HIAC 2019: Seth Rollins Retains Title Against The Fiend by DQ

Seth Rollins Attack The Fiend by Hammer at Hell In A Cell 2019
Seth Rollins Attack The Fiend by Hammer at Hell In A Cell 2019

Seth Rollins has retained the WWE Universal Championship title against the Fiend Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell 2019 PPV show after the referee called for DQ finish.

The feud between the Fiend and Seth Rollins started when began saying that he will challenge either of Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman at the Hell in a Cell event. At Clash of Champions, moments after Rollins defeated Strowman to retain his title, the Fiend attacked Rollins and put in the Mandible Claw. In the following weeks, Wyatt continued his attacks on Rollins and also took down both Kane and Strowman in front of Rollins.

The Fiend once again got the grand entrance and came out with his severed head lantern. The screen was turned red during the Hell in a Cell between them and some different camera angles were used. The Fiend dominated the match early on and Rollins could not get much going. Fiend kept tossing him around the ring and even when Rollins tried to use the kendo stick, it did not have much effect on him.

Rollins grew into the game using the combination of his offense and various weapons. Rollins thought he had his men when he hit a splash through the table, followed by the Curb stomp. But the Fiend stood up at once. Rollins followed it up with springboard knees, stomps and then a pedigree.

When nothing seemed to be working, Rollins turned to chairs, ladders and even used the toolbox. In his desperation, Rollins showed some heelish traits and grabbed a sledgehammer but was stopped by the referee for some reason. When Rollins finally slammed the hammer on Wyatt’s head, the referee called for the disqualification. The cell was raised and medics ran out to check on Wyatt.

By this point, the crowd has become restless and started the chants to restart the match and some fans even started chanting for “AEW”. The Fiend would wake up once again to put Rollins in Mandible Claw twice and hitting him with Sister Abigail on the exposed floor. But even that could not satisfy fans and the boos continued. The show finally closed out with the Fiend appearing at the ramp.

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