WWE RAW December 24, 2018 Live Results & Updates

WWE raw 12/24/18 results
WWE RAW 12/24/18

Elias vs Bobby Lashley – Miracle on the 34th Street Fight

The Show started with Elias singing a new Christmas Carol before Lashley came out for the fight. Elias started the fight in control and hit Lashley with a Christmas Tree. Lashley soon started controlling the match. Leo Rush also came and put jumped onto Elias from the Turnbuckle but Elias countered. When Elias tried to make comeback, Lashley countered with a suplex. Lashley dumped a box of lego on the mat and tried to Suplex Elias from the top of the turnbuckle but Elias countered by throwing Lashley onto the lego. Elias used a fire extinguisher to gain upper hand and in the commotion, sent Rush through a table on the ringside. Elias grabbed a bowling ball and hit Lashley between the legs. He opened a gift box on the ringside and took out a cello. He smashed it on Lashley’s back and made the cover for the win. 

Winner: Elias

Gable and Roode vs. the Revival, RAW Tag Team Championship Match

In an almost perfect Tag-Team match, we saw excellent double team maneuvers, desperate tags, and whatnot as Roode and Gable retained their title. Match started with Roode tagging control early on, but once Gable was tagged in, the Revival grew into the match. Wilder and Dawson were taking turns to dish out punishment to Gable. Gable countered with a back suplex to break free and both teams made the tag. Roode took out both his opponents before some maneuvers and counter-maneuvers for near falls. Finally, Gable rolled up Dawson for the win. 

Winner: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable 

Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler- Triple Threat Match

In the prematch promo, McIntyre said his opponents should gang up on him otherwise they don’t stand a chance. And that’s what has happened to start the match as Balor and Ziggler ganged up and eventually managed to clothesline Drew out of the ring. Finn sent Dolph out, but McIntyre also pulled Balor out of the ring and hit him on the apron. McIntyre kept on fending both of them off whenever they tried to take control. He slammed Ziggler on top of Balor to get a two-count. Ziggler hit McIntyre with a superkick and went for the count. Balor hits the Coup de Grace on Ziggler and McIntyre to break up a pin. He then clotheslined McIntyre out of the ring and hit a second Coup de Grace to win the match.

Winner: Finn Balor

Santa Claus/Vice McMahon with Christmas Gifts

In a pre-recorded video, Vince McMahon made 3 announcements:1. John Cena to back on RAW from next month.2. A new RAW Women’s Tag Team Championship to be Introduced on January 3. A Steel Cage match between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Banks, Bayley and Moon vs. Brooke, Fox and James – 6 Women Tag Team Match

A match where no one was in the ring for a stretch, most of the action happened at the apron and turnbuckles. Then in a typical tag team match pattern, everyone was involved in a commotion and as the dust settled, Banks and Bayley combined to finish off James with their tag team finisher for the win. 

Winner: Bayley, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon

Paul Heyman makes an appearance

Paul Heyman started his Christmas Celebrations by singing ‘Silent Night’. Then he went on to mock Brain Strowman for a good 2 minutes. Predictably, Braun Strowman came out to confront Heyman. His sling is now off but the cast is still there. Braun just put a red nose and reindeer antlers on Heyman and promised that he will be fine enough to take the title at The Royal Rumble. 

Ronda Rousey vs. Natalya – RAW Women’s Championship

As the friends faced each other, the start was a bit more technical and slow. Natalya showed immense strength as she picked Ronda from the ground and hit a suplex. As she went for the Sharpshooter, Ronda countered and threw her out of the ring. Nattie hit another suplex and then a clothesline for a two count before putting her in an abdominal stretch. Rousey countered out of the hold but Nattie hit a dropkick. Rousey hit Nattie with a clothesline before unloading some punches in the corner and delivering a knee to the face. Natalya responded with a discus clothesline but Ronda hit Piper’s Pit and went for the armbar. Slight hesitation from Ronda allowed Natalya to put her in the Sharpshooter. Ronda managed to reverse it into an armbar to get the win. 

Winner: Natalya

Jinder Mahal vs. Heath Slater

Earlier in an interview, Slater said he wanted Rhyno to get his job back at RAW. As the match started, Slater got in a few hits before Mahal countered a vertical suplex. Soon, someone dressed as Santa came out and distracted Mahal by throwing gifts to the crowd. Then, the Singhs attacked Slater to cause a DQ, so Santa came in to help. It turned out to be Rhyno and he helped Slater take everyone out. 

Winner: DQ

Baron Corbin vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins started the match in fast mode and hit a flurry of punches on Corbin in the corner. He sent Corbin out of the ring and hit him with a suicide dive. But Corbin, then, took control at ringside by driving Rollins into the apron. Rollins climbed to the top as Corbin countered by sending him crashing to the floor. Corbin kept control over Rollins before Rollins finally hit him with a Falcon Arrow. Corbin’s Deep Six, Rollins’ Superflex, and Corbin’s Chokeslam Backbreaker followed. Although Rollins had the final say as he hit Corbin with a superkick and then the stomp for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins 

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