Daniel Bryan and Rowan Beat Heavy Machinery at Stomping Grounds

Daniel Bryan and Rowan defeated Heavy Machinery(Otis and Tucker) to retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match at Stomping Grounds 2019.

Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan Stomping Grounds 2019
Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan Stomping Grounds 2019


Daniel Bryan and Rowan became the SmackDown Tag Team Champions after they defeated the Usos for the vacant titles. Ever since their title win, Heavy Machinery had their eyes on them. After several delays from Bryan and Rowan to grant them a title shot, the match was finally set for Stomping Grounds.

Match Description

Otis and Rowan start the match as the crowd chants Bryan’s name. Bryan tags in and gets a pop. He starts with a side kick to Otis’ leg. Otis throws Daniel Bryan down twice to massive boos from the crowd. This crowd is solidly behind Daniel Bryan. Otis stops the Yes Kicks and hits Daniel Bryan with a Gorilla Press. He lifts him in a Suplex and passes him to Tucker in that position before being driven down. Tucker brings Daniel Bryan down with a Clothesline. Rowan tags in and takes out Tucker with a Crossbody. Rowan runs into Tucker like a truck, followed by a Dropkick.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan have firm control of the match again. Tucker is isolated from Otis and is worked upon. Rowan hits a huge splash on Tucker but Tucker sidesteps a spear and Otis gets the hot tag. He comes in to hit multiple shoulder tackles on Bryan and then slams him to the floor. Bryan trips him on the turnbuckle to start his own series of running high knees in the corner. Otis intercepts him and hits a pop up powerbomb to get a nearfall. Otis misses the splash and Bryan starts hitting the Yes kicks to a loud cheer. After a few kicks, Otis starts up psyching up and is unaffected by kicks. He hits a German suplex and clothesline, followed by the caterpillar elbow drop. Tucker is tagged in and they hit their finisher, only for Rowan to break the pin.

Bryan starts with the yes kicks again but Tucker hits a side suplex. He misses the moonsault and Rowan and Otis are tagged in. The heavyweights start the contest where nobody is looking like coming on the top. Otis and Rowan hit each other with Clotheslines. Otis catches Rowan and throws him away. Daniel Bryan had tagged in and hits Otis with a knee to the face. He then tries a Suicide Dive, but Tucker stops him. Tucker takes out Rowan on the outside. Bryan rolls up Tucker out of nowhere to get the pin.

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