Fox Sports Host Rob Stone Became First non-WWE 24/7 Champion

Fox Sports Analyst Rob Stone became the first non-WWE 24/7 Champion for a brief period as the title chase continued during the Fox Founders Day Celebrations in Los Angeles.

Rob Stone wins 24-7 Championship
Rob Stone became the WWE 24-7 Champion for a few seconds

WWE featured heavily in Fox’s Founders Day Celebrations in Los Angeles as part of the promotion for Smackdown Live arriving on the network this October. Elias was brought in for a musical performance but he was interrupted by Drake Maverick in the crowd. As Elias argued with him from the stage, R-Truth crept up and rolled him from behind to win the title.

The chase continued throughout the arena as Maverick ran behind R-Truth. The result was some comic chase which also involved some footballs, basketballs and other activities in the arena. R-Truth went on to actually throw Maverick into the FOX Sports dunk tank to end the segment.

Later, R-Truth will reach Fox Studios in search of some relief and was hanging around network’s college football hosts and analysts. However, Rob Stone managed to bring a referee into the studio after Truth got tripped over. And Rob Stone actually went on to pinned Truth to become the first non-WWE 24/7 Champion. However, his reign lasted a few seconds as Elias came in and pinned him, winning back the championship.