Roman Reigns Survived Another Accident on RAW

Roman Reigns survived another accident as he narrowly avoided a nasty attempt to be run down from a car on Monday Night Raw this week.

Roman Reigns Car Accident RAW 5 August 2019
Roman Reigns survived a Car Accident on RAW episode of 5 August 2019

Last week at SmackDown, some production equipment, and racks fell on Roman Reigns in what looked like a staged attempt to harm him. Roman survived that incident unscathed and WWE investigations found that the incident took place due to the error from forklift driver. Earlier in the day, WWE provided an update stating that the permanent driver was out sick on that day and the one involved in the accident was not a WWE employee.

As RAW started last night, Samoa Joe stormed to the announcer’s table for being an accused in the case. He cut a promo demanding the apology from the commentators and from Roman Reigns. Later in the show Joe once again stormed the ring, saying he wasn’t leaving until Reigns came out and apologized for trying to smear his good name. A producer alerted Joe that Reigns was almost at the building, which caused the big man to make his way outside to the parking lot.

As Joe reached the parking lot, Roman Reigns pulled up in an SUV. As they started arguing, another car came into frame and collided with Reigns’ car. However, Roman Reigns was alert to the situation and was able to jump back into his SUV to dodge the car in time. The attacker pulled away quickly before Joe or anyone else could see their face.

The speculation for Reigns’ attacker was a hot topic of discussion last week over the internet. Many fans believed Buddy Murphy was the culprit after some screenshots made round where he was spotted in the background. However, Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Daniel Bryan is the mystery attacker and will face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

WWE has been announcing a major career-altering announcement from Daniel Bryan in recent weeks, but the announcement keeps getting postponed each week. And with almost all other suspects claiming their innocence, it remains a high probability that Bryan is indeed the culprit.

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