WWE Money in the Bank 2021 Live Results(7/18) – Roman vs Edge

WWE Money in the Bank 2021 Live Results Updates

Welcome to the live blog for WWE Money in the Bank 2021 PPV.

This will be the first WWE PPV on the road and with a live crowd in the last 16 months, apart from WrestleMania 37. The card is stacked with high-profile title matches.

Kofi Kingston is challenging Bobby Lashley in his first WWE Title match since he lost it to Brock Lesnar in October 2019. Roman Reigns vs Edge will be the likely main event match for the Universal Championship since it is build up as the biggest storyline in WWE right now.

Men and Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder matches are obviously the main attraction on the namesake PPV. WWE RAW Tag Team and RAW Women’s title matches are also on the card.

Tune in as we bring you the complete action, live results, updates, list of winners and highlights from Money in the Bank 2021 PPV.

Show – WWE Money in the Bank 2021
Date – 18 July 2021
Location – Dickens Arean, Fort Worth, TX, US
Time – 8 PM EST(19 July 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

WWE Money in the Bank 2021 Quick Results

  • The Usos(Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso) defeated The Mysterios(Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio)(c) via pinfall to become new WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions at pre-show.
  • Nikki ASH wins the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match defeating Liv Morgan, Naomi, Asuka, Zelina Vega, Alexa Bliss, Natalya and Tamina.
  • AJ Styles & Omos(c) defeated The Viking Raiders(Ivar & Erik) via pinfall to retain WWE RAW Tag Team Championship.
  • Bobby Lashley(c) defeated Kofi Kingston via referee stoppage to retain WWE Championship.
  • Charlotte Flair defeated Rhea Ripley(c) via submission to win the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.
  • Big E wins the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match defeating Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Ricochet, John Morrison, King Nakamura and Riddle.
  • Roman Reigns(c) defeated Edge via pinfall to retain WWE Universal Championship.

WWE Money in the Bank 2021 Pre-Show

The Kickoff pre-show opens up from the arena. Kayla Braxton welcomes us, joined by WWE Hall of Famers JBL, Booker T and Jerry Lawler, and Peter Rosenberg. We see fans in the background, hanging around and finding their seats. The panel runs down the Money In the Bank card for tonight.

Sonya Deville joins the panel as they start discussing the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match. Liv Morgan joins for an interview. Liv says she loves the fan reaction and the way they have reciprocated to her more than anything else. Liv starts weeping while talking about the fans and wraps up by saying that she wants to win the MITB briefcase.

Update: Becky Lynch has posted a picture from the Dickens arena and has teased her return. She wishes that no one gets taken out from the match. You can check the Instagram post here.

The panel discusses the RAW Women’s Championship match between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair next. Sonya Deville leaves the panel after it. This is followed by a discussion on RAW Tag Team Championship match. The panel keeps bringing up Omos’ size advantage.

The Mysterios(c) vs The Usos – WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Dominik starts against Jimmy Uso. Dominik unloads with punches and hits a dropkick. He hits an armdrag before tagging in Rey Mysterio for some double team. Jimmy takes up Rey and tags in Jey. Rey hits a dropkick on Jey. Jey whips him and tosses him out of the ring. Jimmy comes in for a diving headbutt.

Jey with a cheap shot while the referee is distracted. Jimmy keeps Rey grounded now as fans rally for him. Rey counters and tags in Dominik. Dominik hits a springboard clothesline and a neck breaker for a two-count. Dominik hits a springboard moonsault for another two-count. Jey tags in but Dominik dropkicks him off the apron. Jimmy also gets knocked off the apron by Dominik.

Dominik goes to the top and flies to the floor but The Usos both catch him, then launch him into the barrier. Jey with the running Rikishi splash in the corner. Fans do dueling chants. Jey slams Dominik in the middle of the ring. Jimmy tags in for a quick double team. Jimmy ends up mounting Dominik in the corner but Dominik sends him to the apron and he falls to the floor.

Rey and Jey come in with hot tags. Rey with clotheslines. Jey kicks Rey in the gut and then decks Rey. Rey soon takes him down with headscissors. Rey hits the sitting senton for a two-count. Jimmy gets the blind tag and superkicks Rey while he was busy with Jey. Jey hits the Samoan drop and gets a near fall.

Jey slams Dominik into the ring post after a brief brawl. Rey drops Jey into the ropes for 619. But Jimmy takes the 619 and saves Jey from it. Rey hits a roundhouse kick to Jey. Jey turns it around and hits the Uso Splash from the top. Rey kicks out of the pin again. More back and forth as Dominik and Jimmy try to get involved. In the end, Jey rolls up Rey in schoolboy roll up and Jey assists him with a push to get the pin.

Winner – The Usos(new SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

The Usos are the new Tag Team champions. This is their 7th title reign. They celebrate on the ramp as The Mysterios recover in the ring.

WWE Money in the Bank 2021 Main Show

The main show opens with a video package for Money in the Bank briefcase. We go live to the arena again and the crowd pops up. Women’s Money in the Bank match will open the show.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Participants – Liv Morgan vs Nikki ASH vs Naomi vs Asuka vs Zelina Vega vs Alexa Bliss vs Natalya vs Tamina

Alexa Bliss is the first one to come out to the ring. She enters in her Playground/Doll avatar. She gets in the ring and rips off that dress to reveal her all-black in-ring gear. Liv Morgan is next to enter. Nikki ASH enters next. Alexa watches her as she is standing on the second rope. Natalya and Tamina enter after Nikki. Zelina Vega enters in white ring gears. Naomi makes her entrance with some pop from the crowd. We get a replay of Naomi winning Women’s title at Elimination Chamber 2017 by beating Alexa Bliss. Asuka enters last. We recap how Asuka won the women’s MITB last year.

The bell rings and all of them run out to grab ladders. Alexa is still standing on top of the second rope. Natalya and Zelina brawl on the floor. Alexa comes down and skips in the ring. She was looking to use her powers to bring down the briefcase, but Asuka comes in and hits German Suplex. Zelina Vega gets involved. Natalya hits a clothesline on her. Liv hits DDT on Natalya. Naomi with a rearview on Liv. Tamina superkicks Naomi.

Tamina gets jumped by Alexa on the back. Tamina brings her down despite Alexa’s attempt to use her magic. Tamina dominates Liv and Zelina until Asuka comes in. Asuka with kicks and more attacks. She takes out Natalya from the apron with a hip attack. Asuka puts the ladder over Tamina. Tamina was about to roll over the ladder but Liv Morgan jumps on it to increase the weight.

Other women start to get into the ring and start getting involved. Alexa gets in the ring and saves Liv from some attack from Natalya. Natalya hits a basement slide dropkick but Alexa no-sells it. Alexa takes Natalya down. She also takes out Liv and sets up the Ladder. Alexa climbs up to the top of the Ladder. Zelina also gets to the top but Alexa puts her into the trans and forces her to get down. Alexa was going to climb again but Natalya brings her down.

Zelina sends Natalya out to the floor again. Zelina and Liv brawl. Zelina gets some assist from Naomi to send Liv into the ladder. Tamina and Natalya try to double team on Naomi but she hits them with stunners. Nikki comes in but Naomi continues to dominate. Natalya brings her down from the ladder. Natalya climbs the ladder now but Vega follows her. Liv comes in and brings down both of them from the ladder.

Other women, except Nikki and Alexa, are brawling in the ring now. Nikki takes them with a crossbody. Alexa and Nikki face-off and starts to brawl. Alexa hits Nikki with Sister Avigail. Alexa climbs but Natalya brings her down. Natalya beats up Alexa and sends her into the barricade a few times. Natalya and Tamina start to put multiple ladders over Alexa. Other women help them out. Liv climbs the ladder. Tamina brings her down. Liv hits headscissors to send Tamina into the turnbuckles.

All women come into the ring one by one, except Nikki. Three ladders are set up in the middle of the ring now. Liv Morgan climbs to the top. Zelina Vega follows him to the top. Other women get to the top one by one. 6 women are fighting it out on 3 ladders. Nikki climbs onto the middle ladder and over Liv Morgan to bring the briefcase down to win the match.

Winner – Nikki ASH

Nikki gets out of the ring quickly as she celebrates her win. Nikki climbs on top of a ladder set on the stage. The crowd seems to be behind her.

We see the replay of how The Usos won the SmackDown Tag Team Titles from The Mysterios earlier at the pre-show. The Usos goes to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns backstage. Reigns praises them then takes credit for bringing them back and putting them where they are. Reigns says the family is always watching and they are The Bloodline. Reigns says he’s given them what they want, so now it’s time for them to give him what he wants. Jey gets hyped up and says he’s all for Reigns, Reigns is his Tribal Chief. Jimmy agrees but he hesitates. Jey signals him to praise Roman. A tease for something perhaps.

AJ Styles & Omos(c) vs The Viking Raiders – WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match

The Viking Raiders make their entrance first. AJ Styles and Omos come out to AJ’s music.

AJ and Erik start the match, but AJ tags out to Omos. Omos enters the ring and Erik tags in Ivar. Ivar and Erik try to unload on Omos at the same time. Omos throws away Erik and hits a shoulder tackle on Ivar to bring him down. AJ tags in and hits a few kicks and goes for the pin. Ivar turns it around against AJ and double team against him. Erik is thrown on top of AJ by Ivar for a two-count. Ivar sends into a knee strike from Erik.

AJ counters against Erik and hits a dropkick to send him out. AJ takes out Ivar from the apron. Omos throws AJ in the air and AJ lands with a headscissors on Erik on the steel ramp. Back in the ring, AJ keeps control for a while. Erik tags in Ivar and Ivar dominates AJ with some quick moves – discus lariat, cannonball splash and more. AJ goes to the floor for a breather. He tags in Omos. Omos comes with big blows on Ivar. Omos holds on to Ivar’s shoulder with a vice grip.

AJ tags in and Ivar turns it around. Erik comes in and goes back and forth with AJ. AJ goes for the flurry of attack. Erik ducks his last punch and hits a clothesline. Ivar tags in and drops Omos from the apron. Ivar throws Erik into AJ in the corner with a hip attack. More double-team attacks from The Vikings on AJ. AJ comes back with a Pele kick on Ivar. He skips Erik and tags in Omos.

Omos puts one boot on Ivar and covers but Ivar kicks out just in time. Ivar with a big splash to AJ in the corner. Ivar ducks Omos and tags in Erik. The Vikings double team against Omos. More back and forth between the two teams. Erik and Ivar hit The Viking Experience but Omos shoves Erik into Ivar to break the pin. Omos lifts Erik and slams him with a big two-hand chokeslam for the pin to retain.

Winners- AJ Styles & Omos

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Drew McIntyre. Drew is hyped for the crowd and talks about why he has to win the Money In the Bank briefcase tonight so that he can get the WWE Title back.

Bobby Lashley(c) vs Kofi Kingston – WWE Championship Match

Kofi Kingston comes out after the video package for the match. New Day rocks chants go on. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley comes out with MVP. Lashley hits the ring and poses in the corner as the pyro goes off.

MVP tries to grab Kofi’s leg as Lashley charges at him. But Kofi jumps over and then avoids a pin attempt. Kofi hits a double stomp for a two-count. Lashley overpowers Kofi and slams him off a counter. Lashley works Kofi over, blocks a kick and levels him with a big clothesline. Lashley with big shoulder thrusts in the corner. Lashley charges with two running thrusts.

Lashley hits a big spinebuster. Lashley picks him up again throws him out to the floor. Kofi is sent into the ring post head first. Lashley breaks the referee count and once again picks Kofi to send him into the ring post. Back to the ring, Lashley hits some back elbows in the corner. The crowd gets behind Kofi but it makes Lashley angrier. Lashley hits a big elbow with a charge in the corner. Lashley hits the flatliner next.

MVP is hyped up at the ringside. Lashley puts on the Hurt lock now. Kofi is scrambling. Lashley changes the holds and hits an over suplex. The crowd keeps chanting Kofi’s name as Lashley hits another flatliner. Lashley hits the dominator now and beats his chest as the crowd boo. Lashley hits another dominator but he is not going for the cover. Lashley hits the dominator once more time. Lashley puts on a different submission move now. Kofi fades out completely and the referee calls the match.

Winner – Bobby Lashley(retains WWE Championship)

Rhea Ripley(c) vs Charlotte Flair – WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match

Rhea Ripley comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Flair enters next and she is in a new green-colored ring gear. The announcement gets done and we are ready to go. They circle each other for a while before locking up. Charlotte takes Rhea to the corner but Rhea turns it around. They come to a stalemate. The crowd boos Flair and she shows them the middle finger.

Rhea headbutts Flair and gets some quick moves to keep up with the attack. They get to the apron as “We Want Becky” chants go up from the crowd. Charlotte tries to chop block but Rhea jumps and lands on her. A bit of back and forth. Rhea goes for the cannonball from the apron but nobody is home. Flair is in control now as she brings Rhea back to the ring. Charlotte with a snap suplex into the turnbuckle.

Flair puts on a headlock. Rhea gets to her feet with the crowd behind her. Flair takes her down quickly and hits a dropkick. Rhea avoids an overhead suplex but Charlotte hits a back elbow. Flair is sent to the apron and gets decked to the floor. Rhea hits a cannonball from the steel steps. Back to the ring, Rhea hits a short-arm clothesline and a snapmare. Rhea with more knees and kicks now. Rhea gets a two-count as she bridges from Northern Light suplex.

Flair drops Rhea’s face into the ropes. Rhea recovers quickly to hit a German suplex. Rhea misses a leg drop from the top but Charlotte puts on the Boston Crab. Rhea turns it into a pin attempt. Flair goes for the figure four but Rhea once again turns it into a pin attempt. Charlotte hits a big boot for a near fall now. Flair sets up for the moonsault from the top but Rhea pulls her down. Rhea gets her on the shoulders but Charlotte avoids the move. Rhea ends up hitting a delayed vertical suplex for a two-count.

Rhea unloads with big chops on Flair’s chest. Flair sends her out to the floor and lets out a big scream. Flair decks Rhea from the apron and hits a moonsault on the floor. Back to the ring, Flair misses the Natural Selection. Rhea puts on her submission finisher. Flair turns it into a pin attempt. Flair counters the Riptide into a DDT for a near fall.

Flair with some big chops in the middle. Rhea goes for a back elbow but Flair takes Rhea down and goes for the pin. The referee catches her using the ropes for leverage. Rhea rocks her with a kick while she was down. Rhea with some shoulder thrusts in the corner. Rhea sets up Flair on the top now. She goes for the superplex but Flair attacks Rhea’s knee. Flair hits the Natural selection but Rhea kicks out somehow. Flair is surprised and is frustrated now. “This is Awesome” chants go on.

Flair goes for the figure four but Rhea hits the German Suplex. Flair lands on her neck and rolls out to the floor. Rhea goes to pick her up but Charlotte slams her face into the ring post. Charlotte slams Rhea’s knees into the ring post again and again. Rhea is screaming in pain as Flair let go off her leg. Flair puts on figure four and bridges it into figure eight. Rhea holds on for a while but finally gives up.

Winner – Charlotte Flair(new RAW Women’s Champion)

Flair celebrates with the title as some boos go off from the crowd.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Participants- Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre vs Kevin Owens vs Ricochet vs Big E vs John Morrison vs King Nakamura vs Riddle

Riddle is with Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs at the Gorilla Position. Riddle tells Boogs that Randy Orton is his fan, except that he has never said it. Riddle wonders how Randy would be as King Randy. Riddle asks Boogs if he can play Randy’s theme. Boogs agrees. Riddle sings “Voices in my Head” as Boogs plays it on guitar. Kevin Owens watches this unfold as he was about to make his entrance.

Owens enters for the match. He climbs a ladder set up on the stage before heading to the ring. Riddle is next to come out to a pop. Rick Boogs introduces Shinsuke Nakamura and then starts to play his theme. Nakamura makes his entrance as the crowd plays along. Ricochet is next to enter and he has new trunks as the ring gear.

The Miz accompanies John Morrison to the stage. Miz wants to be ringside but Morrison asks him to stay back. Big E enters next, followed by Seth Rollins. Drew McIntyre comes out to a mixed reaction. He brings out his Claymore sword and puts it through a block on the stage.

The bell rings and everyone starts to brawl. Rollins and Morrison go to the floor and start arguing about something. Riddle hits a penalty kick on Rollins. Ricochet takes out Morrison with a moonsault. Big E suplexes KO out of the ring. Drew and Big E are the two left in the ring now. They face-off and then clear others from the ring as they try to take on them. Big E and Drew start to brawl now. Big E ends up hitting spears through Drew on the apron to take both of them to the floor.

KO sets up a ladder in the ring. Nakamura comes with a spin kick and tries to use the ladder himself. Morrison comes in and uses the ladder to kick Nakamura. Morrison climbs the ladder but Nakamura follows from the other side. Nakamura puts on the triangle on the top of the ladder. Rollins hits a knee strike to Nakamura from the top. Morrison and Rollins team up to beat Nakamura. They use a ladder to strike Nakamura. They take out Big E, Drew and Riddle one by one with the ladder. Morrison hits the Death Valley driver on the ladder.

Rollins and Morrison continue to team up as they take care of Ricochet and then KO. Morrison hits a superkick to KO. Rollins and Morrison set up a ladder between the apron and the announce table. KO tries to fight back but the double team continues to dominate. KO kicks at the ladder they were holding and hits a cannonball to bring them down. KO goes for the powerbomb on Rollins but Morrison rescues him. Rollins and Morrison hit the double suplex on KO on the ladder.

Drew McIntyre comes in and takes on them. Drew with some big punches and chops on Rollins and Morrison. McIntyre hoists Morrison on his shoulders but Rollins rescues him. Rollins hits McIntyre with a ladder. Rollins then strikes Morrison with the ladder to break their partnership. Rollins climbs up but Big E and Ricochet stop him. Nakamura joins in. Riddle runs in with a big RKO outta nowhere on Rollins for a pop.

Nakamura, Big E, Riddle and Ricochet brawl now in the ring. Riddle and Nakamura go back and forth for a while. Drew hits them both with a double Claymore for a big pop. Big E comes over but Drew drops him with a Futureshock DDT. Ricochet flies but Drew catches him for the big Alabama Slam into a ladder leaning in the corner.

Drew runs the ropes and flies out, taking down 6 other Superstars. Rollins flies in as Drew returns to the ring but Drew drops him with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. Drew with a Claymore to Rollins. Drew climbs the ladder but Veer and Shanky attack him. They go to the floor and Jinder attacks Drew with a steel chair. Jinder, Veer and Shanky dominate Drew on the ramp and stand over him. Jinder orders Veer and Shanky to drag Drew to the backstage area.

Riddle is at the top of the ladder now. Ricochet leaps from the top rope to the top of the ladder with him. Riddle is knocked off. Riddle tips the ladder over but Riddle jumps to the top rope, flies out of the ring and takes down everyone on the floor. Riddle looks to capitalize. Ricochet meets him at the top of the ladder. They fight. Rollins stands another ladder up and climbs up for the case. Big E pulls him off and sends him to the floor.

Riddle with the RKO to Big E for a pop. Riddle with a big RKO to Riddle now. Rollins with a Stomp to Riddle. Nakamura with the GTS to Rollins. Nakamura climbs up but Morrison meets him and sprays the Drip Stick to send him off. Owens comes in and nails a Stunner to Morrison to stop his climb. Owens climbs up but Nakamura pulls him off. Owens with a Stunner to Nakamura.

Owens with a Pop-Up Powerbomb to Ricochet as he tries to stop him. Owens climbs up for a pop now. He touches the case but Rollins attacks from behind, hitting the hurt knee. Rollins powerbombs Owens from the ring through a ladder that was bridged from the apron to the announce table. Rollins climbs again but Big E stops him. Big E hits a huge Big Ending from the top of the ladder for a big pop. Big E climbs up as fans cheer him on. He grabs the briefcase and unhooks it for the win as fans go wild.

Winner – Big E

After the match, Big E celebrates on top of the ladder as the music hits. Rollins watches him for a while before making his exit. Big E continues his celebration and yells about this being his time. He exits the ring and poses with some fans at ringside.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is screaming in pain as he clutches his ribs. Rollins says he should never have been in the Money in the Bank match anyway but Edge stile his spot. He declares that he is coming for whoever remains Universal Champion after the match tonight.

Roman Reigns(c) vs Edge – WWE Universal Championship Match

Edge makes his entrance to a big pop. Roman enters with Paul Heyman. Some loud boos as he takes his sweet time to get to the ring.

They lock-up in the ring. Reigns takes it to the corner and they break as the referee counts. Reigns with a show of disrespect to Edge’s face. They lock up and go back to the corner with Edge in control. Edge backs off but this time taps Reigns in the face. Fans get wild again with the Edge chants as Edge and Reigns stare each other down. They lock up and Edge goes for the waistlock and is able to bring Roman down.

Roman grabs the rope and they come to a stalemate. Edge puts on a headlock now. Roman hits a shoulder tackle which sends Edge out to the floor. The crowd boos as Roman beats his chest. Edge takes a breather on the floor before returning. Edge gets back and twists Roman’s arm. He works on the arm for a while. Roman decks him hard. Roman with a headbutt now. Roman dominate in the corner for a while. Edge decks him and then sends him into the ring post. Roman escapes to the floor for a breather. Paul Heyman encourages Roman to finish him.

They trade strikes in the ring now. Edge kicks Roman out to the floor. Roman hits a Samoan drop on the floor. Roman breaks the referee’s count and then slams Edge into the ring post. Edge makes it to the ring before 10 count. Roman stomps on him for a while. They are back on the floor and Roman slams Edge into the steel steps before taking him back to the ring for a two-count. Roman pounds on Edge with big punches and then hits a headbutt. Edge is driven into the ring post again. Roman with a snap suplex now for a two-count.

Roman has put on a headlock and is keeping him on the mat for a long time. Edge lies down for a while. He takes a minute or so to recover and get to his feet. Edge with some elbows. He runs into a big punch from Roman as he comes from the ropes. Roman hits a driveby dropkick next for a two-count. Roman waits for Edge to get up. Edge avoids the Superman punch and goes for the backslide attempt. Roman kicks out, but both men are down now. They get back to their feet and start to trade big strikes.

Edge hits the bulldog and gets a quick two-count. Edge hypes up and hits a big clothesline. Roman decks him but Edge hits a flatliner and a DDT for a two-count. Edge hits some big elbows now. He sets up Roman onto the top. Roman tries to avoid a move, which leads to Edge slamming his face to the ringpost. Roman hangs upside down on the top turnbuckle. Edge beats him up and then puts on the crossface submission.

Roman was looking to grab the ropes but Edge drags him back. Roman reaches the ropes after a few seconds. Edge gets to his feet and waits for Roman to get up. Edge goes for the spear but Roman catches him in the Guillotine choke. Edge is fading out, but he gathers his energy. Edge manages to take both of them to the floor. The referee starts the count. Roman goes for a spear on the floor but Edge moves away and Roman crashes into the barricade.

Edge stops the referee’s count as he was nearing 10. Edge goes out and hits a spear through the barricade. Edge brings Roman back to the ring. But Roman has recovered till then to kick out of the pin. Edge was going for a DDT but Roman counters with a Superman punch which also catches the referee. The referee is down and this gives Roman an opportunity to bring in the steel chair. Roman breaks the steel bar from the chair and gets back to the ring.

Edge hits the spear on Roman. With no referee in the ring, he puts on the crossface with the steel bar. Roman is screaming in pain. The Usos run out to make the save, but The Mysterios cut them off. Mysterios and Usos fight to the back. Edge still has crossface on. Seth Rollins comes in and hits a superkick on Edge. Rollins heads back.

Roman recovers and was looking for a spear. But Edge hits the spear instead. The crowd counts to three as the referee is not there. Roman has kicked out of that pin though. A new referee runs in and Roman kicks out of actual pins also. Edge gets ready for another spear. Rollins comes to the apron to cause a distraction. Edge hits a big boot on him but turns around to a spear from Roman. Roman gets the pin to win.

Winner – Roman Reigns

After the match, Seth Rollins comes to the ring and starts beating up Edge. They brawl for a while as Edge recovers to match up with Rollins. They go to the floor and Edge sends Rollins into the barricade. They brawl to the back now.

Roman takes the mic in the ring. He says the whole world should acknowledge him now. Just then, John Cena’s music hits. Roman is in disbelief as Cena comes out to the stage. Cena gets a huge pop as he makes his way to the ring. Cena hits the corner to pose. Roman and Cena face-off now. Roman raises his title in the air. Cena steps up to him, signifying that he is challenging Roman. Cena does his “You Can’t See Me” and once again hits the corner as the show goes off the air.