WWE SmackDown Live Results December 30, 2022 – Roman & Cena

Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn vs John Cena & Kevin Owens on WWE Smackdown December 30 2022
Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn vs John Cena & Kevin Owens on WWE Smackdown December 30, 2022, Image Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE SmackDown episode of December 30, 2022, which will be the last episode of SmackDown this year and feature big stars in John Cena and Roman Reigns.

John Cena will team up with Kevin Owens for the biggest tag team match of this year. They will take on Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Owens’ friend Sami Zayn. This is all part of a big storyline between Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and The Bloodline. This will also be John Cena’s only wrestling match this year.

Another Bloodline member in Solo Sikoa will take on Sheamus in a singles rematch between them. Expect the likes of Drew McIntyre, Karrion Kross, Bray Wyatt and other big stars to appear in some manner. Ronda Rousey will defend SmackDown Women’s Championship against Raquel Rodriguez.

Check below for the results from WWE Friday Night SmackDown December 30, 2022 episode with live updates, complete action, videos and more.


  • Solo Sikoa defeated Sheamus in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Ronda Rousey(c) defeated Raquel Rodriguez in a singles match via pinfall to retain WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • Charlotte Flair defeated Ronda Rousey(c) in a singles match via pinfall to win WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • John Cena & Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn in a tag team match via pinfall.


Wyatt, Knight and Howdy

Bray Wyatt is opening the show. The lights go off as Wyatt makes his grand entrance with his entrance. Wyatt says he has done horrible things to get here, but he did not regret much. But, he regrets attacking the cameraman last week and he apologizes to him. LA Knight interrupts Wyatt.

Knight says Wyatt is not able to control himself and could not even finish one sentence properly. He also says Wyatt cannot just step aside saying that Uncle Howdy attacked Knight and not Wyatt. Knight gets into the ring and says Royal Rumble is just around and this will be his first one, so, he want to make it special.

Wyatt calls Knight an idiot and says he could have ended all of this anytime he wanted. So, if Knight wants Royal Rumble, it is on. Wyatt throws the mic and Uncle Howdy appears on the screen asking to “Rebel what you are”. Uncle Howdy then comes out to the stage.

Uncle Howdy makes his entrance to the ring, circles both Knight and Wyatt. Suddenly, he drops Wyatt with Sister Abigail. LA Knight gets out of the ring immediately. He starts swearing which is getting beeped on-screen. Uncle Howdy watches Wyatt for a while before leaving to the back.

Sami Zayn is backstage. He was getting into Roman Reigns’ locker room, but Paul Heyman meets him outside. Heyman engages him with some “delay tactics” until he gets a green light from inside to get Sami in.

Sheamus vs Solo Sikoa

Sheamus comes out first with Ridge Holland and Butch. Solo Sikoa comes out with The Usos. they lock up to start. Sheamus pushes Solo away before putting on a side headlock. Solo no-sells a shoulder tackle. Sheamus puts on an arm wrench. Solo nails him with elbows. They no-sell shoulder tackles.

Solo finally drops Sheamus with a clothesline. Solo chokes Sheamus on the ropes. Sheamus comes back with punches and uppercuts. Sheamus sends Solo to the corner to unload some more. He reverses a whip and clotheslines Solo to the floor. Solo gets enraged and picks up a steel chair, but The Usos stop him from using it. We cut to a break.

We return to see Solo in control with a chin lock. Sheamus tries to get up but Solo puts him back to the mat into a chin lock. Sheamus hits some body shots to break free but Solo drops him with a Samoan drop. Solo wastes some time and Sheamus recovers to hit him with a clothesline. Sheamus hits punches and follows up with a kick.

Solo gets enraged but Sheamus hits him with a body slam. He follows up with “10 beats of Beltran”. Solo counters Brogue kick with a superkick. Sheamus comes off the ropes with a running knee to get a close two-count. Sheamus then hits a backbreaker before putting Solo into Cloverleaf.

Jey Uso distracts the referee and Jimmy pulls Solo to the ropes to break the submission. The Usos start brawling with Butch and Holland on the floor. Sheamus hits them with double clothesline from the top to the floor. Solo attacks Sheamus from behind and drops him on the apron with Urinage. Solo then hits Samoan Spike in the ring and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Solo Sikoa

After the match, The Usos join in attacking Sheamus. They set up Sheamus in the corner with a chair around his neck. Before Solo can hit a hip attack, Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he comes out. Drew drops Jey on the floor. He sends Jimmy out of the ring before starting to brawl with Solo. Solo is sent to the floor before Drew hits Claymore kick on Jimmy. Solo and the Usos leave to the ramp while Drew stands tall with The Brawling Brutes.

Ronda Rousey(c) vs Raquel Rodriguez – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Raquel has her left elbow taped up as she comes out. Ronda comes out with Shayna Baszler. They lock up and Ronda goes for a throw, but Raquel blocks it. Ronda has to target her injured arm to get her attack going in the corner. Raquel hits shoulder tackles to drop Ronda before she hits a spinning slam to get a two-count.

Ronda leaves to the floor. Raquel follows her and drops her with a swing. Raquel slams Ronda on the apron before taking her back to the ring. She hits a suplex before some tackles in the corner. Ronda avoids a running tackle in the corner to send her into the ring post and to the floor. We cut to a break.

Ronda is in control as we return and beating up Raquel. Ronda wraps Raquel’s hand around her throat and tries to put on a stretch. Raquel breaks free and hits a couple of shots. Ronda fires back with a big shot herself before hitting a modified suplex. Ronda goes for a submission but Raquel hits her with a Samoa Drop.

Raquel hits some tackles. Ronda ducks a clothesline from right hand and Raquel drops her with a big clothesline with her left arm. Raquel cannot get to the pin attempt quickly due to injury to left arm. Ronda puts Raquel in an armbar but Raquel counters it with a cloverleaf. Ronda counters again with an ankle lock. Raquel kicks her out.

Raquel goes for a one-handed powerbomb but Ronda holds onto her arm and tries to put on the armbar. Raquel takse Ronda over the ropes and down to the floor. Ronda refuses to leave her arm though. Raquel hits a powerbomb on the apron. We cut to a break.

Raquel hits a vertical suplex as we return from the break. Ronda pulls her arm to slam her into the mat. Ronda outs on a Kimura lock but Raquel overpowers her to hit a fallaway slam, Raquel goes for another powerbomb but Ronda holds onto her hand and transitions into a sleeper choke. Raquel slams her back into the turnbuckle before running in to throw Ronda’s face into it.

Raquel tackles Shanya off the apron. She hits spinning elbow on Ronda but she is very close to the ropes and Shayna puts Ronda’s leg on the ropes. Raquel keeps up with the attack. She takes Ronda to the top. Ronda puts on armbar on the top rope. Raquel and Ronda fall back to the mat but Ronda puts on the armbar once again. Raquel taps out.

Winner – Ronda Rousey

After the match, Shayna Baszler gets into the ring to check on Ronda. Charlotte Flair’s music hits and she comes out. She is in new ring gear. Flair makes her entrance to the ring. Ronda gets on the mic and asks if Flair’s arm has healed and she is here to challenger her at Royal Rumble. Flair replies that she is here to challenge Ronda right away. Ronda accepts the challenge despite Shayna trying to talk her out of it.

Ronda Rousey(c) vs Raquel Rodriguez – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Flair hits a pump kick to drop Ronda but she kicks out of the pin. Flair also kicks away Shayna Basler. Flair hits a spear on Ronda. Ronda turns it around with an armbar. Flair rolls her over and gets the pinfall while Ronda still had the armbar on.

Winner – Charlotte Flair

Flair gets the title and gets into the crowd. She gets back and poses on the stage to get some pyro going.

We cut to Roman Reigns’ locker room with the whole Bloodline sitting down. Sami Zayn asks Roman if he is bothered by the crowd chanting for him instead of Roman. Roman plays it cool and says it does not matter.

New Day are backstage with Hit-Row. They are joking about Top Dolla’s botched jump from two weeks back. Mace, Mansoor, Madcap Moss and Ricochet join them as everyone keep making fun of Top Dolla. Ricochet says Top Dolla can now understand that it is not as easy as he makes it look. Top Dolla gets angry and pushes Ricochet. Others get him under control and separate them.

We get a recap of Uncle Howdy dropping Bray Wyatt in the opening segment of the show. We get a confirmation for Bray Wyatt vs LA Knight Pitch Black match at Royal Rumble.

Moster Wants Title Shot

Gunther made his entrance before the break. He is in the ring with Imperium teammates Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. They hype Gunther’s 2022 and send us to a video package with highlights. Braun Strowman interrupts Gunther as he was about to start his promo.

Strowman says the video highlight does not feature him and demands a title shot. Gunther and Imperium start to leave the ring. Strowman attacks them and sends Kaiser and Vinci to the floor. Gunther tries to hit him with chops but Strowman tackles him to the floor. Strowman hits Kaiser with a running tackle before Gunther sends him into the barricade.

Gunther takes Strowman back to the ring and puts on a submission. A team of referees come out but Imperium stop them from getting into the ring. Ricochet runs out with a steel chair and chases them down.

Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn vs John Cena & Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is out to the ring first. John Cena makes his entrance to a loud ovation. This is followed by a grand entrance from Roman Reigns who is accompanied by Sami Zayn and the rest of the Bloodline.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn start the match after the break. Sami puts on a side headlock. Owens sends him to the ropes and Sami hits a clothesline. Owens goes for a stunner but Sami blocks it. Owens drops him with a clothesline and hits a senton. Sami hits a forearm before KO throws him to the ropes. Owens dares Sami to tag Roman. Sami does not tag until Roman asks him to do so.

The crowd starts to change for Cena. Cena also asks for the tag. Roman also tells KO to tag Cena. Owens talks trash with Roman. Roman drops him with a clothesline as KO was going for a tag. Roman drops him again and unloads. Roman is in control as we cut to a break.

Owens is fighting back as we return. He knocks off Roman from the apron. Sami hits him with a Saito Suplex. Owens hits back with a clothesline. Cena is asking for a tag. Roman pulls Cena off the apron and slams him into the barricade. Sami hits a Helluva kick on Cena.

KO catches Sami with a superkick when he returns. KO looks for a tag but Cena is down. Owens hits a pop-up powerbomb but Roman breaks the pin. Roman drags Sami to his corner and tags in. KO ducks the Superman Punch and hits a superkick. KO hits a frog splash but Roman kicks out. Roman counters pop-up powerbomb with a Superman Punch. KO avoids a spear and Roman crashes into the ring post.

Cena returns to the corner. Owens tags Cena while Sami comes in from the other side. Cena runs in hot. He hits flying shoulder tackles to Sami before hitting a spin-out slam. Cena mocks Roman with “You Can’t See Me”. Roman gets into the ring and Cena drops him also with a spin-out slam. Owens tags in as he and Cena hit Roman and Sami with Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena hits Roman with Attitude Adjustment. Owens hits Sami with a Stunner to get the pinfall.

Winner – John Cena & Kevin Owens

Cena and Owens celebrate the win as the show goes off the air.

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