the move into a vertical suplex. Bianca covers Carmella, but she kicks out at two. Carmella grabs hold of Bianca’s braids.

They get on the floor and Carmella ducks a shot from the braids. Carmella hits a superkick and takes her back to the ring quickly for a pin attempt. Bianca kicks out of a near fall. Carmella gets hold of Bianca’s braids again. Carmella goes for another superkick but Bianca ducks it and hits Carmella with her braids. Bianca hits the KOD to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Bianca Belair(retains WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Bianca celebrates with the title after the match.

Otis(w/ Chad Gable) vs Cesaro

Chad Gable is with Otis backstage. Gable talks about the fear that Otis has installed in the locker room. Gable informs that Otis will face Cesaro next. Cesaro rolls up and says it was good that Gable and Otis left him out of the list that they made of people in fear of Otis. Gable and Cesaro has some words. Otis ends up decking Cesaro into the ribs a few times. Cesaro screams in pain as we cut to the break.

Afte the break, we get the vignette for Toni Storm and she is coming to SmackDown next week.

The bell rings and Otis unloads on Cesaro in the corner with body shots. Otis with a stiff strike as Gable cheers him on. Cesaro fights back with uppercuts. Gable with a quick distraction from the outside, allowing Otis to scoop Cesaro and slam him in the middle of the ring. Otis charges in the corner but Cesaro moves and Otis hits the ring post. Otis is sent out now. Gable runs in and grabs Cesaro from behind, slamming him with a German suplex. The referee calls for the disqualification.

Winner – Cesaro(by DQ)

After the bell, Cesaro fights Gable off and nails the big uppercut. Fans count as Cesaro delivers the Cesaro Swing to Gable in the middle of the ring now. Otis makes the save and beats Cesaro down. Gable barks orders as Otis destroys Cesaro and delivers the Vader Bomb from the second rope. Fans boo as Gable and Otis stand tall together. Otis apparently has some blood coming from his nose.

Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens vs King Nakamura vs Big E – Fatal 4-Way Match

Big E takes Rollins down to the floor with a spear. Owens hits a plancha on Big E. Nakamura attacks Owens and sends him into the barricade as we cut to the break.

Owens and Big E are fighting as we return. Big E sends Owens to the floor. He also throws Nakamura out of the ring. Owens decks him from the apron and they end up on the top turnbuckle. Nakamura joins Big E to hits double superplex on the Owens. Rollins comes in with a splash but misses it as Big E moves away. Nakamura attacks Owens and was looking for the Kinshasa.

Big E catches him and hits the Big Ending. Rollins breaks the pin. Rollins gets a ladder in the ring and hits Owens with it. He sets up Nakamura on the announce table. Rollins goes climbing the ladder but Owens brings him down. Owens himself climbs the ladder and hits a splash on Nakamura on the announce table. Back in the ring, Rollins hits the stomp to Big E on a ladder to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Seth Rollins

After the match, Rollins celebrates his win. He brings in a ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring below the MITB briefcases. Rollins climbs the ladder and brings down the briefcase. Rollins celebrates as the show goes off the air.

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