SmackDown 29 Jan 2019- Preview

First SmackDown episode after Royal Rumble will deal with fallouts from the events of PPV. Below is the preview of the episode on along with our insights.

1. Who will challange Asuka now?

With Becky Lynch chosing to take on Ronda Rousey for Wrestle Mania, WWE has to start the search for Asuka’s opponent. Apart from Charlotte Flair, there is hardly anyone competent enough to book for the Wrestle Mania.

2. What’s next for Becky on SmackDown?

With her challenge to Ronda for RAW’s women champion, will Becky be continued with SmackDown or will she be drafted to RAW immediately? Also, Charlotte will definitely take offense to the manner in which Becky inserted herself in the Royal Rumble match.

3. Daniel vows to change the WWE ‘climate’?

With Erick Rowan by his side, how will Daniel Bryan’s rivalry with AJ Styles shape up will be interesting to see? Bryan is vowing to change the climate of WWE tonight on SmackDown LIVE. What have the WWE Champion and his new ally planned?

4. World’s Best Tag Team Celebration

Shane McMahon and The Miz will celebrate their Tag Team Title victory this week on SmackDown.

5. Rusev Nakamura Storyline

Twice now, Lana is injured in the confrontation between Rusev and Nakamura. Lana has hinted to animosity between her and Rusev in an interview with Will we see them getting separated?

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