Why Paige Was Fired as Manager of Kabuki Warriors?

Kabuki Warriors Spit Green Mist on Paige
Kabuki Warriors Spit Green Mist on Paige

Paige was fired as their manager by the Kabuki Warriors on last night’s Monday Night RAW. If we are to believe Dave Meltzer, it was to get the Kabuki Warriors over as the heels.

Asuka and Kairi Sane are hell good of performers and as it happens with many of the good performers, the fans were cheering for them despite them being the heels. And the trend was not limited to the RAW, but it was more prominent on the house shows.

Dave Meltzer said the same thing on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio and mentioned that despite Kabuki Warriors facing the hometown talents in the IIconics, they were being cheered all the way. And WWE needed some push for the fans to start booing them.

“It may have just been a way to try and get them heel heat because everyone is cheering them at the house shows and they turned. I mean even in Australia they cheered them against the IIconics who are the local women, but they’ve been cheered at every house show. So they needed to do something because they need to be heels even though there are probably few people in the entire company who are better suited to be a babyface than Kairi Sane.”

Brad Shepard added that Paige’s idea for the firing included her getting into Asuka Lock. But she was not medically cleared for the action. And the segment was limited to her getting spat by green mist. You can check the tweet below.


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