WWE NXT Battleground 2024 Results, Live Updates, Highlights

WWE NXT Battleground 2024
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Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT Battleground 2024 PLE which will see WWE arrive at UFC Apex Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Sexyy Red is the host of the event and is expected to play some sort of role in NXT Champion Trick Williams’ match as he defends the title against Ethan Page. A new championship will be added to WWE as the first-ever NXT Women’s North American Championship will be crowned in a ladder match featuring Fallon Henley, Michin, Jaida Parker, Kelani Jordan, Sol Ruca and Lash Legends.

Though, the possible main event is the NXT Women’s Championship bout between Roxanne Perez and TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace. Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler are set for MMA style NXT Underground match at UFC’s hub.

A triple threat match for NXT North American title will see Oba Femi taking on Joe Coffey and Wes Lee. Axiom and Nathan Frazer will defend NXT Tag Team Championship against The Good Brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Tune in below for the complete results from WWE NXT Battleground 2024 with live updates and highlights.


  • Kelani Jordan defeated Sol Ruca, Lash Legends, Fallon Henley, Jaida Parker & Michin in a Ladder Match to win NXT Women’s North American Championship.
  • Axiom & Nathan Frazer(c) defeated The Good Brothers(Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain NXT Tag Team Championship.
  • Lola Vice defeated Shayna Baszler in an NXT Underground Match via TKO(referee stoppage).
  • Oba Femi(c) defeated Joe Coffey & Wes Lee in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall to retain NXT North American Championship.
  • Roxanne Perez(c) defeated Jordynne Grace in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT Women’s Championship.
  • Trick Williams(c) defeated Ethan Page in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT Championship.


The show opens with the camera panning through UFC Apex Arena. We cut to the ring where Sexyy Red is standing. She does some twerking to send us to the opening package.

Sol Ruca vs Lash Legends vs Fallon Henley vs Jaida Parker vs Kelani Jordan vs Michin – Ladder Match for NXT Women’s North American Championship

Legend and Jordan start fighting in the ring while other get to the floor. Michin and Jaida set up some ladders in a bridge to the announce table. Ruca gets into the ring and helps Jordan keep everyone out. Jordan hits a tope suicida on Jaida before Ruca hit a moonsault on Michin. Legend picks up a ladder and hits everyone with it when they get into the ring. Jordan hits a dropkick on her. Jaida and Michin trap her in the corner with a ladder. Legend slip out to the floor after taking some damage. Henley sets up a ladder and gets his fingertips on the title, only to get pulled down by Ruca. Jaida drops on Jordan off the ladder as she was laid out on a ladder.

Michin gets kicked away by Legend, who starts to climb to the top. Michin pulls Legend down. Legend puts on a sleeper choke but Henley and Jordan jump on her back with chokes. Jordan gets to the top but Jaida and Legend pull her from opposite sides of the ladder to bend her over the ladder. Jaida sends her and Legend to the floor beofre hitting a big chop on Henley. Ruca drops Jaida face-first into the ladder before Henley hits a slingblade on Ruca to do the same. Henley dumps Legend to the floor before climbing the ladder. Jordan and Jaida also climb. Others also try to get up. Legend pulls Jordan and Henley down to nail a forearm.

Ruca and Legend are on the top now. They both block superplex before Ruca goes for a sunset flip, but Legend blocks. The other 5 women pick up Legend and drop her on a bridging ladder between apron and announce table. More brawling before Michin hits a DDT on Jaida starts to climb. She jumps off a ladder and onto another one when they try to trip it. She gets pulled off the other one also. Ruca hits Sol Snatcher on Legend and Henley. Jordan stops Ruca from pulling the briefcase and Michin sends Ruca to the floor. Jordan hits a split legged moonsault on Michin on a ladder. Jordan climbs the ladder and pulls down the briefcase.

Axiom & Nathan Frazer(c) vs The Good Brothers(Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) – NXT Tag Team Championship

Axiom starts against Anderson. He has a taped shoulder after attack from The Good Brothers on Tuesday. Axiom and Frazer keep control in the first minute with tags. Axiom hits a chop in the corner. Anderson turns it around with punches on Frazer in the corner. Frazer gets out of the corner quickly before sending Anderson into the turnbuckle. Axiom tags in and Anderson pulls him off the ropes during a springboard move. Gallows continues the beating on Axiom. Anderson comes back and drops Axiom with a big chop. Gallows puts on an arm and shoulder stretch.

Axiom counters with a DDT. Anderson blocks a tag out after getting a tag from Gallows. Axiom hits Gallows with a jumping kick before skipping past Anderson to tag in Frazer. Frazer comes in hot for quick moves on Anderson. He hits a standing shooting star press to get a close two-count. Anderson drops Frazer with a TKO to counter. The Good Brothers hit a double team neckbreaker on Frazer for a two-count. Gallows hit Frazer with a powerbomb. Axiom breaks the pinfall before gets thrown out of the ring again.

Anderson tags in. Frazer hits him with an enzuigiri. Axiom tags in but gets dropped by a spinebuster by Anderson. Axiom blocks a double team move and puts Gallows in a sleeper choke. Frazer pulls Anderson to the floor. Gallows breaks the choke easily and tags in Anderson for a double team drop on Axiom. Frazer jumps in to break the pinfall. Frazer hits an enzuigiri on Gallows to send him to the floor. Anderson also knocks Frazer from behind. Axiom catches Anderson with an inside cradle for a two-count.

Axiom hits a suicide dive on Gallows. Gallows counters the dive from Frazer. Anderson drops Axiom for a near fall. Axiom fights out against Anderson on the top rope. Gallows is hit with a plancha on the floor. Axiom and Frazer hit a superplex on Anderson before Axiom hits a frog splash and Frazer hits a Pheonix splash to get the pinfall.

Lola Vice vs Shayna Baszler – NXT Underground Match

Vice starts with some punches while Shayna hits calf kicks. Shayna gets a takedown and hits some kicks to the face. Vice rolls to the floor. Shayna follows her and continues to beat her up. Back to the platform, Shayna hits a German suplex and a spin out slam. Shayna puts on an ankle lock. Vice kicks Shayna away to send her into the ring post. Vice then puts on a rear naked choke. Shayna gets up on her feet with Vice’s choke still on. Shayna jumps to the floor to break the choke.

Shayna clears the announce table. Vice hits her with punches on top of the table. Shayna gets a takedown and hits hammer fists. Vice rolls off the table. Shayna misses a penalty kick against the table. Vice bends Shayna’s knee around the ring post. Vice hits some kicks on the knee before putting on a kneebreaker. Vice quickly switches the lock when Shayna tries to counter. Vice changes to an ankle lock. Shayna kicks her away. Vice gets a takedown and hits ground and pound punches.

Vice lands a question mark kick to get a knockdown and hits several punches before putting on a rear-naked choke. Shayna breaks out of it quickly. Shayna then gets a takedown and puts on the rear-naked choke. Vice twists Shayna’s knee to force her to remove the choke. Shayna hits her with a knee. She goes for a running knee strike but Vice dodges it and hits a spinning back fist to knock Shayna to the floor. Vice gets to the floor where Shayna takes her down.

Shayna starts to fight the fighters on the floor for some reason. Vice hits her with a kick. Shayna catches Vice with an arm triangle but Vice gets out of it easily. Vice sends Shayna into the steel steps. She takes Shayna to the ring quickly and unleashes with a back fist and hammerfists to get a stoppage from the referee.

Newly crowned NXT Women’s North American Champion Kelani Jordan is with Sexyy Red backstage who asked her to party with her.

Oba Femi(c) vs Joe Coffey vs Wes Lee – Triple Threat Match for NXT North American Championship

Lee and Coffey take shots at Femi early on. However, they quickly get to an argument but they are able to shut down Femi by sending him to the floor. Lee hits Coffey with some kicks. He knocks Femi off the apron with a kick. He hits a suicide dive on Femi before hitting a twisting splash on Coffey. Femi breaks the pin. Femi hits a double suplex on both the opponents. He hits running uppercuts in opposite corners on both opponents before throwing Lee into Coffey.

Coffey hits body shots on Femi while he tries to hit a suplex on Lee. Femi kicks him away but then eats a gamengiri from Lee and a dropkick from Coffey. Femi pushes Coffey away and gets to the second rope. Lee gets to the top. Femi throws him up in the air and into Coffey. Coffey sends Femi to the floor and starts to work on Lee. Coffey hits a backbreaker after beating him up for a while.

Femi comes in but Coffey corners him with some shots. Coffey hits a sidewalk slam on Femi before a dropkick in the corner. Femi picks up Coffey. Lee jumps off the top with a double stomp to hit both men. Coffey hits a suicide dive on Femi on the floor. Femi recovers and hits a Thesz press on Coffey before hitting him with a powerbomb on the apron. He catches Lee as he goes for a tope suicida. Femi takes Coffey into the ring. Lee goes for a kardiak kick but Femi blocks it. Coffey is able to get Lee down after knocking Femi to the floor.

Femi goes for a powerbomb on Coffey on the floor but Gallus’ Wolfgang and Mark Coffey attack him. They hit him with a double team move. Coffey hits Lee with a shotgun dropkick and his finisher but Lee kicks out. Femi slams Gallus members’ face on the apron but then gets hit with a dive from Lee. Lee hits Coffey with double knees before hitting Kardiak kick. Mark Coffey pulls out the referee to stop the count. Lee hits a tope suicida on Gallus. Femi slams Coffey to the mat before turning Lee’s double knee into a powerbomb. He hits Coffey with a powerbomb to get the pinfall.

Roxanne Perez(c) vs Jordynne Grace – NXT Women’s Championship

Grace pushes Roxanne away right away after they lock up. Roxanne gets on a waistlock but Grace throws her away rather easily. Grace asks for a show of strength but Roxanne kicks at her foot. Roxanne runs around but fails to connect anything. She slaps Grace which enrages her to throw Roxanne around. Roxanne blocks a powerbomb with a thumb to the eye. Grace hits a body slam. Roxanne gets up and tries for a powerbomb when Grace gets to the ropes. Roxanne fails to hit the powerbomb but manages to bring her down face first to the mat. Roxanne works on the arm after this. She bends the left arm to the back.

Roxanne hits some body shots in the corner before an uppercut and Russian Leg Sweep. Roxanne keeps working on the arm. Grace hits her with kicks. Roxanne slips from behind and hits a dropkick to her back. Roxanne puts on a stretch on arm and shoulder. Grace overpowers her but Roxanne slips down once again and hits some kicks to Grace’s back. Grace catches Roxanne’s dive and slams her to the mat. She misses a Vader bomb after that but manages to bring Roxanne down from the second rope.

Roxanne blocks the Jauggernaut driver. They trade some shots. Roxanne hits a pump kick before Grace hits a body slam. Grace hits a clothesline and a spinebuster to get a two-count. Roxanne counters with a DDT and a hurricanrana to get a two-count himself. Grace gets to the ropes when Roxanne goes to work on the shoulder. Grace slams her to the mat.

Roxanne makes a comeback. She hits a diving DDT. Roxanne brings Grace to the ring to get a two-count. She puts on a crossface but Grace quickly gets to the ropes. Grace goes for the Jauggernaut but its gets blocked. Grace also blocks Pop-rox, only to drop Roxanne. As both women are down, Tatum Paxley appears and picks up the NXT Women’s title. As she was running away with the title, Ash By Elegance/Dana Brooke runs out to stop her.

Grace goes to the floor and knocks them both out. As she returns to the ring, she slam Roxanne to the mat. She goes for the Jauggernaut Driver but Roxanne counters it with a cutter. Roxanne hits Pop-Rox quickly after this to get the pinfall.

Backstage, Sexyy Red hypes up her upcoming tour. Lola Vice comes in and they both get to twerking.

Wes Lee is walking backstage when he gets attacked by Gallus.

Trick Williams(c) vs Ethan Page – NXT Championship

Page starts with quick punches to take Trick down to the mat and unloads more shots. Trick avoids a knee in the corner and batters Page with punches himself. He hits a body slam and more punches. before hitting a cutter. Page uses a low bridge to get to the floor. He sends Trick Williams into the ring steps shoulder first. Page sets up the announce table before hitting more punches.

They return to the ring though and Page beats up Trick in the corner. Trick slips to the floor to avoid a kick and hits a jawbreaker. Page hits a backbreaker off the ropes. He hits a back suplex after this. Another suplex follows from Page for a two-count. Page puts on a bear hug after this. Trick tries to break free and hits elbows to the back. Page puts more pressure in the hug. Page drives Trick to the corner for some shoulder thrusts. Trick blocks a superplex. Page hits punches, blocks an Urinage and brings down Trick to the mat. He hits a powerslam to get a two-count.

Trick powers out of another bear hug and hits a DDT. They get to the floor where Trick ends up whipping Page into the crowd and then jumps on him. Trick hits a pump kick as they return to the ring to get a two-count. Page trips him on the top rope and hits a double knees in the corner to get a two-count. They trade shots in the ring before Trick hits a big kick to get a two-count.

Page slips to the floor. Trick tries to hit a suplex through the announce table but Page slams him on the table instead. Page takes Trick to the ring and hits Ego’s Edge, but Trick kicks out of the pin. Page corners Trick and hits quick punches. The referee separates him and warns him against the disqualification. Page gets frustrated and goes to hit Trick with more shots. The referee pulls him back again. As Page turns away from the referee, Trick hits him with Trick knee to get the pinfall.

After the match, Sexyy Red came out to celebrate with Trick Williams. Page stares down Trick as he recovers in the corner. The show goes off the air with Trick hitting a corner pose.

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