WWE Raw January 24, 2022: Results, Card, Preview, Tickets

WWE RAW 24 January 2022
Credits – WWE

WWE RAW episode of January 24, 2022, will be the go-home episode for WWE Royal Rumble 2022 event. The show airs from Huntington Center in Toldeo, Ohio.

Two segments are announced for the show. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley will take part in a weigh-in segment. Miz will throw a big birthday bash for Maryse.

Check below for the complete information on WWE Monday Night RAW on January 24, 2022.

  • Show – WWE RAW
  • Date – January 24, 2022
  • Location – Huntington Center, Toledo, OH
  • Time – 8 PM EST
  • Commentators – Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, jimmy smith
  • Interviewers – Sarah Schreiber, Kevin Patrick
  • Ring announcer – Mike Rome

Match Card & Results

  • Bianca Belair defeated Queen Zelina in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Kevin Owens defeated Damian Priest(c) via disqualification. Priest retains United States Championship.
  • Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan & Dana Brooke defeated Nikki ASH, Carmella & Tamina in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Randy Orton defeated Chad Gable in a singles match via pinfall.
  • AJ Styles defeated Austin Theory in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The Mysterios(Rey Mysterio & Dominik) defeated The Street Profits(Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) in a tag team match via pinfall.

Live Updates

Heavyweight Weigh In

The show is opening with the weigh-in segment. Corey Graves and Adam Pearce are in the ring. Lashley comes out first with MVP. Heyman cuts off Graves’ announcement and does his usual schtick to bring out Lesnar. Lesnar is in Jeans, Shirt and Cowboy Hat. Graves tells Lesnar that this is not a good costume for weigh-in. Lesnar quips if he has to get naked for Graves.

Lashley weighs in first and comes at 273 lbs. MVP hypes Lashley a bit. Lesnar is asked to step up. Graves once again asks him if he can shed some clothes. Lesnar asks Heyman to keep his hat while he weighs in. Lesnar weighs 286 lbs.

Lashley gets irritated by Lesnar’s antics and goes on a rant. Lashley says he will beat Lesnar at Royal Rumble. Lesnar tells Heyman that Lashley will beat him and it will be a headline. Lesnar goes on to announce- the reigning, defending, heavyweight champion of the World – Bobby.. Bobby Who??

Lesnar leaves as Lashley keeps staring at him.

Bianca Belair vs Queen Zelina

Bianca picks Zelina up and puts her on the apron. Zelina gets back to the ring and Bianca swings Zelina around and brings her down to the mat. Bianca hits a dropkick. Zelina counters a suplex into a stunner. Zelina keeps control in the corner and follows with a running knee strike. Bianca picks her up in bench press, but Zelina counters by slipping out and putting on a sleeper.

Bianca lands on her feet after Zelina hits a hurricanrana. Zelina manages to bring her down to the mat. Bianca gets her knees up on springboard moonsault from Zelina. Bianca hits KOD for the pin and the win.

Winner – Bianca Belair

Kevin Owens is getting ready backstage for his match against Priest. Kevin Patrick rolls up for an interview and asks him about feigning an injury last week to get the pin over Priest. Owens tells him that he wasn’t feigning an injury last week, but actually, he fought through the pain to win, and he will keep fighting until he is the United States Champion.

Damian Priest(c) vs Kevin Owens – United States Championship Match

Owens goes for a stunner right away but Priest stops him and goes on to beat him up in the corner. Priest keeps control in the first minute. Owens hits a back elbow and a senton for a two-count. Owens stomps in the corner and goes for the cannonball. Priest cuts him off in the middle.

A big kick sends Owens to the floor. Priest slams him into the barricade. Priest sends Owens back to the ring. Owens hits a superkick when Priest was on the apron. Priest gets his knees up as Owens goes for a senton on the floor. Priest hits a chokeslam on Owens on the apron.

Priest his a flying back elbow in the corner. Owens counters broken arrow but Priest slams his face to the mat. Both are on the top and Owens hits him with headbutts. Owens hits a tornado DDT and a splash from the top for a near fall. Owens hits a superkick. Priest comes back with a back body drop and a leg lariat for a two-count.

Owens is once again fienting an injury. But, Priest is not stopping this time and keeps on kicking at Owens. Owens rolls him up for a two-count. Priest starts hulking up and starts unloading on Owens in the corner. The referee gets in between them to stop Priest, but he puts the referee aside and continues to beat up Owens. The referee calls for a disqualification. Owens wins, but Priest retains.

Winner – Kevin Owens

We get a replay of Nikki ASH vs Rhea Ripley rivalry followed by promos Rhea and some of entrants of women Royal Rumble match. Rhea makes her entrance to take us to break.

Sonya Deville is backstage with Damian Priest and warns him what could happen if continues to refuses to listen to referees.

Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan & Dana Brooke vs Nikki ASH, Carmella & Tamina

Tamina drops Dana with a tackle and puts on a chin lock. Dana tries to fight back and tags in Rhea. Rhea hits a dropkick on Tamina and then knocks off Carmella and Nikki from the apron. Rhea hits short clotheslines to bring down Tamina. She hits a bridging suplex and Carmella break the pin. The match turns into chaos. Carmella tags in and slaps Rhea to agitate her. Rhea brings her down and puts on Prism Trap to get the submission from Carmella.

Winner – Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan & Dana Brooke

After the match, Rhea was celebrating when Nikki runs in from behind and drops her. Nikki runs away quickly and celebrates on the ramp.

Spelling Bee

The first competition between RK-Bro and Alpha Academy will be Spelling Bee. Kevin Patrick is in the ring on a podium. Alpha Academy are in the ring. Gable riles up the crowd until RK-Bro comes out.

Otis goes first and is asked to spell “emmental.” Otis gives a correct answer. Riddle goes second and is asked to spell “calibration.” Riddle asks Graves to put it in the letters to draw some comedy. He gives a corrent answer though. Gable goes next and gets “disillusioned.” Gable says he will ask for the defination just for fun. However, he mistakes the word for “dissolution.” Gable gives a wrong answer and gets angry at Kevin Patrick for saying it wrong.

Orton tells him to shut up and let him go. He gets “dumbbell” to spell. Orton gives a correct answer. Gable gets angry and says Orton’s partner is a dumbbell. Orton challenges him for a match and says he will beat him with three most destructive letters in the industry – RKO.

Randy Orton vs Chad Gable

Orton starts with a chinlock. Gable counters with a wristlock. Orton hits a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Gable puts on the wristlock again and Orton reverses it. Another shoulder tackle from Orton before Gable hits an armdrag. Gable whips Orton to the corner but misses armdrag on the rebound. Orton goes for RKO but Gable avoids it and goes to the floor for a breather.

Gable brings down Orton with a beautiful sequence ending with a drop toe hold. Orton goes to the floor now for a breather. Gable hits a punch to Orton’s throat and then unloads in the corner. Orton firest back with uppercuts and hits a shoulder tackle to send Gable to the floor. Orton drops him on the announce table with a side slam.

Back to the ring, Otis runs a distraction and Gable takes out his knee with a chop block. Gable attacks the knee some more and follows quickly with a moonsault off the top to get a near fall. Gable argues with the referee as we cut to a break.

Gable is still working on the knee as we returns from the break. He hits leg sweep on the ropes. Gable whips him to the other corner before Orton explodes out with a clothesline. Orton hits a back body drop and a backbreaker while struggling with the injury. Orton goes for the draping DDT and connects it. Orton keeps selling the injury as he hypes up for RKO.

Riddle charges as Otis on the floor and gets hit by belly to belly suplex. Gable goes for a backslide in the ring but Orton counters with a powerslam. Orton is looking for punt kick but Gable counters with an ankle lock. The crowd hypes him up. Riddle attacks Otis on the floor with his scooter. Orton counters in the ring and hits RKO to get the pin.

Winner – Randy Orton

After the match, Riddle announces that next week’s challenge will be a scooter race.

Alexa Bliss in the psychiatrist’s office. He asks her since when Lilly is with her. Bliss says she is with her all her life whenever she is down or get bullied. Bliss goes on an on about Lilly and we cut to the other segment.

Austin Theory is backstage in Vince McMahon’s office and hyped to win the Royal Rumble and challenge for the World Title. He asks McMahon for a latter entry number like 26, 27 or 29. McMahon tells him he should be concerned right now about his opponent for tonight which is AJ Styles. Theory asks him if it the Grand Slam Champion AJ. Vince says yes! it is the same AJ.

AJ Styles vs Austin Theory

Theory wins the first lock-up bu taking AJ to the corner. Some quick action follows with a couple of roll-ups from AJ. AJ hits a dropkick to send Theory to the floor. AJ hits a springboard crossbody on the floor. Back to the ring, Theory sends AJ to the turnbuckle and hits a snap suplex to make a comeback. Theory puts on a chin lock.

AJ hits back with chops. He hits a flying forearm and gets a two-count. AJ hits a snap suplex. Theory drops AJ on the ropes. He hits a hard Irish whip from corner to corner. Theory works on AJ using the ropes. AJ goes for a suplex but Theory overpowers him. He puts AJ on the top. AJ tries to fight back but Theory hits him with a dropkick to drop him to the floor. We cut to a break.

AJ hits a Pele kick as we return. Theory hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two-count. Theory continues to work on AJ and hits a back body drop. He misses an elbow drop. AJ hits back with an inverted DDT. AJ with a flurry of strikes which ends with a clothesline. AJ hits a neckbreaker and a forearm to get a two-count. Theory comes back with a rolling blockbuster for a two-count.

Back and forth action continues and AJ hits another Pele kick. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Theory trips him from the apron. Theory tries to steal the pin using the ropes but the referee catches him. AJ counters and hits the Phenomenal Forearm to get the pin.

Winner – AJ Styles

Becky & Doudrop

Becky and Doudrop are on the split-screen. Both are somewhere backstage. The commentators start with Doudrop but Becky wants to go first since she is the champ. She tells a story about how someone named Doudrop, and wonders why someone in their right mind would want to fight her? Becky insinuates that maybe Doudrop is not in her right mind, or that she is so confident, or generous.

Doudrop cuts her off and says Becky handpicked her because Becky is desperate. Becky been ducking and diving and scrambling to hold onto the title ever since her return and is looking for an easy victory. Becky says that she didn’t hear “thank you” anywhere in Doudrop’s promo. Becky tells her that she is in for a rude awakening at Royal Rumble when she gets defeated.

Becky brings up how she was about to win the tag team match last week when Doudrop hits her with a splash and gone for the glory herself. Becky demans some respect. Doudrop says she will show some gratitude when she gets some respect from Becky.

Becky tells her to know her place here. Doudrop leaves the frame and goes to attack Becky at her interview station. Doudrop takes Becky out of the frame with a big tackle.

The Street Profits vs The Mysterios

Back and forth start from Dominik and Dawkins. Dawkins is sent to the floor with a dropkick. Dominik then hits a crossbody while Rey hits the same on Ford in the ring. Ford send Rey to the floor and then takes out everyone with a dive.

Dawkins keeps Dominik under control as we return. Dawkins misses a corner splash and Dominik hits a tornado DDT. Hot tags to Rey and Ford. Rey hits a hurrincanrana and a sitting senton. Ford hits a body drop and a rolling splash for a two-count. Dominik comes in to help Rey hits Ford with a hurrincanrana to drop him on the ropes. Dominik takes out Dawkins on the floor. Rey drops Ford on the ropes again but Ford stops 619. Rey ends up hitting a sunset flip to get the pin on Ford.

Winner – The Mysterios

After the match, Dominik tries to throw Rey over the ropes but Rey counters to send him down. Ford sends Rey over the ropes and then Dawkins does the same to him. Dirty Dawgs run into the ring to send Dawkins to the floor. Mysterios and Street Profits beat up Dirty Dawgs and stare down to end the segment.

We get a video package for the storyline between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Rollins is interviewed backstage. Rollins says it was not about The Usos or anybody else. It was always about Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins. He has defeated Roman before and Roman also knows that he has his number. Rollins says he will make one more trip to SmackDown this week before Royal Rumble.

Maryse’s Birthday Celebration


The tickets price of Monday Night Raw on January 24, 2022 ranges from $41 to $609. You can check the tickets below.


Weigh-in: Both Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley are former MMA heavyweight fighters. As they head to a clash at Royal Rumble, both athletes will once again take to the weighing machine. Although, we all know that these segments end up in brawl almost always.

Maryse’s BirthDay Party: Miz will throw a birthday extravaganza for Maryse on RAW this week. But, expect Edge and Beth Pheonix to retaliate in some manner after Maryse ran down with a brick-laden purse last week on RAW.

Academic Challenge Series: After RK-Bro crashed their party last week, Alpha Academy has challenged them for an academic challenge. Orton accepted the challenge after hitting Gable with the RKO. Will we get to know which team is smarter among the two? Or will we see another RKO?

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