Shane McMahon and team beat Roman Reigns and the Usos

Shane McMahon and his team defeated Roman Reigns and the Usos at SmackDown this week.

Shane McMahon SmackDown

Shane McMahon has been doing the double duty with his involvement in storylines with both Roman Reigns and the Miz. On Monday night, as his two adversaries met at Miz TV segment, it was just a matter of time that Shane will come out. But he was just a distraction as Elias and Lashley attacked Roman and Miz from behind.

A beatdown ensued and as it always happens, a tag team match was called upon on the spot. But the match never came to a conclusion. As Roman Reigns was waiting for the hot tag from Miz, Shane pulled him off the apron to cause disqualification. Post-match, Reigns and Miz sent the opponents packing after being overwhelmed initially.

Last night at Smackdown again, it was Roman and Miz who opened the show and again Shane and Elias appeared at the entrance. He banned Miz from the arena for the night because he has the power to do so and threatened to make him leave by calling in more backup in the form of SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan. However, as the quartets were humiliating Roman and Miz, Roman’s Cousins the Usos came out to make the save.

Another tag team match was announced but a handicapped one as Miz was banned from the arena. Daniel Bryan, Rowan, Elias and Shane himself took on Roman and the Usos. As Roman was sent through the steel steps by Elias, Shane hit the coast to coast dropkick to get the pin on Jimmy Uso. But they were not done yet as another post-match beatdown started. The Miz, however, came out to make the save.

Shane McMahon will face the Miz at Money in the Bank in a steel cage match while Roman Reigns will go head to head against Elias. For complete details, news, and updates regarding Money in the Bank 2019 show, you can follow this link.

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