SmackDown Preview- 12 March 2019- McMahon to address Kofi

SmackDown Preview- 12 March 2019- Vince McMahon to address Kofi
SmackDown Preview- 12 March 2019- Vince McMahon to address Kofi

SmackDown will be live from Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio as it will deal with the fallout from the events of Fastlane and move towards the WrestleMania. While all the major title matches at the RAW side are fixed and other matches are needed to be figured out, the opposite is true for SmackDown as Styles vs Orton and Shane vs Miz being the only indicated match for WrestleMania so far with the title matches yet to be decided. Below are the advertised segments:

Mr. McMahon addresses Kofi Kingston

After screwing him over twice in last weeks, Vince McMahon will address Kofi Kingston in order to build up towards WrestleMania match for WWE Championship. What will the eternal heel say to Kofi that we have not heard or known yet? What more does Kofi need to do to get the Championship opportunity that he has not done in the last 11 years? What more hurdles will McMahon throw in Kofi’s path? For the last two PPV, Daniel Bryan’s opponents were announced just 2 nights after his last title defenses. Will the same happen tonight also?

Shane McMahon to address his brutal attack of The Miz at WWE Fastlane

The Shane-Miz storyline is clear from the point when they become a tag team that they will move towards a WrestleMania match. The only thing that was to be seen was the timing of the major turn arounds in the story. And all the major turns came at a PPV event with them winning the title at Royal Rumble, losing them at Elimination Chamber while the split coming at Fastlane. Now, all it remains is for Shane McMahon to give his reasons for his attack on Miz(which he will be doing tonight) and for either of them to propose the match at WrestleMania. Expect it all to get done tonight itself.

Samoa Joe vs R-Truth – United States Championship Match

Samoa Joe won the US title last week at SmackDown and retaining the title at Fastlane, both time in a Fatal 4-Way which also featured Andrade, Rey Mysterio and the last champion R Truth. Although, Joe did not pin or get the submission from Truth in either match, Truth is granted a one on one opportunity to regian the title. It will only be question of how long will Truth survive against Joe than whether he will win the title. And this might be the time that either WrestleMania match for the US title or Truth’s opponent for WrestleMania will be revealed.

The Hardy Boyz, Black & Ricochet vs the Bar, Rusev & Nakamura

Last week, we saw the heel and face tag teams combining to take on each other in a post-match brawl. This week, we will see them have a go at each other in a sanctioned match. With all the teams having their unique qualities, the match is guaranteed entertainer but it might also set up the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania.

What more to expect?

  • SD Women’s Championship Match buildup
  • Mandy Rose-Sonya Deville split
  • AJ Styles-Randy Orton WrestleMania match buildup
  • Return of Luke Harper

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